Hot off the Press and Coming Attractions, Aug. and Sept. 2017


I’m SO sorry! July totally got away from us and the merry elves (lazy sods) neglected to remind me to do the lists and then all of a sudden it was freaking August and at that point, I realized…HOLY CRAP WE FORGOT TO DO A BOOK LIST FOR JULY OMG WHAT IS THIS MADNESS MAYBE IT’S JUST HOT UP HERE IN THE NORTHERN REGIONS ABOVE THE EQUATOR FOR SUMMER AND OUR BRAINS ARE FRIED.

At any rate, we’re back in the swing of things (hopefully), and if you head over to our New Releases/Coming Up page, you will see lists for September and August and we left July up. Whew. Hopefully we’re back to our usual cray, now, without added cray.


So. If you’re an author, publisher, or reader who knows of a book that’s coming out soon or that is already out and we missed it (we are not all-knowing/all-seeing as much as people like to think we are), drop us a line at our Contact page (above) and let us know! PLEASE include something in the subject line like, “book for new releases lists” or something like that because otherwise, we get confused as to why you’re contacting us. Please include author, title, and a link that provides information about the book so we can just slap that pup in there and everything is good to go.

We do update our lists throughout the month as we get info, so let us know whatcha got!

Happy reading!

Get out of the f*cking way! The Women and Words book lists are up!

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