A reader’s perspective of the aquatic romance.

I’m going on a cruise to Alaska. Two years ago, when we started talking about such an adventure it sounded awesome and great and amazing! It was the final frontier and we were going. (Does anyone else start humming the theme to Star Trek when people talk about frontiers?) Now, I’m in full panic mode! I am definitely one of those planner types who likes all the details and having a schedule of what I am going to do when. Kim is more of a wing it type of vacationer, just going with whatever comes her way and having fun doing it. I so wish I could do that! But there are other things that factor into my freaking out of the unknown and that is the number of strangers who are going to be on board!

Ok, so this is the Olivia Literary Adventure at Sea that Sapphire Books and Curve magazine are making happen. So in addition to seeing some gorgeous glaciers, wildlife, and just all around being unplugged for a week, there will LesFic authors! It’s like a readers dream come true but all I can imagine myself doing is hiding behind the palm trees with all the other introverts like in Ann McMan’s Bottle Rocket. I seriously turn into a mumbling weirdo but even more so now because I’ve lost a lot of ability to socialize.

But why not focus instead on the wonderfulness of being out to sea! I mean a cruise ship is totally different than an aircraft carrier and even though my job as the “Fun Boss” onboard was a lot like Julie from The Love Boat TV series, there is a big difference between jets slamming into the flight deck at all hours of the day and night and being able to go topside on a cruise ship to have an adult beverage while soaking in the hot tub. Just saying!

Finders Keepers by [Kallmaker, Karin]And to get in the mood for this let’s visit some fun LesFic tales of high sea adventures and romance. Starting with one of the LesFic Above Temptation by [Kallmaker, Karin]authors who will be onboard Karin Kallmaker. Now I think I’ve read most of her stories and in one a cruise ship sank (I’m totally knocking on wood that we leave that happening in the story) but Marissa and Linda in Finders Keepers had a chance to meet due to the sinking of the ship so good things happened there. She also had Kip and Tamara in Above Temptation use a cruise to get away from all the drama but in my opinion it was a great chance to be in a super romantic setting and fun things happen in a super romantic setting!

Love happens! Kind of like the slow burn between Kelly and Natalie in KG MacGregor’s Sea Legs by [MacGregor, KG]Sea Legs. But maybe I should say burn in conjunction with a ship. I am just bringing on the disasters here! Which Kelly and Natalie were not! There’s was an ultra-sweet little romance that totally showed how when you are taken away from your typical everyday- great things happen! Granted I am heading to a super cold location and their cruise was in the Caribbean, there are still going to be opportunities to hang out on the deck, go on fun adventures were Kim and I can flirt and be obnoxiously in love. Because that’s what cruises are all about, right?

That or you get suckered on for a high school reunion like Jaime and Sierra did inOne Touch by [Marie, L.T.] One Touch by L.T. Marie. I was so jealous of Jaime’s cabin when I first read it! Still, some of the interactions Jaime had with other passengers is totally what I am dreading on my upcoming (though when this is posted it will mostly be over) trip. Truly I hope none of my interactions leave me beaten up like Jaime was, but I can see a couple of uncomfortable conversations with lots of long awkward bordering on weirdo conversations.

You know though that reading is my thing and I am sure when I return I will be missing the quiet, romance and overall being spoiled with food atmosphere of the cruise. What better way to stay in that zone than to read more LesFic books with cruises! So bring them on! What are some more titles where the characters are on some fun aquatic adventure?


    • LOL! I have absolutely no problem with that!! Before the cruise I got to see her in her summer whites uniform during her retirement and there is no comparison! Though it was fun to cruise around on a huge boat with a bunch of lesbians. Totally different dynamic.


  1. I loved those two novels by Karin Kallmaker, but Kim Baldwin wrote some great ones based in Alaska. Reading it made me want to go on those adventures. All in nature with the terrific views, the hiking, kayaking and the northern lights. It sounded absolutely fantastic.

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    • I really enjoyed Kim Baldwin’s “Breaking the Ice”. I always wanted to be a pilot and the combination of flying while IN Alaska seemed awesome!! Thanks for reading vennic!


  2. I’m a bad lesbian; I haven’t read a single one of those! They all went on my TBR list, though.
    My wife and I have been talking about taking a cruise for the last couple of years, but something always seems to get in the way. (Like childcare.) Have fun in Alaska!

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    • Adan thanks for reading! I hope you have a chance to take a cruise. It can really spoil you with someone cleaning your room daily, yummy food at all hours of the day, and tons of activities! Or just sit and read and enjoy the rocking motion of the boat. I LOVE that feeling!

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