Hot off the Press and Coming Attractions, June 2017

Friends, I can’t even. JUNE is upon us. SIX MONTHS have flown by this year already! Which means some of you are going to be doing some summer reading. Others, well…I know you’re entering winter, but you can live vicariously with those of us who are above the equator. BECAUSE WE ARE ALL ABOUT SHARING THE LUUUUV.

Perhaps if you’re about to take an awesome trip somewhere, some of these titles may find a nice home on your ereader.

We post the list the 2nd or 3rd Friday (which can shift, depending on the crazy) of each month ON OUR STATIC PAGE WHICH IS RIGHT HERE OMG.

If you are an author/publisher/reader and you know about a book that’s out or that’s soon to be released, drop us a line at the Contact page and let us know. Please include in the subject line “book for hot off the press list” or something comparable because we’re easily confused back here. Thanks!