Reader’s Perspective: Uber X/G by Ted Beveridge

Actual conversation I was having with a friend of mine.

Her: Check out this list of fanfic authors.

Me: OMG I recognize like half of them.

Her: You ever read such and such?

Me: Yup, loved that series.

Her: Those two characters, the blue-eyed dark-haired pres and her blonde-haired green-eyed first lady? That’s Xena and Gabrielle.

Me: Shut the front door.

This sent me thinking back to all the books I’ve read with that dynamic. And it kinda rocked my world to find out so many books out there that I’ve read are considered Uber X/G. And I had to digest the fact that so many of my favorite lesfic authors out there have Uber roots. That blew me away. There are websites dedicated to tracking them. And here.

Then she turns me on to a pen name list. That list is cool because you can look up a fav author and see if she wrote fanfic or uber under a pen name. Then you can search on AO3 or similar fanfic sites like Academy of Bards to grab even more books 🙂 Cough cough Andi

I think it’s fantastic to find an entire online universe of free stories out there just asking to be read. Even better when given the opportunity, there are folks out there that have their own “Aha!” moment and figure out maybe something about themselves. The availability of resources now is vastly superior than that even just 20-30 years ago.

Another reason to love Uber/Fanfic is that so many authors out there use it as a stepping stone to being published. They’ve already gotten feedback, and in many cases have gotten a lot better and more comfortable with their pen. Which in turn makes for really cool and better stories for us readers. I love reading new books now and going, yes! It’s uber 🙂

I found that Goodreads is really really good at maintaining a pretty comprehensive title list for any given author. For example, I really dig Zoe Reed’s books. The Goodreads page on her showed there was a book I hadn’t read, Charon Docks at Daylight. And it’s online and free. It’s also a monster coming in close to 420,000 words. While not necessarily uber, it was an online novel she worked on for years before getting Interference published. Which in my lists is my #1.

I find it interesting that this initial conversation opened up my eyes to an entire universe of books. That entire fandoms exist not only for Xena/Gabrielle but so many other combos. Think Supergirl should be with Lena Luthor instead? It’s out there. Still pissed at the CW over Clexa? Yep. Regina Mills and Emma Swan? Yep. Frodo and Samwise? Yep. And I think that’s just cool.

I’m also grateful that Uber X/G and other fiction fandoms exists. Because of it we’ve had a veritable explosion of new authors out there in lesfic. I think if that subculture didn’t exist we’d have far fewer authors to enjoy. I just don’t think they’d have the confidence needed to publish if they hadn’t cut their chops previously. So I raise my glass to the warrior and the bard. Salute. Well done. And thanks.




  1. Wonderful blog and a great subject. I don’t think many know about the big influences in the lesbian fiction movement. People wonder why there has been a veritable explosion of lesbian fiction in the last 5-10 years, I think many of these original authors who were inspired to write fan fiction for shows like Xena: Warrior Princess, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and others with kick ass female leads, they are just now coming into the publishing arena.

    As a writer, even a novice one, feedback is essential. You write, people comment, and you write some more. You learn what people like, and what your own writing strengths are. These fiction sites are a great resource for writers, as well as a great resource for people who may not have access to eBooks, and paper books, who may not have money or be in a situation where they can purchase lesbian fiction. Or for those like me whose reading capability far outstrips their budget. I could read an average length lesbian fiction book a day. Every. Single. Day. That is why I love the big books by my favorite authors and also why I love fan fiction. You can literally find anything online, any plot, any circumstance, any outcome, or emotion. I still buy a lot of books, and I even buy books by those fanfic authors I know and love who have finally published. Because it is just as, if not more so, important to support them at that stage. They’ve provided you with hours of entertainment and support, it’s nice to return that favor.

    Nice job Ted. Good friends are good, but great friends are the better! ❤

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  2. Great post Ted and thanks so much for the pen name list. That’s a revelation I hadn’t seen before. Here’s one for you: Check out RALST AKA Passion and Perfection. If there’s a TV show out there with subtext or a pairing fans would like to see, there are stories at RALST.


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