Hot off the Press and Coming Attractions, Sept.-Oct. 2017


So for those of us north of the equator, there seems to be some fall-ish weather approaching. Not anything too noticeable yet, but just a few days here and there with a little autumn tang in the air and a hint of yellow or red in a tree. For those of you south of the equator, well it should be coming up on spring, and then summer!

By the way, could someone Down Under please put me up for the month of December some time so I can experience the holiday season in full-on summer? I’m a decent cook and pretty chill. Just sayin’. 😀

BUT GUESS WHAT? It doesn’t matter what season you’re entering because there are books galore for you to consider reading! And you can see what those are


And if you’re a reader, writer, publisher, or all of that, and you know of a book that’s out either now or soon, drop us a line at the Contact link (look up, toward the top of the page) and let us know so we can get it added. Please put something in the subject line like, “book to add to coming attractions/hot off the press lists” so we don’t get confused. That happens a lot back here. Also, please include author, title, and either a buy link or a link to more info about the book. THANKS!

Now go forth and read.


  1. Hi Andi, I’m near Byron Bay, Australia, but believe me: you do NOT want to be here in Dec! It’s 35+ degrees (95+), and full of tourists and backpackers jostling to get pissed and spend money. Not a good look. But a perfect time to stay home and read inside all day, then swim at sunset… oh yes, OK, I can see why you’d like to visit… ; ) G

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