Moments with Your Heros

So this past Saturday I was lucky enough to do an appearance with two of my crime fiction heroes at Subtext Books in St. Paul, MN. Jean Redmann, author of the Micky Knight PI series, and Ellen Hart, who writes the Jane Lawless series, invited me to join them at a reading and Q&A at Subtext. Jean and Micky Knight are the reasons I started writing in the first place. Years ago, I read the first four Micky Knight books, and was I hooked. I loved the characters. When I finished reading the fourth book, I was crushed. The characters within the pages caught me and wouldn’t let go. I wanted to know what my best friends were doing next, and I wouldn’t find out till many years later. Thank you Jean, for getting back to Micky!

Then there’s Ellen. Mentor, friend, idea bouncer-off, teacher. Honestly, I began writing because I wanted to entertain myself. It never occurred to me that I might try to get a book published. I wasn’t talented. However, one day, during the first class I took with Ellen, she pulled me aside and asked if I’d ever considered dipping my toe in the publishing pond. I remember looking at her like she was nuts. Then she said, “I think you can make it.” Yeah, I can still hear my jaw hitting the floor. Well, hells bells, she was RIGHT!

These two authors have been so incredibly influential to me and to my writing. They are my heroes for their persistence, their passion, and for the incredible tales they tell. To share a stage and space is a dream come true.

Who are some of the heroes in your life? How did they become that to you and why?

While you’re thinking about that, here are a couple pictures from the signing. Check them out!


  1. Looking at the photos, I see three very talented writers. Three authors whose books I enjoy and look forward to seeing when the next will be published. Congratulations to all for entertaining readers for many years…….and many more years to come.

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  2. hey, Jessie! Looks like a fabulous session. Congrats!

    There are so many great women who have helped me out along my creative journey. You are on the list for sure, along with our fellow W&W authors Andi, Jove, and of course, the great Lori Lake. But I have to tell my favorite story, because it’s too good to make up. Some years back (5 maybe?) I was a writer who never thought seriously about publishing. That year I signed up for the GCLS mentor program with no real expectations other than to see what happened. Much to my shock, my assigned mentors were Lee Lynch and Renee Bess! Holy crap!

    Your words sum up my own feelings. “These two authors have been so incredibly influential to me and to my writing. They are my heroes for their persistence, their passion, and for the incredible tales they tell.” Lee and Renee transcend lesfic through their commitment to civil rights and equality writings. I am proud to count them as two of the most influential writers in my life.

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  3. Lynette, I just love your story! And thank you for having me on your list 🙂 It’s a really amazing thing when someone takes an interest and gives support and encouragement. Both Lee and Renee are amazing, and you were truly a lucky writer when you got hooked up with them. They both do transcend lesfic by the topics they write about. Love it!


  4. Hey Jesse! I had a great time sharing a stage with you at GCLS. Now you can color me jealous. Ellen is certainly one of my idols too. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. You look so happy! It’s always lovely to meet heroes and find they’re awesome (unlike my poor cousin the actor who met a famous Hollywood superstar hero and realized he was a complete dickhead)

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  6. There are people I’ve looked up to for various aspects of their writing or who I believe them to be as people. At this point in my life’s journey, I’m finding that the people I consider heroes are people who have lived lives filled with challenges from health, societal bigotry, or other things beyond their control and never less-they persist! I have met people in my own health care journey that help me keep my head up and keep plugging along because I may have it hard but there are always those who have it worse. I think as I age, the meaning of hero changes for me.

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