Broken Hearts are Pink by KD Williams (plus a FREE book!)

Hey all! The amazing and awesome KD Williamson is stepping up to the virtual mic here at Women and Words today. She has a new release, Pink, and she’s here to tell us all about it. Also, she’s got a fabulous contest going on where you can win your very own copy. You can enter your very own self if you click on this magic link.

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My first broken heart pre-dates my wife and any woman, actually. I was in high school and there was this very pretty boy I had a huge crush on. I was the geeky kid who always raised her hand to answer questions, and I learned soon enough that my best friend was more his type.

I thought I was devastated, but I got over it.

My second broken heart kicked me in the ass. I got to watch the woman I still loved fall in love bit by bit with someone else before I had a chance to cut ties and move away. I had to start over in another state with barely any money in my pocket. So, I got the first job I could find working as a cashier at an adult book store. I think minimum wage was six bucks back then. That’s all I got to smile and sell dildos, vibrators, poppers and various other fun items as well as deal with being propositioned on a daily basis.landscape-1461841954-broken-heart

Things were interesting at times. Not gonna lie.

To make matters even worse, my ex stole money from me and called at the worst times, just when I was taking steps toward healing. With the help of good friends and time, I got over that broken heart too. I’m not gonna bullshit you. It took a while.

After several failed attempts at dating, I was ready to give up and be content with being by myself for a little while when I pretty much got hit by a mack truck. She’s been running over me every day since, and I don’t mind at all.

I don’t know anyone that hasn’t suffered a broken heart. It’s painful as all get out, and as individuals we all deal with it in different ways. In Pink, my latest work out October 18th, Shawnna Green’s pain is compounded due to cheating. Since we had something in common, I dug deep and tapped a vein to kinda bleed out for you guys on the page.


Shawn and I have yet another similarity, working at an adult book store, but shit, I wish my experiences at my job were half as funny and rich as hers. Truth is greater than fiction my ass. Stumpy’s Sex Emporium is in a class by itself. Regardless, Shawn finds herself knee deep in the human condition, and in her attempts to find a sense of self, she gets stuck in a loop perpetuated by her own behavior. Her experiences are at times, sexy, warm, toxic and funny. There are situations where all four descriptors are apropos simultaneously.

In my humble opinion, as the writer, this story comes down to one thing: after dealing with heart break and cheating, a person has to learn to love self and be fulfilled before reaching out again. Shawn’s journey toward self actualization is rocky at best even though she has someone loyal in her corner.

Is this my own personal story? No, it’s not, but is a personal story.

KD is a born and bred Southerner. She has the accent to prove it. The most important thing, the best thing she did this year was getting married. She’s a writer first and a geek second, which include video games, TV, and all things Marvel. She has worked with mentally challenged kids and their families for over ten years and still does.



  1. Oh I know this feeling well. Even 7 months after getting dumped, my heart still aches. The curse(?) of not falling in love easily is not being able to fall back out of love easily either.

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    • Yeah, I can imagine after that second heart break I couldn’t even write for a while but after some time I got it back.


  2. Sounds very relatable- am trying to download it onto my Kindle as I type, here in Australia, but it won’t let me buy it?? What the hell : /
    Any suggestions? Thanks, G


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