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A reader’s perspective through Shari Baumer’s book skills

There are so many wonderful authors out there providing all of us book-a-holics with reading material, and I know I am not the only one thankful for their story and writing talents. I wanted to share other reader’s perspectives on various topics that have been brought up, hopefully with some insight for authors and readers alike and hopefully with some humor as well. This week Shari Baumer has agreed to join me by answering some questions. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have! We’ve thrown in a fun little twist with Quickie’s: quick questions where the answers are short but truthful.

Erin: How were you introduced to LesFic?

Curious Wine by [Forrest, Katherine V.]Shari: I came out when I was 38 and I found my first book in a local bookstore; the book was Curious Wine.   My girlfriend, now my wife of 30 years, took me to that bookstore and my love affair with LesFic was born.

Erin: Do you feel there has been a change in LesFic from when you first started reading to now? And if so, what do you think the cause of that change was?

Shari: I think the stories in general are more detailed, the characters more developed.   And the romantic scenes (sex) are much more graphic.   Which is a good thing!! I think that happened because as the writers sold more books they became more proficient.   Plus more and more writers appeared on the scene.

Quickie: Sex scene or fade to black? Sex scene!!

Erin: What character traits would you like to see more of in LesFic? 

Shari: I like outdoor action type stories or sports stories.   Strong women doing brave things; saving people. Kim Baldwin’s 3 Alaska books and Kate Christie’s soccer books.   But I also like humor and Saxon Bennett’s character Chase Banter is one of my favorite go to books when I’m down.

Safe Harbor (Provincetown Tales Book 1) by [Radclyffe]

Quickie: Literary crush?  Reese Conlon, Safe Harbor, Radclyffe


Erin: How has LesFic impacted your life? How do you think it has impacted the LGBTQ community?
Shari: It’s provided a window into the lives of other lesbians. My wife and I are both retired now and we both came out late. So most of the lesbians we knew were much younger at the time.   My wife is a metal artist and I was a potter even though we both worked the corporate life.  The majority of people we hang out with are artists or Unitarian friends of my wife. I’m a runner so hang out with jock types. Books are my way to connect to my lesbian community.

Erin: How do you choose your LesFic book purchases? What factors do you consider when buying a book?

Shari: I tend to buy books by the same authors. Occasionally I’ll read the reviews of new releases by Bella or Bold Strokes or other indy publishers and if they sound interesting, I’ll give them a chance.  I buy pretty much online since I live in the Midwest. I think at last count, my local Barnes & Noble had the same 2 books they’ve had for a year! Very sad.

Quickie: E-book or paper? Paper (not into e-books)

Erin: How often do you seek out new authors and what makes you consider their work?  Or how can they get your attention with their work enough for you to purchase it?

Shari: Sometimes the cover catches my attention (outdoor adventure scene for example). I guess I really do look at the cover in a list of new books and then go to the synopsis for more.

Erin: Has a LesFic story ever inspired you to do something or travel somewhere?

Coyote Sky by [Hill, Gerri]Shari: I’ve not done it yet but would love to go to Alaska; on my bucket list. Loved Coyote Sky– Gerri Hill’s book. I love the New Mexico area anyway and have been there many times.


Quickie: Favorite place to read? Recliner or Bed


Erin: I especially like stories where I can relate to the main character. Is there one LesFic story that really touched you or whose main character you really connected to?

Making a Comeback by [Blair, Julie]Shari: There are two books that really affected me and for the life of me, I only remember one title at the moment! The other would be Making A Comeback by Julie Blair. I read it at a time when I couldn’t find my way back to making music and missed it so much. Reading about Jazz and how Liz Randall felt inside really made me want to sit and play again. It was such a gift.


Erin: Is there any type of LesFic story that you tend not to read? Why?

Shari: I don’t read vampire type stories very much   Just not interested.  I do like paranormal stories.

Quickie: If you were stuck on a very nice but deserted island what three books would you bring with you? Impossible! I looked at my books and couldn’t choose just 3!  

Thank you so much Shari for entertaining us with your answers and insights into our favorite genre LesFic. I appreciate your thoughts and always feel that I get to know a person a little bit better by how and what they read! Please leave comments for Shari below as I’m sure she would love to hear your thoughts.

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