Hey, all! So Jove and I and R.G. Emanuelle are getting ready for GCLS, which starts on Wednesday in Chicago. This year might be extra special because it’s the first GCLS of Dirt Road Books, the publishing house that I, Jove Belle, R.G. Emanuelle, Gill McKnight, Michelle Teichman, and Blythe Rippon launched earlier this year. We have a table! And we hope you come by!


Jove is already on the road, on her way to Salt Lake City to do a reading before she heads on over to Chicago. Find our more at Dirt Road Books.

So anyway, I thought I’d re-post this blog that I did last year to explain the goodness that is GCLS and all the cool things that can come of it. So if you haven’t attended yet and it looks like it might be up your alley, make a plan for 2018. It’s in Las Vegas then.

Here’s the blog I wrote about GCLS last year, June 2016, BUT I did update with this year’s links. 🙂


Hi, everybody!

Welcome to Friday (unless you’re already almost through Saturday, in which case, happy weekend!).

I thought I’d do another handy reminder regarding the upcoming Golden Crown Literary Society conference and awards ceremony, scheduled for 5-9 July in Chicago, Illinois.Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 9.13.28 PM

So here are some handy-dandy links to take you right to all the info (UPDATED FOR 2017, y’all!):
What is this thing called the GCLS?
Why should I go to this conference? #becauseawesome
General Info about the conference (location, transportation, stuff like that)
Registration info
Schedule o’ exciting-ness
Panel and workshop descriptions

AND! Extra perk link. GCLS Writing Academy.
The fabulous Beth Burnett, director of membership at GCLS, blogged about it HERE.

Is your head stuffed with all of this book and writing goodness? Because here is MOAR!

Top 5 reasons you should totes go to the GCLS con:

1. NETWORKING! If you’re an author — no matter what stage of your career — this is a great opportunity to meet fellow authors, publishers, and other people doing book things in the genre(s) you’re working in. You’ll also meet lots of readers, who are super-enthused about writing.

2. LEARNING! This is a great venue to learn some things about writing, editing, and the publishing business overall. It’s informal, and has the feel of an intimate workshop where the audience is encouraged to participate. It’s a friendly, supportive environment that even introverts can navigate pretty well. And if you’re a reader, it’s a great venue to learn more about authors whose work you enjoy and find out about authors you didn’t know.

3. VENDORS’ ROOM! This is a central hub of activity. It will help you with number 1 above, but it’s also the place where you will see authors hanging out and chatting, publishers at the vendors’ tables chatting, and you’ll be able to get a look at lots of books that you can add to your already huge list of must-reads.

4. FUN STUFF AFTER HOURS! There’s the evening meet and greet on Wednesday the 5th (with munchies); movie  night on Thursday; themed karoake  and lip sync Friday evening; and Saturday, the fabulous AWARDS CEREMONY then the after-dance. FOR REALS. Shake it like you mean it! Plus there are super-awesome special speakers like authors Penny Mickelbury and the keynote, author LeslĂ©a Newman. OMG. Here’s my roundup from last year.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 9.17.21 PM

5. CATCHING UP WITH OLD FRIENDS, MEETING NEW ONES! The GCLS has a super-mellow vibe, so it’s really easy (even for introverts) to totally hang out and chat in the hotel lobby, outside, or get a crew together to grab dinner off-site. If you’re a new author, or a not-yet-published author, this mellow vibe puts everybody at ease, and you’ll feel just fine approaching other authors to chat. Or maybe you just want to hang out for a bit. That, too, is part of the vibe.

And now, top 5 reasons you should TOTES join the GCLS.

1. LESFIC! WRITING COMMUNITY! Look, if you didn’t read the GCLS “About” link up there, HERE IT IS AGAIN. The whole mission here is education and the promotion and recognition of lesbian literature. So if you’re a lesfic writer, or you want to be one, this is the organization for you. $25/year. SIGN UP.

2. BETA READERS! The GCLS tries to hook writers up with willing and able beta readers. Good betas are so awesome to find, friends. The GCLS can help, and it maintains a list of members who are willing to serve in that capacity.

3. CONTENT EXPERTS! Writers, accuracy is important in writing. Even fiction. That’s why the GCLS maintains a list of members who are able to help you with that. There are law enforcement, law, and medical personnel as well as other experts to help you create realistic settings and characters in your writing.

4. ONLINE COMMUNITY FOR MEMBERS! The GCLS is full of people who love books and who love writing. If that’s you, you will find many others with those same loves to chat with in the members’ communities. More info.

5. WRITING ACADEMY! PLUS MENTORING! I cannot talk about this enough, friends. Hit the link above that I included that will take you to Beth Burnett’s blog about this. It’s a 10-month program for writers, especially those just starting out (but anyone can benefit), that will take you through several aspects of writing craft right up through approaching a publisher. This is a serious program that requires serious time and energy investment. It’ll run you $995 for the 10 months, but that’s a lot of info for that price, and you will learn mad skillz from noted lesfic authors. Check it out.

There’s also a scholarship program, which is a legacy of the late and dearly missed Sandra Moran, who was involved with teaching in the program. Go see (this year’s deadline has passed, but there’s next year!).

The Cate Culpepper Mentoring Program was established following the loss of the also dearly missed Cate Culpepper. This program involves three tiers of assessment, and mentors volunteer their time, so it will cost you nothing but time and energy, friends. LOOK!

There. Do you see, now, whereof I speak? Do you understand why the GCLS might be for you? So whether you write or read, it’s a great community of dedicated people who want to promote, preserve, and promulgate (ooo alliteration) lesfic and continue to build a network of friends and allies.

Hope you decide to join us.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 9.25.53 PM


  1. Yay conference! Yay Dirt Road Books! Yay networking, education, friends, fun! I’m in pre-con-can’t-say-anything-coherent mode.

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  2. Thanks for a fun warm up to GCLS Chicago.
    Will DRB be a vendor at the Con? If so, I look forward to seeing your stand and hearing about you.


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