Fangirl Friday: share some love

Hey, all–

Well, this has been a shitty, tragic week. Tacked on to other tragic days and the continued buckets of fuck that emanate from D.C.

I was on the road and I’ve been on several deadlines this week, too, but damn. I just didn’t have it in me to fangirl over anything, even though fandoms are what I use to escape.

I felt guilty this week about escaping, because I wanted to be present for the horrible, and to acknowledge it and grieve it and reach out to loved ones about it, to assure myself that I’m still here, that they’re still here, that even in the bleakest of times we can find it within ourselves to live and love. So I was present. And I realized that even my fandoms were present, that they, too, were dealing with and acknowledging the crap all around us.

And that’s when I realized the importance of fangirling. It helps me ground myself. The fandoms I participate in are filled with passionate, amazing people who create amazing art, fiction, memes, costumes, comics, music…everything you could possibly think of. They’re people who have started revolutionary movements with regard to representation; people who reach out to each other on the daily on social media if they sense someone’s hurting and needs a friendly check-in; they’re people who are over-the-top funny, snarky, and achingly creative.

They’re diverse, and a reflection of the world I want to live and work in.

They’re global, and can bridge differences so that you find yourself talking to someone from another country like you’re old friends.

They’re beautiful, and filled with drama and angst and pain and love and light and humor.

They’re the embodiment of the human spirit, and they can prop you up when all you want to do is lie down and let the dirt of this terrible, brutal world blow into your wounds.

I have found solace in fandoms and in the act of fangirling. They’ve inspired me to keep creating even when I feel that nothing I do makes any kind of difference or is worth anyone’s attention. They remind me that the act of creating is itself an act of rebellion and joy, and that even in the darkest of times, we must continue to feed the spark within.

Would you like to share your escape routes? If you have fandoms or books or comics or movies or TV shows or combos of those and they bring you solace and joy, please share them in the comments so others can find them, too.

In other words, share some love. We can all use it.

Happy Friday and may The Force be with you.


  1. Thank you, Andi. It has indeed been a rough week. I am fortunate to have found these incredible women authors who provide me with a wonderful and much needed method of escape. My wife is reading the Jericho series by Ann McMan. It is so pleasant to sit beside her and hear her chuckling over a scene. I am amazed with those of you who have other jobs and still find the time and motivation to write. I have been addicted to these reading groups for several years and appreciate the research done to create these books. I do have a few favorite authors and will mention a few in no particular order (wink): Andi Marquette, Lyn Ames, Kim Baldwin, Joan Opyr, Katherine Forrest, J. M. Redmann, Ellen Hart, Georgia Beers, Rachel Spangler, Robbi McCoy, Gerri Hill, Chris Paynter, Laurie Salzler… One of the mini-frustrations I have is that by the time I get my VISA bill, I have usually already read the books. And we have a small house with few storage places. We end up donating books to the local Friends of the Library or our independent co-op bookstore, Box Car Books. So please keep up the research, the writing, the fangirl Fridays, the caring and supportive posts on FB. I need you.

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  2. Wait, did I miss something?? “…continued buckets of fuck that emanate from DC” What is happening now? And is it comic, movie, or television?
    ‘please don’t say television, please don’t say television…’

    Also, thank you for your calm words and insight. Reading and entertainment have always been an escape for me. Other worlds that can be happier, or where there may be drama and angst but they are not MY drama and angst. Stories that have the happy endings that some people never get… Thank you.


  3. I crochet blankets to escape. I watch TCM or, if it’s dick flick week, the Food Network, with my bifocals on so I can switch from the crochet needle in my hands to the film noir/comedy adventure/musical intrigue…. so, yeah.

    I think about the person I’m making the blanket for with every stitch. My spouse, daughters, grandchildren, and now great-grands may never know it, but they’re wrapped up in my loving thoughts and best wishes.

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  4. You are so right. I think that it is the very existence of fandoms that make me smile inside. That the worlds we love were created by people and that others respond so positivily and loyally to them, well, that gives me hope. Art and literature and culture seem more vital than ever because in this arena that we can reach an understanding of each other at a really meaningful level even when all else fails.

    Thank you for pointing me to this realization and for renewing my hope.


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