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Congratulations to Kas! She’s the winner of this giveaway.

The fabulous Sacchi Green is with us again today and she’s giving away a copy of her latest anthology. Rules are at the bottom of this post. Good luck!

If you can’t wait for the drawing, which I totally understand, it’s available to purchase at Amazon.com.

Witches,Princesses_approved2Do you enjoy new takes on traditional fantasies like fairy tales?

Do you try to envision “he” as “she” when you’re reading them? Those flights of imagination can sweep you up into worlds of magic and sensual delights—or would, if all those heroes winning the day (and, of course, the girl) didn’t get in the way. Don’t you long for heroines who win each other?

I do, so for Witches, Princesses, and Woman at Arms: Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales I wanted erotic romance and wild adventure with women who use their wits and/or weapons and come together in a blaze of passion. These twelve wonderful writers (I’m in there, too, though not necessarily wonderful) gave me all I hoped for, and more. Some adapted traditional tales, and some updated old stories to contemporary times, not merely changing the gender of a character but making the female aspect essential. Some created original plots with a fairy tale sensibility, while others wrote with just a subtle aura of fantasy. Their heroines are witches, princesses, brave, resourceful women of all walks of life, and even a troll and a dryad. There are curses and spells, battles and intrigue, elements of magic and explorations of universal themes, and, yes, sex, sensuality and true love, all bound skillfully together into complex and multi-layered stories.

Royalty or a miller’s daughter, a woman warrior passing as a man, a sorceress in flowing robes, even a window inspector dangling in harness on a high-rise building—who better to rescue a long-haired captive in a tower?—all of them are made so real that you long to touch them, and be touched. The relationships are intense, sometimes quick to ignite, sometimes all the hotter for restraint that flares at last into a fierce blaze.

My writing roots are in speculative fiction, mainly fantasy, where I published a moderate number of stories years ago under my real name, Connie Wilkins.  A couple of those were for children’s anthologies, so when I was seduced by the erotic side of the Force I thought I’d better use a pseudonym for what I thought would be some minor excursions into the erotica genre. Nope. Didn’t turn out that way. I’ve longed for years for the chance to combine the genres, and have done it a few times with stories in other people’s anthologies, but this is the first time I’ve managed to edit an erotic fairy tale anthology of my own, and I’m overwhelmed by how well it turned out thanks to these writers who are so at home in both genres that they have combined them seamlessly, and brilliantly.

So what do you think? Is this something you’d like to read? The Library Journal Review says, “There is one creative hit after another…An excellent series of Sapphic fantasies. Highly recommended.”

Just comment here for a chance to win a free copy of the paperback (or the Kindle format if you happen to live outside North America.) I’ll do the drawing for the winner on Wednesday, April 26th.Co



  1. Oh wow! This sounds like delicious reading material for sure. Put my name in the hat for the draw please and thanks.


  2. Having just finished rewatching all six seasons of Game of Thrones, some dashing women in armour and swooning maidens seems like just the thing.


  3. I mentally switch genders of the characters of the fairy tales I read all the time. I would love to win this it sounds like a good read.


  4. This is awesome to finally have some inclusive fairy tales to sink our teeth into!! Thank you for putting this anthology together Sacchi!


  5. What fun! It is so overdue, not that the others haven’t been fun, but I do also love the roles not usually written in fairy tales.


  6. I have never read a fairy tale story. This book sounds interesting! Would love to read it and maybe I would start reading ” fairy tale” stories. Thanks and good luck with your new book.


  7. When I was younger, no one could convince me that Lancelot was not a dashing young woman under that gleaming armour. Hell, in my dreams she still is. So I think this anthology would be right up my alley.


  8. I showed my wife the cover of this anthology and she immediately asked me to download it to her tablet! You got two interested readers in this household!


  9. For those of us that only vaguely remember these fairy tales – refreshing our memories with “she” instead of “he” is something to look forward to and I’l be looking out for the release of this anthology.


  10. In the past it was very bothersome, to change he to she. I was actually doing this before I came out. But no longer. I so enjoying reading even more now than before. It would be so awesome to be able to get this genre to read. Have a great day.


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