Taking on the house!

A reader’s perspective on Vegas.

We bought a house. Fun times, but uber stressful with the paperwork and just the sheer number written on the bottom line of how much we are going to owe. We just created a super intimidating relationship with a bank that is going to last for the next 30 years!! And who doesn’t want to know they are in a committed relationship for the next 30 years.

But it’s not really just a house, it’s a home. However, as I transitioned from the idea of, “hey we’re buying a house!” to moving into our forever home it made me start thinking about another “house” entity. Vegas. Which is a whopping 4 hours away- hello GCLS! Maybe. That can be a whole other reader’s perspective to be totally honest. I digress. We are talking the house in Vegas. First, why is it called the house? Casino’s look nothing like loving, comfortable abodes in which to settle the heart. So why the house? Is it because they have outrageous mortgages on their buildings as well??

It’s a fun place though. At least for a little while. I’m not much of a gambler and to watch me try to play cards is pretty funny just because I can’t bluff to safe my life, I get super anxious and my blood pressure sky rockets. Kim on the other hand is a card shark. She does that flipping cards from one hand to another and her fidget is to slice a deck with one hand. Over and over again. Surprisingly though when we did go to Vegas it was to run a ½ marathon and to watch the shows, Cirque de Soleil specifically. It was good time and we didn’t gamble once!

That seems to be the draw of Vegas though. To gamble and we’ve got some pretty fun Vegas adventures in our LesFic world. Check out Nell Stark’s All In. I actually really appreciated her acknowledgment and forward that explained her research for the book and what went into bringing an edge of realism to high stakes poker games played out in Vegas. Not only that but the back world of what goes on with those high rollers was something else to think about and was excellently portrayed through the character of Vesper who was a casino host. If you are into gambling or even if you aren’t this story was pretty educational in the world of Vegas.

I also enjoyed L.T. Marie’s Three Days Three Days by [Marie, L.T.]where Dakota and Shawn experience the rowdy  side of Vegas in the midst of a bachelorette party. What an excellent reason to go to Vegas! Maybe. If you are on the wrong side of the sexuality scale as the majority of the other women then attending the men’s strip shows may not be as exhilarating as say tweezing your eyebrows but it’s what you do for your best friend! I liked the set-up of having three days in Sin City to move past first impressions and make one that might survive a three day party.

Split the Aces by [Belle, Jove]Another excellent reason to travel to Vegas would be a conference (watch out all GCLS attendees!) where one would have to decide between hanging out poolside with the cocktail of the day or actually attending the sessions. That was the dilemma Cori ran up against in Jove Belle’s Split the Aces. Expound on that the temptation of the super hot casino dealer Rae and oh what a decision to make!

What other LesFic stories are out there to tease us with adventures in Vegas. I mean preparation is important and we should all be getting ready for what’s to come next summer right? Share the love of the house and share your favorite LesFic Las Vegas tales. I would love to hear them.


  1. Nice blog Erin! Those books all sound great. You have a terrific writing style. When are you going to write a novel of your own?
    Dar from Oakland

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  2. I’ve read each of those … but, probably Radclyffee and Karin Kallmaker’s “In Deep Waters 2: Cruising the Strip”. I think, like Vegas itself, it’s good in small doses or short stories, but hard to maintain a whole novel there. Of course, “Desert of the Heart” comes to mind, by Jane Rule, I actually think the Vegas part was more fulfilling than the romance, in the book that is! Otherwise, like Las Vegas itself, I rarely go there.

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  3. Hi Barbara G! I haven’t read In Deep Waters 2 (or the first one!) so my lesbian card, I am sure is going to be suspended soon! I have read Desert of the Heart and enjoyed that story!! Totally had the casino going for it set in the Biggest Little City! Thanks for that addition and thanks for reading!


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