Bee Leave

Get it?


Ok, I had to get that out of the way… LOL

During this last month – we had quite the adventure.  Not that it was a FUN adventure – but an adventure nonetheless.

It all started when Sandy when setting up the pool for the summer. While they were out leveling the yard, she noticed a large amount of bees that were ver-y interested in the eave of our garage – where it connects to the house.

We all went out to watch – and decided that yes, we had a problem.

Nobody had noticed the hive growing because who goes out into the back yard, stands by the fence, and looks toward the house? It wouldn’t have been noticed when Sandy was mowing, because obviously she was looking down!


I called the landlord whom instantly agreed she would call a professional and get back me. She’s awesome by the way and got right back to me with an appointment the following week.

(This picture is an example – not the actual entry to our house.)

Okay, I thought, no problem. I just won’t go outside until they were dealt with. I happen to be allergic. Bee-lieve you, me (had to – it was right there!) – I was super grateful they weren’t wasps. That would have been scream worthy for sure.

Who would have thought that they would have wanted $950. ????? Since there is  no other option other than to save them, She said she would call around and got back to me again with a new appointment. Since there has been a swarm epidemic in Texas – getting someone to come out and at a reasonable  (for us) cost – would take another two weeks. I had nightmares about how many would hatch after that amount of time! In the news clips I had seen, it only takes hours to quadruple the amount you actually see  – and the fact you only see a small fraction of how big the hive is.

When the beekeeper came out, he had this handy little gadget that shows the heat of a hive behind the wall. Imagine our surprise when the entry to the hive barely lit up. Before he came, we thought we would have to remove the siding.

Nope. Below is a picture of the actual site – and it happened to bee ( I can’t help it!) behind our dining room wall.

beehive behind wall

beehive location with sandy

Which meant they traveled through the siding, down along the flash more than a dozen feet to settle between the farthest set of studs away from the entry.

Did I hear them? No. Did I smell honey? No. Did I see any inside? No. It’s hot down here and the A/C pretty much runs constantly – and truthfully, my dining room table is cluttered enough no one sits at it.

Here is the video Sandy took of some of the process. I’ll admit I watched it live from 2 rooms away!

(On video) Our beekeeper found an old hive behind the wall that was several times bigger than the one he was removing!

The end of our adventure included a safe removal of the Queen along most of her hive – to be transferred to the beekeeper’s fields.  Unfortunately, the busy little workers that were away during the removal – came back to a sealed and empty hive.  In spite of my innate fear of stinging thingys – yes, I shed a few tears over that.

Below is a few pictures of the clean-up and repair.

beehive montageI’m so blessed to have a wife that knows what the hell she’s doing! She was in heaven doing construction again. She missed and loved the process so much in fact, she repainted the entire kitchen. God, she’s awesome.

I would have helped – but I would have only been in the way 🙂

That’s my story anyway,  and I’m sticking to it.

So, here is the fixed wall – we survived – no stings were involved but I have to admit – it was the most excitement we’ve had around the house in years!

bee done

bee done 2
ALL DONE – Sandy’s a rock star!

Have an awesome day!

Does anyone else have any bee stories?



  1. Queens and bees and EpiPens… OH MY!
    (Glad you didn’t need the EpiPen) Silence of the bees invading an unsuspecting home near a previous, larger hive sounds like a novel awaiting keystrokes.

    Bees setting up base camp between your walls… scary
    Safely relocating the Queen and [most of] her workers… expensive
    Watching your hot wife doing construction… PRICELESS!

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