Same Old – Same Old

Good Monday morning!

Caught with my pants down again…  I knew I had a blog to write, I knew I had a blog to write – I knew… well, you get the picture.

Then when it was time to write it – forgot I had a blog to write.

I’ve been sitting here wracking my brain for something to entertain ya’ll today.

But my mind is on the manuscript I’ve been putting together.  In other words, for this time of year, same old – same old.

Now, I could write another one bemoaning the fact I missed my deadline, I’m swamped, and in a frenzy to race over the finish line…

But in the last few years – I’ve written plenty on that. So, in that spirit and because I didn’t sit down yesterday to agonize over a subject that I think would entertain you….

I’ve put several links to ones I’ve written in the past… At least the ones I was able to find with a keyword – it took me a minute to figure out “tags.” BUT in any case, here are some of my favorites 🙂

We’ll call them re-runs, okay? 🙂


Wherein – Macy the muse in missing and out of action. 

Procrastination or pick one damn it! – title is self explanatory.

Have you been to Vonnie Land?

Editing adventures in Vonnie Land!

OR – if you missed my very first blog (wherein Jove Belle gives me an amazing introduction!) here is the link to Growing up Empath.

So, that’s our scheduled programming for today.

I hope they made you laugh like I did – sometimes I surprise myself.

Have an awesome day – and I’ll see you next week!

I have to write a blog, I have to write a blog….

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