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Can we talk about TV?

TV has evolved so much in the past 10 to 15 years. Whereas the plots and dialogue a couple of decades ago had devolved into cheesy, campy, sappy, crappy, schmaltz-covered garbage, today we have some intelligent, well-crafted, beautifully costumed, authentically set, realistic (in terms of person-to-person interaction) series. The scripts are well written and well directed, and the plots are both complex and

But I have one problem: I don’t have the time to watch all these great shows. I hear people talk—in fact, rave—about these shows and I wonder how they find the time to indulge in them all. I read Andi’s Fangirl Friday blogs here at Women and Words, and listen to Jove’s and Blythe Rippon’s podcast Badass Women Save Themselves, and Andi’s and Lise MacTague’s podcast Lez Geek Out!, and I’m extremely jealous that these women are able to immerse themselves in these worlds and…well…geek out with them.

The Long & Winding List

My to-watch list is a mile long and it grows longer by the day. It’s actually getting me quite anxious because I want to be in on the conversation, but it seems that when I get to catch up with one series, I find out about another one. And so my list continues. I’m currently in the middle of watching 3 different series, and can’t seem to get back to any one of them. It’s a very familiar feeling because it mirrors my reading list—so many books, so little time. And when I see people getting excited about a book, or learn that a book has won an award, I feel completely out of the loop because it’s nowhere near the front of the line to be read. But what can I do? If I could manufacture time, the days would be endless.

Speaking of awards, the Goldie finalists have been announced (well, most of them, as of this writing). You can check out the lists at the GCLS awards page.

As for TV watching, I know I’m missing out, but I just don’t know how people do it. Maybe one of these days I’ll figure out how I can do it, too.

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21 thoughts on “TV Land

  1. Priorites are personal.
    I am “out of it” and have been for many years. (1) I do not like TV (allergic to the “talking heads!”) … and (2) I could never see playing the incredible amount the local cable company charges even if I did want TV!
    Unfortunately, people who know I do not have TV think that I want to hear a blow-by-blow description of some program. Believe me the retelling of a ‘funny’ program is not so funny. (Besides, too much of the humor, to me, is just an iteration of some “-ism” … racism, sexism, or just making fun of someone, their unique quirks, and is not really funny. I feel better of not hearing it.)
    I will remain happily ‘out of it,’ reading, writing, and a enjoying a variety of hobbies … none of which I would give up to create ‘TV watching time.’


    1. Good for you, Lynn. Truthfully, I often feel that way, too. Especially a bunch of years back, when there was truly garbage on the “boob tube.” But I’ve found myself drawn to it again. Still I say, good for you, Lynn! 🙂

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  2. I completely agree RG, I hear about so many great shows from Andi and Jove and this site but I rarely watch TV in the evenings so I’m really far behind on everything!! I want to see Wynona and Sense8 and finish The 100 and see the last seasons of Orphan Black… but I also want to read books! WAAH! Why do we have to have jobs???

    And congrats to all the authors nominated for Goldies! It’s so wonderful to see the names of people I “know” on the list! I’m super proud of you all!

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  3. I totally feel what your saying here RG, My list is ever growing and every time you turn around Andi is fangirling about yet another show that gets added to my ever growing list. I won’t even talk about all the books downloaded on my Kindle waiting for me. My wife actually put me on book buying restriction LOL till I catch up on my reading. And then we have spring when baseball season starts and because I like to watch every single game that my team plays GO ORIOLES which puts all the TV stuff to the back burner. But I do multitask pretty well and can read while I watch baseball….Yea me. And as for catching up on my shows they will be there when life slows down 🙂


    1. Yeah, that’s the good thing about TV now–when you’re ready to watch the shows, you can stream them. Not like the old days–if you missed episodes of your favorite show, you had to wait for summer reruns. And if you missed those, you were out of luck. The only hope you had them was if it went into syndication. Ah, the good old days. LOL

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      1. Back in the 80s I had traveled 500 miles to attend a family member’s wedding, but I left the reception super early to go watch Twin Peaks in my hotel room — If I hadn’t, there was no way to know what was going on!! Not even any internet to catch me up! (I’m an old lady LOL)

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  4. This is me all the time! I’m constantly buried in new shows and books x___X It’s not the worst problem to have, but still 😀 There was a period when I felt like there was nothing good on TV, but the past several years I’ve been inundated. Thanks for the recommendations on podcasts, too. I’m listening to “Lez Geek Out” now!

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  5. I think it’s great that we have many more LGBT characters in TV (even some who make it to the end of the season/show, and if they don’t, there’s a conversation about it). We don’t have Netflix or Crave, because that’s where we prioritize. Pretty much everything we watch has women leads, except maybe Designated Survivor, but this one has Maggie Q, enough said. I also understand the feeling of wanting to be in on the conversation. It’s just not possible to do it all the time–so we’ve never watched Orange Is The New Black. Then there are books and movies and web series to support, but you can’t be everywhere all the time. Better to choose a few and enjoy.


  6. I tend to catch up with my favourite shows in the off season because there’s too much to see in real time. I never got around to watching Battlestar Galactica (the new one) until a few years ago. 🙂 (which I have to admit is really really off the ‘off season’! 😀 )

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