It Goes On…and On

What the hell do you blog about on a writers’ site when our society is going to hell in a hand basket? I don’t do politics well, nor do I think blogs at a place like Woman and Words should constantly be about politics. This is, after all, a site for writers and readers. But there’s a message in this for us, so bear with me.

In a world filled with violence, hatred, discrimination, torture, pain, injustice, unconscionable cruelty, and mind-boggling indifference, there must be a place for lightness, gratification, artistry, and joy. We wouldn’t survive as a species without at least a little bit of those things.

But how do you make the space in your soul for such things when such atrocities and tragedies are taking place all around you?

The answer is that we have to remind ourselves that life has always been filled with atrocities and tragedies. There have always been wars, natural disasters, and human cruelties. These things are nothing new. The only things that’s new is HOW they are unfolding. Where, at one time, violence was committed with sharpened blades and rocks, they are now committed with machine guns and bombs. Where betrayals happened between people, they now happen via Twitter and other social media. Where tyrannical rule once dominated kingdoms, it now dominates supposedly liberated nations.

Are these things worse now today than they were years ago? Maybe, maybe not. The point is, no matter what, human beings found a way to rise above the terrible things going on in the world. They found it in themselves, somehow, to create amazing art, write incredible words, and find love in the muck.I know so many people who are depressed over the endless horrific events that have occurred all over the world, as well as in our own backyard. I include myself among them. But we need to push forward, continue to feed our souls, and feed the souls of others. If we abandon that, then we have nothing.I’ve said this before, but it bears saying again: as writers, we have to continue our art, not just because it feeds our own souls, but because it feed others’ souls.

More importantly, our art tells our story. There are many people out there who would silence us, and are trying to do so as we speak. And if we stop writing, if we stop telling our story, then they will have succeeded. Our stories were hidden, buried, and denied far too long for us to allow them to be silenced again. This is so true, in fact, that many ignorant people believe that 1) there either weren’t gay people before our current era, or there weren’t as many; and 2) in certain cultures, there are no gay people at all. Of course, we know this to be completely false. There have always been gay people, throughout time, and in every single country and culture. It’s just that they were hidden, and still hide in those less tolerant countries.

So, continue writing and reading so that our stories continue to be told, and learned, and understood. Put knowledge out there, and it will open up hearts and minds. As Schoolhouse Rock used to proclaim: Knowledge is power!


  1. YES! You’re absolutely right, & in these terrible times, we do need to reach out to each other, & stick together, with love & empathy. Thank you from here in Australia for your post, gabrielle

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  2. Some interesting points about there always being bad stuff in the world. That is so true. But before modern IT capabilities, we were never so up close and personal to it all. Now we see everything in all its graphic ugliness. Layers upon layers of it. We’ve hit overload and it is constant, never letting up.
    We need to be able to turn it off, give our spirit a break, a chance to be calm, to find our place to create. That process is different for all of us but now, more than ever, I think we need to find the stillness a take a deep breath. Strength comes from that place. There is a lot more in the world than bad news.

    Thanks for the reminder.

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