Hot off the Press and Coming Attractions, July 2017

Good gracious me, peeps.

IT IS NEARLY JULY. WTF. And we have yet another list of forthcoming titles (as well as the continued adding on to the previous month) for you to add to your MUST READ piles. At least books haven’t ended yet, though the world is in some kind of crayflux. <–Andi made that term up. She might use it in a sci fi novel…


Some groovy summer reading for those of you above the Earth midline, and hopefully some good escapism for those below it. Heh.

And as always, if you are an author/publisher/reader who knows of a title that’s due to be released but it’s not listed, drop us a line at the CONTACT page, above, and we’ll get you hooked up. We update these lists all the time, so they’re like a living, breathing document! OMG!

Please make sure you tell us in the subject heading of your contact email that you’d like to add a title to our new releases lists. Otherwise, Jove and I are all, “????” because we are easily confused. It’s not you. It’s us.

We try to post the blog to tell people about our lists the 2nd or 3rd Friday of each month, so if you want people to be assured they see your title in conjunction with the reminder blog, please try to get info to us before the 2nd Friday of the month. THANKS! And happy Friday!