Blogs and Bleu Kittens

Good Monday morning!

The Bleu in the title is not a typo – I did it on purpose. We’ll get to why shortly 🙂

I want to go into blogs for a minute.  Some people are just born to write them – they are witty, informative, fun to read, and impressive from where I’m sitting. Take our blog for instance: Women and Words is full of these amazing writers.

I don’t consider myself one.

Talented authors have the ability to make it look easy and effortless.

I’m letting you in on a secret – I agonize over my turn – I may even drip blood on the keyboard while banging my head against the desk. I don’t have a problem with giveaways or praising another author. There is already a subject there for me to draw on.

I may have, once or twice, wrote an amazing one on a fascinating subject that slipped into the ethernet somewhere while my internet had a hissy fit and froze. Of course, that was  before the blog had mercy on me and autosaved. So really, I have no excuses now.

So, let me toast all the elusive and wonderful ideas that I simply CAN’T remember when it comes down to me and the white page titled: Add New Post.

Nor can I find one of the notes I’ve written myself and put away just for that reason. I have no idea where they go – another realm perhaps? I can’t ever find them when I’m in need for one. I wouldn’t put it past my resident ghosts to hide them and laugh at me either.

It all comes down to one thing for me in the end: wanting to write something that entertains on a Monday morning.

And I’m totally okay if it comes at my expense.  I do some funny stuff – and really,  if I can’t laugh at myself, I’d be a pretty miserable person.

Why am I telling you this?

Because it’s been over a year since I got a phone that was smarter than me and a memo section that would guarantee I wouldn’t lose those little scraps of paper.

I could put the ideas into the “memo” section of my phone!

I was quite proud of myself for thinking of it and typed in some thoughts for blog material.

Then promptly forgot.

Until the next time I had an idea in the middle of the month and input my inspiration into my smart phone and realized – hey, I’ve got some good ideas in this!

Then promptly forgot as soon as I closed the memo section.

I’m sure you get the picture at this point 🙂

So, in the interest of getting to my point – this is what I have put in my memo section over the last year…

And what I actually remember about the prompt in the first place.

Starting at the bottom:

Trinity:  This one has a re-ally good idea about a Vampire series...  I’ll have to keep this one.

No text: This is a soundbite with some creative swearing (in my voice) asking – okay bitching… “how does this freaking thing work? I don’t want to “bleeping” record anything.”  I can probably delete that one.

Blog… Women and Words:  Write about characters that are younger than my children. I’m going to keep that one – it’s a good subject.

Blog:  Soundtrack of my life starting with KC & the Sunshine Band… LOL – I’m not laughing the LOL is in the original note. And idea I had when my favorite singers were passing away with alarming frequency.  I might keep.

Blog: Vietnam Veteran. I can remember this prompt because I was crying when I wrote it after I met him at the Walmart.

Use dream for Blog:  Bleu Kitten. I don’t know if I meant a french cat or it was indeed a typo. I’ve forgotten the dream entirely. I wonder if that means I should delete this memo or wait until I remember? Hmm. It sounds entirely too interesting to get rid of it yet.

Blog: Fixadent and the Commode.  I’m embarrassed to say I DO remember this one and decided not to write it to protect the innocent – or spare the guilty. I’m not sure.

There’s also a couple of memos about ghostly encounters I’ve had around the house. I actually use those in my books. Note to self: Check the memo section in your phone.

I have my medicine list for my appointments – because I have to.

The next three are snippets of conversations that I’ve overheard that I want to use in my stories. Of which I probably won’t remember to put them in – but hey – I have them!

Two more book ideas.

Three more snippets.

And the last – meaning the most recent – is Lavender and Brick dust. I’m sure it means something regarding spiritual protection and the book I’m currently working on – the note says “research this.”

blue cat

So – there you have it. A peek into my overactive brain that has great ideas – but forgets what they are.

Hope ya’ll have a wonderful day. If any of the ideas interest you at all – let me know and remind me… LOLOL

Congrats to all the 2017 Golden Crown Literary Finalists!  You rock.

A shout out and big congrats to the birth of Dirt Road Books

And because we’re all here…. my book: Meet Me in the Middle –  dropped to the shelves on April 20th and is now available. Early reviews are looking good – thank you! After  a long absence – I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support and thoughts. 🙂final-cover-meet-me-in-the-middle


  1. Memo section on your phone, eh? Mine probably has one too but I’ve never used it. For Valentine’s Day the wife got me a voice recorder that will work with my Dragon Naturally Speaking software so I could use it places like – ahem, work – to ‘write’ while I’m there. Since my job is customer facing and I get interrupted a lot, it hasn’t been much good for that. What it has been good for is recording the quick, crazy ideas I gert, like you do. Of course, I too promptly forget that I’ve recorded things. Sigh…

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  2. Good post today Yvonne. You’re definitely not alone with promptly forgetting, losing notes and memos! Really here to say I finished reading Meet Me in the Middle a couple days ago and want to tell you how much I enjoyed this fun read with great characters, good one-liners, awesome and unique animals. Just a great story all around. Loved Granny and Bella! Thank you, keep writing please, and don’t bang your head too hard! Don’t want all those zany ideas leaking out before you can write them down then lose them.


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  3. I do the same thing. I put notes in my phone then forget what they’re for LOL Great blog and even greater book, Meet Me in the Middle! She’s baaaaaack you guys!! And the stories are PHENOMENAL!! This book has everything, it’s funny, it’s frustrating, it has passion, and the characters are well written with great personalities. You’ll want to get this book ASAP – I promise you won’t be disappointed! Again thanks, Yvonne! I am so happy you’re back, especially happy you’re in one piece! Enjoyed the blog. Loved the book!


  4. ‘Lavender and Brick Dust’ sounds like a great title for a story about a lesbian brickie (person who uses bricks to build houses, etc) who’s building a house next to this field of lavenders owned by another lesbian (of course). There’s romance (of course) and great drama, because the lavender plants are dying and the brickworks are being sabotaged. and then there’s the crow who just won’t stop pestering them both! 😀

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