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ferb with bookToday I’m in pain. It’s one of those mean wisdom-tooth nagging pains that won’t quit no matter how much you try to ignore it. It makes it really hard to concentrate; doubly hard to concentrate enough to work, and kinda makes me a bit grumpy!

It’s funny how people don’t really rate pain unless they’ve been through it. I mean, being a female, I definitely rate period pain so I am always happy to show any fellow sufferers the places to massage that get rid of it in seconds, last hours and just involves touch. My osteopath showed it to me and it’s been around since the 1920s (Chapman’s reflexes if you’re interested) and, although I can’t really tell you if the other places work, that particular one does!

I’m incredibly lucky because many people in my position are in pain all the time and need high doses of really mean pain killers to get them through the day. By way of previous conditions, I can’t feel certain types of pain and, wow, am I thankful for it.

Hopefully that bit hasn’t made you melancholy because, whether it’s a British thing or universal, one can find fun in such situations—in other words, I’ve learned to laugh at myself.

I’m a big girl, for instance, when it comes to spiders, so the other night I was out for the count and felt something tickling my arm. I peeked open an eye and a HUGE black spider happily danced up and down while poking its tongue out at me… or maybe I was half-asleep but either way I flew out of bed—hitting the handrail to help me get up, the dog crate (which was empty) sliced my foot on the door, my leg on the edge, clattered into the wardrobe, smacked my shoulder on the doorframe and only then was I conscious enough to realise I was standing upright and I should really be holding onto the door because standing isn’t exactly a familiar concept for me.

Fergus, my trusty golden assistance dog, rolled over and showed me his belly while I tried to figure out why I was in the doorway, why my foot was bleeding (it was LOADS… honest) and why my heartrate sounded like it was performing high-speed drumming exercises. Em, at this point, had hurdled beds, had one hand on her mobile and the other waving at me asking where the fire was… and would I sit down before I passed out. (I use a wheelchair.)

Hmm… I was sure there’d been a spider but it wasn’t on the bed now. Had I imagined it? I looked to Fergus but he yawned and rolled over. Em was on spider-hunt, with mobile torch, bed hair and a pillow (not sure how the pillow would help but there you go) while I found my chair and stared at the battle scars… one sliced up ankle and toe. Considering I’d just been through three ops in the past few months, you’d think a mere scratch would be nothing but nope. It stung and, somehow, only with suitable medical assistance of a local anaesthetic and plaster did I feel better. I think I may have had ice too.

Fergus ushered me back to bed and the spider hunt had been unsuccessful. Em thought I was crazier than she normally does and Fergus snorted his agreement. I lay back on the pillows only to hear Em squeal like the big girl she is. The spider was on the ceiling acting very smug and waving its front legs at us.

As my heart was still recovering from the first ambush, and my foot was blue (slightly dramatic as it’s always blue or purple, my limbs do like to be colourful) I couldn’t help much as Em tried balancing on the bed, spider/bug catcher in one hand and a very cool pointed finger thing from the local fire brigade in the other. She’s not vertically blessed and so it took tip-toes, a lot of pillows and muttering—she works better when she mutters—but the spider, shocked from being shrieked at by two overgrown wimps, happily sat in the catcher and awaited rescue to more sane pastures (Pedro, our cute statue in the garden.)

I’m sporting a lovely big bruise on my ankle, which is a badge of honour. More so because before my operations, I wouldn’t have been able to get up. Okay, it wasn’t technically walking, more clattering into objects with body parts and I’d stunned the spider while giving my heart a workout it probably wasn’t very happy with. Ah well.

Em and I watched Fergus trot into his crate as if to survey the damage and huff out a breath, then turned to each other and laughed. I mean I really laughed, a deep one right from my stomach that hurt my ribs, made it hard to breathe and felt oh so good.

I’m in pain today because physically throwing myself across a room wasn’t very good for me but it doesn’t matter. A year ago, I couldn’t have gotten up because I had sleep paralysis. It’s intermittent now but seems to respond well to spider alarms. My foot is hurting but I can feel it when I couldn’t before.

That’s because I write books, and those books gave me the income to be able to get the right help. In particular La Vie En Bleu which is about love, laughter and France and Aeron’s Above and Beyond Series. Because readers gave me a chance, they inadvertently gave me the ability to help myself.

Best Maid Plans was originally planned to celebrate marriage equality, just a small novella but the idea grew and somehow managed to include golf, Monaco and a country estate in Wales. I wrote it at a time when I wasn’t doing very well, when I was very sick yet I opened up every smile, every bit of laughter I could and filled the pages with it. Then I typeset it; painted, graphically enhanced and created the cover, the spine, the back; every single piece of it is my work. It’s my first independent novel and that’s incredibly scary.

I’m not sure if readers will rate me writing another romance, will trust me to tell them another story, will take the time to let me give them a laugh, a smile and maybe entertain them for a while.

Either way, like my throbbing foot, Best Maid Plans was worth the pain and I hope it gives you as much laughter and joy. Now, I’d better go give Fergus a belly rub or he’ll sit on my bad toe!



  1. Jody is truly one of my favorite writers, and just a generally amazing person in general. I just wanted to say, Jody, you are such an inspiration – talented and funny and sometimes, kind of a nerd. 🙂 Don’t enter me in this drawing because I will be purchasing the book regardless so let it go to someone who might not get it otherwise. ❤


  2. I’m wishing you a speedy recovery for your foot and I’m sorry to hear that you’re in so much pain. Trust me you’re not alone with suddenly waking once a spider is present because I would have been running and screaming too. I couldn’t help but chuckle at your wife and the dog thinking you’re crazy. It’s so refreshing to be able to just have a hearty laugh at yourself no matter how scary or painful a situation is. Humor lightens it and it turns the situation into a fond memory. I’ve heard about your lovely book called Best Maid Plans and I do look forward to reading it. 🙂


  3. Oh yay! I’ve been following the Whistleblower series and always look forward to the next chapter. And I can sympathise with the spider hunt. I’ve been on a few myself, armed with numerous defensive weapons. At least it’s winter now, so less creepy crawlers for the next few months.


  4. I know I shouldn’t be laughing but you had me laughing out loud. It does wonder for me. Thank you l hope the spider survived being placed outside.


  5. Can’t wait for the new romance, loved La Vie En Bleu. Now pain, I thought I had a good high pain threshold until a double ear infection and two perforated eardrum and man, I literally climbed the walls! And spiders, hate the blighters. Where they appear from every day amazes me given how often I do the web check!


  6. My girlfriend came into the living room the other night and yelped and ran back out again. I looked up and there was a huuuuge spider on the wall quite high up. We had to move furniture – well I say we but with my bad back I put my slippers on while my girl moved the furniture. She zapped it with our zapper thing, put everything back, looked at me and started laughing. I’m looking all innocent and she says “what? You put your slippers on cos you didn’t want to stand on the couch in bare feet?” Love the Aeron books, Jody, as you know and glad you’re not too horribly injured…


  7. Spider trauma is the last thing you need from the sounds of it Jody! Good on you for keeping your sense of humour. I hope all involved had a cwtch or three after the fact (maybe not the spider who likely is out telling on its pals how fun it is to terrify the big giant humans). Always great news to see another book out with your name on it. Looking forward to reading this one along with the rest of the Above and Beyond series, and the Whistleblower chapters.
    Keep smiling and laughing; take care.


  8. Ah….Spider stories. I think we all have one (or dozens). They are always amusing, after the fact!
    Glad you are not too terribly injured. Heal well!


  9. Hope your pain subsides quickly. Good on you for creating the entire story and book, I look forward to reading it.


  10. Between a spider sticking out its tongue, vertically challenged finger waving Em, and your over all good humor considering your serious health issues, I’d love to read a book by you. I’m always looking for something that will make me laugh out loud, just like this post did.


  11. I hang my head in shame and admit I have never heard of you!! Thank God for this blog. Loved the spider story – I find a can of insect spray usually works, however have finally found my butch side and now trying to trap and take any intruders outside, spiders included.


  12. This was certainly a treat to read your hilarious recount of your spider fiasco! I can say I’ve had a handful of roach incidents that are similar…..😳
    Grateful that you aren’t terribly injured and that it can be a moment in time to laugh about now for you and Em.
    I hope to get an opportunity to read your works in the future. Thank you for this giveaway and your generosity!


  13. Laughing at the spider story. I’m with you on the fear of spiders! Would love to read your book- fingers crossed 🤞


  14. Lol, I know I am not really meant to laugh at people who are in pain, but I couldn’t help it – honest!!. I don’t like creepy crawlies either, would probably spent the rest of the night worrying that it would get back into the house again, it got in once, can be easily done again. Looking forward to reading your new book. Take care 🕷🕷🙈


  15. Spiders are making their presence known this week. A couple of days ago I was half sitting/half reclining on my couch typing away on my laptop when something (i’m presuming a spider) scurried across my chest. All I saw was something black and moving fast and that’s all it took. I jumped up, threw my laptop on the couch and started slapping my t-shirt in hopes of killing it. After a couple of hard smacks (which later left bruises) I looked around the floor in hopes of finding the creature’s dead body but found nothing. Now I live in fear that the little bastard will come back and try to exact revenge on me. Oh well, at least it’s nice to know I’m not the only one that’s been left traumatized by these little demons.

    Jody, i hope you’re recovering from your injuries and congrats on the release of Best Maid Plans. 🙂


  16. Thank you for sharing your spider story Jody. I admire you for your courage and wonderful sense of humor for what you have and still are going through. The Above and Begone series was wonderful. Hang in there, keep writing, and keep smiling! This world needs you.


  17. Hope you get to feel better as time goes by. Keep doing what you like, writing and entertaining us.
    I just wish I’m not too late for your drawing. Thank you!


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