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This June I am releasing my twelfth novel. (12… holy dragons!) The Standing Stones, fittingly, concludes my first foray into fantasy.


The Dragonmage Saga is set in Ireland of about 800 CE – era of the Viking invasions, the height of the monastic contribution to our literature (not at all skewed in the Christians’ favor, I’m sure), and, in my story arc, the era of the last dragons in Ireland.

One of the rules of Fantasy and SciFi is… you have to follow the rules. As an author worldbuilds, she has a tremendous amount of latitude as to the world she creates but, within that world, the rules she comes up with have to be consistent in order for readers to accept them and be swept along for the ride. In this particular trilogy, set in a real time in our history, there were certain parameters I had to stay within. One reviewer likened this trilogy to reading a story about the Titanic – we know the ultimate outcome, but watching this alternative route to how we got there is where the fascination comes from. In order to be true to the real bits of history I had to work with, I have amassed a treasure trove of research.

standing stones

I blogged HERE about the magic folder that has gone pretty much everywhere with me for almost two years. I never knew when a new idea was going to come to me, or when I might come across some obscure bit of information about ancient Celts or Vikings or dragons that might come in handy later.

Another reason this folder was necessary is that this was the first time I’ve ever written a sequel let alone a trilogy. Keeping my facts and timeline straight has been an ongoing challenge. I had never outlined a novel prior to Rising From the Ashes, so having to outline the story arc for three books was a stretch for me.

The thing is, the third book is now in the hands of the formatter. The cover is complete. I’m done writing. The only thing left to do is a final proofreading, but… I’m still carrying the folder with me every day. It’s sitting here beside me as I type this blog. I can’t seem to leave it at home or file it away. Yet.

Ideas for my next (non-fantasy) novel are beginning to take shape in my head, but this folder… this folder feels like some kind of security blanket. This world of Caymin and Péist has occupied my brain for so long, it’s really hard to leave them. JK Rowling was immersed in Harry Potter’s world for seventeen years! She has said it was a bereavement to leave it after writing the last word of the last novel. I can believe that. And I completely understand why she revisits with other characters such as Newt Scamander.

I’ve left myself a wee opening to revisit my world and my characters, too. It might not happen for a while, but if I ever come back, I’ll have my magic folder to keep me straight – figuratively speaking.



  1. This sounds like a fantastic trilogy and one I will be putting on my wishlist. I apologize that I hadn’t seen anything about it till now but I seem to miss alot these days due to illness/disabilities. Good luck with it and I hope your writing keeps going along as fabulously as it has been!
    Take care and big hugs, Kara
    Ps. If you ever need help with continuity on another sequel or trilogy, just let me know…I’d be happy to help. It seems to be my specialty.

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  2. I have eight of your previous novels and have enjoyed all of them. Haven’t read any of this series but it sounds fascinating and I would love an opportunity to win one of them.


  3. Your writing style opens and envelopes the mind with feeling, passion, an escape and a lesson all in a single passage. Thank you.


  4. I love reading fantasy novels, especially when it is written by someone who really cares about worldbuilding. This sounds like a wonderful series. I look forward to reading all three books.


  5. Tackling history along with fantasy is a tough job to do well. Congratulations on finishing your trilogy.


  6. I have been fascinated reading about your folder, and how it has taken on the mantle of Linus’ blanket ;). I look forward to reading this hopefully not last book in the series.


  7. Ugh… a fantasy story set in early celtic Ireland and on top of that also called Standing Stones!
    You have me very interested here, especially as you took a lot of time/efforts to gather information and to take care of a thorough world building. Thanks a lot or writing this – looking forward to reading it 🙂


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