Fangirl Friday: Season Premieres Tonight and Tomorrow!


Okay, so TODAY, Netflix is dropping Season 5 of a show I know a ton of you are watching and TONIGHT, two shows that I have been waiting for are premiering new seasons and TOMORROW, another show I love is premiering a season.

Today, Netflix drops Season 5 of Orange Is the New Black upon us. Tonight is the Season 3 premiere of Dark Matter AND the Season 2 premiere of Wynonna Earp and tomorrow is the Season 5 premiere of Orphan Black.

What does this mean?


So tonight at 8 EST Season 3 of the space opera Dark Matter throws down on SyFy. I’ve sung the praises of this show here on Fangirl Friday and my fangirl colleague, fellow author Lise MacTague and I podcasted about it on Lez Geek Out! and the consensus is that we freaking luuuuuurv it.

Briefly, here’s my description from my Fangirl blog about it:

The premise of the show is that six people wake up from stasis on board a largely abandoned spaceship (the Raza) and they have no memory of who they are or how they got there, which forces them into the position of trying to figure out not only their own identities and how they know each other, but also how to work together to achieve these goals.

The series thus tracks the development of each character as he or she starts learning bits and pieces of their own pasts and the alleged deeds and misdeeds of the rest of the crew. They learn that they’re wanted not just by the Galactic Authority, but also by fellow criminals for various reasons and also, they’re being used by the mega-corporations that basically run the galaxy and are constantly jockeying for power with each other. So they have to learn to work together because they literally are all each other have.

The end of Season 2 left us hanging big time and we don’t know what’s happened to most of the intrepid crew of the Raza, so I’m totally psyched to see WTF is going on and we’re getting TWO HOURS to see. OH, and Variety Mag has an exclusive scene from the S3 premiere. Run on over and check that out.

If you’ve been following this awesome-ness, here’s the S3 trailer:

If you haven’t, WELL! You can, in the US and Canada. I have the sadz if you are not in those countries. Check your local sources to see if you can stream it off or perhaps Amazon.

AND BECAUSE FRIDAY WASN’T ALREADY *#&^%&*#%(#^*&(% AWESOME…right after that…


THIS, my friends is another of my super- ultra-fave programs. I’ve fangirled it here at Women and Words, but I don’t think I adequately captured my deep love for this series. I described it thus:

Imagine, if you will, if the love child of Jessica Jones and Deadpool went into a modern western saloon and got in a bar fight with a bunch of demons in human form but she bore the curse of Wyatt Earp, her great-granddad, and could wield Peacemaker, the only gun that puts these bad souls down. And I mean DOWN. As in, sucked back into hell.

That right there is Wynonna Earp. She returns to her hometown of Purgatory (yeah, it’s named that) and while there, it becomes clear that creepy stuff is afoot and she’s been tasked with taking down Revenants — all the demons (resurrected souls) great-granddaddy put down years ago. That’s the nature of the Earp curse. Every generation, there’s an Earp who can wield Peacemaker and this time around, it’s Wynonna (with caveats — you’ll have to watch to see).

She’ll need help, and she gets it from her younger (and utterly delightful) sister Waverly; Xavier Dolls, who runs with some weird division of the government called the Black Badges; and another fellow, Doc, whose history I’ll leave for you to discover.

The writing is generally snappy, the dialogue and one-liners deliciously snarky, and it is so full of grrlpower that you will not even know what to do with your sudden desires to kick Revenant ass and subscribe to the sisterhood. One of the driving forces of this program is Wynonna (played by Melanie Scrofano), who is so broken and yet so genuine and you watch this play out in her relationship with her younger sister Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley). And, of course, there’s the WayHaught ship between Waverly and local police officer Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell).

AND BONUS. It was developed and is run by amazing writer and showrunner Emily Andras, of Lost Girls and some Killjoys fame (she talked about Season 2 over at Entertainment Weekly yesterday)

I had the great fortune of taking a screenwriting workshop with her at ClexaCon in March and holy shit, she is in my pantheon of women of the Planet Awesome. You can trust that the F/F ships in her shows are not going the way of the dreaded dead lesbian trope. I also know that she is already signed on to come back to ClexaCon 2018 (THANK YOU, EMILY). Also, follow her on Twitter. She’s hilarious and all-around amazing.

ANYWAY! Back to Wynonna Earp, whose fandom already has a cool rep because it was the well-coordinated efforts of this fandom that got the show renewed for a second season. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show’s cast interact more with fans in a shared camaraderie than in this fandom. It’s also an incredibly active fandom, and we are all super-stoked about Season 2.

Here’s the trailer:

And S2 (at least the first few episodes) is already getting awesome reviews. Maureen Ryan over at Variety calls it one of her favorite Friday night shows, and says that in S2, “the enjoyment factor is ratcheted up a few notches in a number of ways.”

If you haven’t seen S1 (OMG WHY THE HELL NOT), it’s available for streaming in various countries, including the US and Canada but not the UK or Australia yet, which is a damn shame. Check your local Netfix to see if it’s available and see if you can stream it off SyFy. Season 1 is also available on iTunes, at least in the US.



Den of Geek notes that it premieres on BBC America at 10 PM (I’m assuming that’s EST).

I’ve also raved about this series here on Fangirl Friday, but S5 is the last one, so we can all have the sadz together when it’s gone, but this is a series that you can watch again and again because it’s amazing. Emmy-winning (FINALLY) actress extraordinaire Tatiana Mazlany stars as, like, 6 clones in this Canadian sci fi/thriller that follows the efforts of the clones to stay one step ahead of a scary conspiracy while also trying to find a cure for a condition that is killing them off. Read my blog that I linked to here so you can fully understand that amazing-ness of this show.

Here’s the Season 5 trailer, my sestras:

For those who have not seen this show, the four women highlighted in that trailer are ALL Tatiana Mazlany. ALL of them. And she plays other clones, too.

As I mentioned, Orphan Black is on BBC America. You need to have a cable provider to login so you can stream episodes (live and otherwise). You can also download and stream at other venues. Click here to see.

AND if you’ve been following Orange Is the New Black (I confess I’m behind but holy crap do you see all the fangirl cray I get up to?), Season 5 drops on Netfix TODAY, people. Rumor is it continues its turn for the darker, but also it looks like some awesome other stuff going on, too.

Here’s the trailer:

So there you go, friends. Let’s all go insane tonight and tomorrow! WOOOOO!

Happy watching, and may The Force be with you.


  1. I just binged Wynnona a few weeks ago and fell in love. I have all the sadz with Orphan Black ending, but excited for OITNB. Also hoping the 5th season of Wentworth will be on Netflix this summer.

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  2. Love Orphan Black brilliant series and looking forward to season 2 of Wynonna Earp on UK TV Spike next Tuesday


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