Throwback Thursday—Fangirl Retro TV

So, in a recent Women & Words podcast, Jove Belle and Andi Marquette were talking about me (it’s okay, I’m used to people talking about me behind my back). Specifically, they were talking about my blog about TV and how I don’t have time to watch all the shows I’d like to watch.

Well, Ms. Belle, the loon that she is, suggested that I do fangirl retro TV blogs. And I, the loon that I am, decided that it was a good idea. And Andi is a total fangirl enabler. So, I am introducing here my new blog series, Fangirl Throwback Thursday.

I should probably explain how this came about. You see, as a kid, I watched a lot of TV, which included not just current shows of the time, but also old shows that were in reruns and/or syndication. I got to know shows that most of my contemporaries hadn’t even heard of.

The nice thing about old shows now is that I can put them on when I just want the sound of other human voices or to drown out the silence without having to worry about paying attention. The problem with watching a current show, or even catching up with an older series (as I’m currently doing with several shows on Netflix), I have to pay attention so I don’t miss anything. But with old shows, I just put them on and go about my business. (Sometimes I put music on but then what happens is that I start dancing around or singing along with the songs. I get distracted and, therefore, nothing gets done.)

And now with MeTV, a cable station that only shows old programs, I’m watching shows that I haven’t seen in years—or watching familiar favorites—and I’m even watching some old shows for the first time, such as Perry Mason and Land of the Giants (one that I’d never even heard of).

So how did this gift become known among the Women & Words merry elves? Well, Andi visits me in New York from time to time, and if we’re just hanging around with the TV on, I’ve been known to point to the screen and say things like, “That’s the guy who played the doctor on that episode of The Brady Bunch.” Andi started off amused, but as I continued to do this, she became awed.

Yes, it is awesome how one person can have so much useless information in her head. It’s just too bad there isn’t a game show for this kind of stuff. Well, useful it might not be, but it’s entertaining. And what is life without entertainment? And so, I begin a new series of blogs: Fangirl Retro TV.

Andi called me an “encyclopedia of TV trivia.” I wouldn’t go that far, but I know enough to probably stump a few people. I hope to entertain and challenge you in my upcoming blogs, and maybe even impart some of my useless knowledge unto you, my friends. We’ll start next time with…The Twilight Zone.



  1. Squeee! Oh, I’m fangirling right there beside you. I’ve not only loved classic TV forever (having watched since before color TV!) but I’m also a huge Black & Gray movie fan (my granddaughter’s phrase). Bring it on!

    I’ve been known to argue that it was a clever authorial twist, not to mention a not so subtle jab at the job of prosecuting attorney, for the author of Perry Mason (Earl Stanley Gardner) to have named Perry’s arch nemesis Hamilton (Ham) Burgher?


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