Fangirl Friday: Fandom Reminders


I’ve been on the road for the past goddess only knows (several days at least) and have not had a chance to properly fangirl over Wonder Woman. That shall not happen this week, because I AM STILL ON THE ROAD AND THINGS ARE CRAY. But I will say that I was able to record a podcast IN PERSON IN CANADA with Tara Scott of the Lesbian Review. SO MUCH FUN to meet people in person who you talk to on social media. WOOOO.

At any rate, I’m outta hand, so I’m just going to do some fandom reminders (and let’s be honest; this could just as easily be “random” reminders) about things to be on the lookout for. Or, to write that properly, “things for which to be on the lookout.”

FIRST! Run, don’t walk to see Wonder Woman.

Here is a trailer to make you understand the imperative behind my statement:

And I am going to fangirl this film. I need to see it perhaps 12 more times, though. Because research. And also I need to get off the road for a minute.

Moving along…

The other film I am REALLY looking forward to is Atomic Blonde, a graphic novel adaptation starring Charlize Theron, who stars as a spy called to Cold War Berlin to investigate the murder of a fellow agent and to find a list of double agents. Along the way, people die and she has a super-hot tryst with another woman (though this looks like a play to the DLT — Dead Lesbian Trope. Fuck.) Regardless, I want to see how Theron does this. So I’m putting it on my things-to-do-July-28th list.


And if the trailer is true to the movie, this soundtrack is fucking off the chain.

Oh, shit. Swearage. #sorrynotsorry

ANYWAY! Other things that you might consider engaging in.

GCLS Conference! Here is an extensive write-up I did on why you need to consider going to this conference if you are a lover of books and lesbian fiction. SRSLY. This year it’s July 5-9 in Chicago. It moves around every year and I believe next year it’s in Las Vegas. And we all know what happens in Vegas…

Also! People are already registering for the 2018 CLEXACON, which was so amazing and life-affirming that I can’t even. I blogged that, too. HERE. I AM A TOTAL LEXBIAN/CLEXBIAN.

SAN DIEGO COMIC CON INTERNATIONAL July 19-23. The thing about cons like this, friends, is that you can’t just waltz up to the door and buy a ticket. No. You have to become a member of the site (doesn’t cost anything) and then they announce when they’re going to start allowing you to try to get a badge. This shit is kind of exclusive, friends, which is a drag but it’s one of my goals to finally get to go to a San Diego Comic Con. DragonCon in Atlanta (Labor Day weekend) is easier to get tix to, so keep that one in mind. And there are tons of smaller cons in various cities around the world.

I am including a handy schedule RIGHT HERE so you can see what’s going on near you. The smaller ones don’t require the membership thing to get badges.

The bigger con events like San Diego and Wonder Con and the New York Comic Con often feature exclusive looks at forthcoming movie and TV shows, so during the cons, those of us who are “comic-can’ts” check social media to see links to trailers and announcements drop and also to see photos of the awesome cosplaying. Plus, videos of panels are released, too.

At any rate, there’s some stuff to think about and once things calm down a bit for me, I’ll try to get my fangirl thoughts of Wonder Woman posted.

Happy Friday and may the odds be ever in our favor.

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  1. I wish I could make it to any of these cons, but alas, I’m broke and in charge of two small humans. Hope you ladies enjoy the cons, though!


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