An illustrator, a dancer and a weather forecaster walk into a blog…

A reader’s perspective of match making character traits

Finding a character trait that you can connect to can really make a story enjoyable. Granted, if the author gets the trait wrong it can be frustrating, but for the most part, I think I am able to find something about all the character’s I’m reading that I find in myself. As I mentioned in a blog earlier this month (check that out here!), I loved to play a game where people would tell me a character trait and I would try to find a matching story- specifically a lesfic story. I used it to show non-readers and readers who hadn’t discovered lesfic that the genre was pretty diversified.

Fast forward about ten years and the number of stories out there seems to have quadrupled if not more so! Awesome news but how is a reader to keep up with so many new titles, much less new authors? But regardless I threw out a challenge to give me some careers people would like to read in a lesfic novel and I would see what I could do about finding some titles. I am the first to admit that I now suck at this game!

The first challenge was by Debby who was looking for a cartoonist/ technical illustrator. At first I totally misunderstood what this job actually was and spent a bunch of time putting together a list of what would be considered graphic designers (so if anyone wants some of those titles- hit me up!). Once I stumbled into my collection of Alison Bechdel Dykes to Watch Out For, the light bulb sort of turned on. Debby if you enjoy the world of cartoonists I would highly recommend all of Alison Bechdel’s work. But I found a lesfic story! Debby, have you read Gun Brooke’s September Canvas? September Canvas by [Brooke, Gun]As all of Gun Brooke’s stories are this one is wonderful and features Deanna Moore, a successful illustrator.

First Position by [Brayden, Melissa]Next up bone&silver was looking for a dancer with a touring company. My first thought immediately went to the movie Saving Face, one of my favorites, and the character of Viv who is a professional dancer. That’s a movie though and we are talking lesfic, so I’ve heard of a story that is on my Amazon wish list that features dancers with a touring company and that would be Melissa Brayden’s First Position. I’ve read Melissa Brayden’s SoHo Loft romance series and truly enjoyed her style so I am very much looking forward to this story as well.

Last was a request by Jean for a weather forecaster and this is where I got stumped!! I’ve found a variety of professions within the media field ranging from 1. producers of L-TV in Elizabeth Dean’s It’s In Her Kiss, a funny story based on the fictional idea of a cable channel dedicated to lesbian programming as well as TV producer Emily in Karin Kallmaker’s Sugar;Training Days by [Frances, Jane] 2. news anchors in KG MacGregor’s Rhapsody as well as Jane Frances’ Training Days; 3.and a combination News Director and Anchor in Maggie Ryan’s The Deal. There are more too!There are lots of different jobs surrounding televised media or even print media but I could not find a weather reporter listed. The closest I got was when Tina Merriwether, the best friend in Robin Alexander’sJust Jorie by [Alexander, Robin] Just Jorie, starts goofing on her name and saying how she should have been a meteorologist so that she could close her segments with, “Hang in there folks, we’ll have Meriweather soon.” So if there is anyone out there who has read about a weather forecaster hook me up with a title so I can get it to Jean!!

For all you readers out there let’s keep playing. If you stop and think about all the lesfic stories you’ve read you’ll be impressed with the diversity of character traits, locations, and other ways to connect to the story. Play along and get others connecting to our amazing authors out there and if you need some help I would love to make some more suggestions!


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