Introducing My LesFic: Great Deals On Lesbian Fiction, by Harper and Caroline

Hey, everybody! Harper Bliss stopped by with her wife Caroline to tell us about a new project they’ve launched that I’m pretty sure you’re gonna be interested in.

So let’s check it out!

Introducing My LesFic: Great Deals On Lesbian Fiction

Show of virtual hands: how many of you enjoy reading lesbian fiction? How many of you like to take advantage of a discount? How many of you are subscribed to BookBub or a similar service so you can combine both? How many of you are satisfied with how many lesbian fiction books you find in these promotional emails?
The number of raised hands was probably close to zero for the fourth question. If book promotion services have any LGBT books at all, they’re usually of the m/m variety.

This is a problem that we experience, both as readers and as writers/publishers.
I think most lesfic writers will agree that it’s not easy to promote your books. The existing promotion services and newsletters either don’t have an LGBT category, or, if they do, there is no subdivision into different genres. There usually is just one category, LGBT, which carries books with both m/m and f/f storylines and characters.
It is common knowledge that m/m fiction is a bigger market than f/f, so it makes economic sense for the promotion services to focus more on m/m books. But that doesn’t mean there is no market for f/f books. We know, because we’ve advertised books with these promotion services, and always to great success.

Rather than wait for the existing services to listen to the requests of their lesfic readers and authors for more targeted categories, we decided to do something about the problem ourselves and create our own service, which would satisfy our needs both as readers and as writers. And thus, the idea for My LesFic was born.

Our aim is to send readers of lesfic a curated list of a few books in the genre (and its various sub-genres) that are discounted or free for a limited period of time, and to enable authors and publishers of lesfic to advertise their discounted books to a targeted audience of people who are looking for lesbian fiction.

My LesFic works in pretty much the same way as all the other book promotion services: readers subscribe to the service for free and get periodic (in our case weekly) emails featuring discounted books with links to where they can purchase them; authors and publishers submit their books through our website and, if accepted, they purchase a spot for their book in one of our weekly emails.

After we first came up with the idea, and worked out the practicalities of it, we approached (with some trepidation) a few lesfic authors and publishers to ask them if they wanted to be featured in our first few newsletters. All the reactions we got were positive and enthusiastic, which confirmed our suspicion that there really is a demand for this type of service in our genre. We’ve also received a lot of positive feedback from readers, which is equally encouraging to us.

Our first newsletter will go out on 19 May and we have a pretty exciting selection of books lined up for the first few newsletters, with offerings in genres as varied as romance, paranormal, mystery and romantic comedy. Books from authors like Lila Bruce, Eliza Lentzski and Clare Ashton (and of course Harper Bliss), and from publishers like Bold Strokes, Bella and Ylva.

If you’re an avid reader of lesbian fiction, give us a try by subscribing to our weekly newsletter. And authors: we have spots available in our newsletter from 16 June onwards, so send us your submissions!

There you go, friends! Go check it out and get yourselves signed up for the notifications. Start getting some cool deals on lesfic!

Happy Wednesday!

You can find Harper and Mrs. Bliss at the following places:
Lady Lit Publishing
And listen to Harper and Mrs. Bliss podcasts at the Lesbian Talk Show Channel.


  1. I’m very happy to see this service as a reader and as an author. I’ve gotten a Bookbub – after multiple tries – and the book did very well. I gained lots of new lesfic readers. That said, Bookbub offers about one lesfic book on promo a week, if that. That practice has only been in place by them for a couple of months or so. Prior to that, we could go months without seeing a lesfic book. I’m glad someone took the initiative to start a service like this that’s all for us. Thank you!


  2. Yes! Looking forward to this feature. Thanks for thinking of this great idea!


  3. So happy someone has thought about the lesfic audience. BookBub, Instafreebie and Kindle certainly don’t! They have their uses, but for any avid reader of lesfic, they’re all but pointless. All that being said, I’m THRILLED to see a similar service for lesfic. In fact, I immediately told my significant other and she signed up as well. As a reader, and author, I will be shouting about this from the rooftops!


  4. I’m already subscribed and I am waiting impatiently for the first newsletter! This is a great idea.


  5. Thank you! This reader would subscribe just for the chance to find new authors and new releases from favorite authors without discounts and freebies.


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