Shots Fired

After waking up to the news of another mass shooting this week, I fully intended to use this space to write my reaction to the news, and my thoughts about the inaction of our representatives to take serious steps to curb gun violence in our country. But every time I started to type the words, I stuttered, not quite ready to channel raw emotion into coherent words.

And then I realized that was the problem. Words, on their own, are no better than the empty “thoughts and prayers” offered to victims of gun violence as a worthless substitute for effecting real change to prevent senseless bloodshed.

So I will use my words to take action. I will write to my representatives and I will speak to their staff. I will tell anyone who will listen, and even those that won’t, that I’ve studied the Constitution and nothing about it enshrines a privilege to amass a cache of weapons or a right to kill.

One day I will be able to articulate exactly how it felt to wake up and see the cascading alerts on my phone, blaring the news of another tragedy, but in the meantime, I will use words as a catalyst for change. Will you join me?


  1. Good for you. I’m contacting my rep, who is a Dem. Don’t know how much good it does to contact Republicans, who’ve made it pretty clear they don’t care what constituents think as opposed to big money donor. But it can’t hurt to make them face up to the fact that they are voting against their constituents.

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  2. I don’t know if I can contact a rep from over here but I damn well wish I could. Enough words – action is required. Not sure how any politician who accepts $$ from the NRA can look at themselves in the mirror in the morning. My wife has family and friends in Vegas and we spent the last few days making sure everyone was all ok. Unfortunately some friends got caught up in it but are relatively “ok” . I just hope the USA can find a way to stop the carnage.
    Love your work and your passion Carsen.
    from Sydney, Australia

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  3. YES YES YES PLEASE TAKE ACTION AMERICA! From here in Australia, where we had ONE mass killing & brought in gun control and have had no more, PLEASE curb your guns and your damn president!

    And your raw words are amazing, thank you 🙏🏼❤


  4. Here in Canada we are watching in horror. We have violence, but to such a lesser extent. I don’t personally know anyone, other than police officers, who own a gun. And one farmer. We don’t have ZERO violence, but the availability of the tools to efficiently take lives is frightening down there.


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