A reader’s perspective on….Seriously. This one has spoilers!

Finishing off the theme of reading outside our usual for this month I am going to talk about books that require a conscientious effort to pick up because I know there is going to be a plot twist in it that I absolutely hate. And because it is somewhat of a reveal and I would HATE to think that I ruined an author’s story I am going to give this little intro and if it sort of clicks as to what I’m talking about please don’t read further so as not to ruin any stories that I think are pretty amazing.

So here’s my little summary. I like movies. Usually I rent them or find them on subscriptions I have such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, but I think they are a fun way to spend an evening and can create some wonderful conversations. For the most part I can count on my hands movies that I haven’t finished watching, I mean if the cast is good and the blurb is enticing then I’ll watch it. And to narrow the field down even more if it has lesbian content then I am sure to watch the whole thing, first to be supportive of the concept and second because I can usually relate in some way. Not so much with the most horrible movie I have ever started watching- The Kids are Alright. That is the first movie that I ever stood up in the theater and walked out. I don’t know how anyone could think it was a good story and all it did for me was make me furious! Especially when the mostly hetero (I’m assuming) crowd in the theater kept laughing at the fact that one of the female leads kept being unfaithful to her wife and sleeping with a man! The whole concept was wrong, not humorous in the slightest and was incredibly offensive.

Now with that thought in mind, please consider if you want to continue reading as there are spoilers in the next segment and I really, REALLY don’t want to ruin an author’s hard work.

Please be sure.

Ok. So the idea of infidelity, for me, doesn’t line up with my “normal” when picking up a story to read.  As I’ve implied, inferred, outright stated, I like happy stuff. Infidelity doesn’t really sit in that category so when talking about reading outside my typical sub-genre I have to not force, but strongly fortify myself to delve into these stories. In our wonderful collection of LesFic, I feel that I have been very lucky in regards to these stories are wonderfully written and have strong characters and a very specific message.

For example, the first one I read was R. E. Bradshaw’sBefore It Stains by [Bradshaw, R. E. ] Before It Stains. I was lucky enough to be involved with an on-line discussion where we could bombard R. E. with questions about the story and it was a great experience. From that discussion and then reading the book (I know that sounds backwards!) the story made it clear that love is worth fighting for, but it is just that- a fight. No not the fist comes out and the yelling starts, but a fight where you head into it and you don’t let anyone knock you off course. You have to be strong in yourself and always fight to know your partner and how best to support her. Because when that starts to slide the communication breaks down. It takes two people to make a relationship and it takes two people to end one.

Tides of Passion, The - eBookSimilarly in Tides of Passion by Diana Tremain Braund communication has broken down and without communication how can you find those connecting points with your partner? The characters in this one delve into that concept of finding those connecting points even when they are outside the relationship. And it definitely explores the idea of being happy who is responsible for that happiness. An individual shouldn’t be fighting for something they don’t believe in and Diane Tremain Braund does an exceptional job of using the plot of the struggle between environmental preservation and economic growth and development as a wonderful background for that message.

I think the story that broke my heart the most was Georgia Beers’ Olive Oil and White Bread by [Beers, Georgia]Olive Oil and White Bread. Mostly because I was given a happy ever after. In like chapter two. But that is what makes Georgia Beers’ so brilliant as an author. She took the HEA and aged it. And talk about connecting with characters! Geez, who doesn’t want to have the support of their partner as they change jobs, buy a house and face all the other challenges that life throws at you. But just because that support is always been there doesn’t mean it should be taken for granted and if you don’t pay attention the important things are missed and well…just bring out the box of tissues.

I actually wrote to Diane Marina when I started reading her wonderful contemporary romance,  How Still My Love: A Contemporary Romance by [Marina, Diane]How Still My Love. I just couldn’t put myself through that relationship struggle at the time and I think it took me close to two months to come back to it and finish. I am so glad that I did, because it was so well written! The message was something that we all need to be given not once, but repeatedly as we continue to fight for our lives, our loves and our relationships. Ultimately we are responsible for our own happiness and we can contribute to other’s happiness and hopefully we do but we can’t be there only source. And if keeping something that will have a huge impact on a relationship inside and not clearly and truthfully expressing those feelings then that happiness will not survive no matter how much love is in the relationship.

So talk to each other dang it! These stories are wonderful and will touch your heart and dehydrate you with all the tears, but in the end this can be a reality of any relationship if we don’t communicate. Please read them if you fore-went my warnings of spoilers as they are wonderfully well written and each message will give you something amazing to think about. The best part is if you implement those messages your relationship will benefit from it!

Now, tell me LesFic reader’s what are your thoughts on infidelity in stories? And please give me more to read! Which stories have you read and appreciated for the message they shared?


  1. Hate it! But, it happens, in real life, and therefore, I suppose, should be reflected in some stories. However, when reading for escapism, I prefer HEA.

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    • I totally get that Mercedes Lewis, escapism with a HEA. Though some of these authors still provide that ending and doing it really, really well! I just love this genre and how talented all of our authors are at bringing, as you say, real life to us. Thanks so much for reading!!


  2. Does She Love You by Rachel Spangler. It took me at least a month and a half to read it. Like you, infidelity is hard for me to read but if I have a trust built with that author it helps. I was so glad I read this as it ended up having a deeper affect on than I thought it would. Great story and characters.

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    • I like that thought a LOT Brooke- a trust with the author. That is important and i so agree that this topic can really have an affect on actual life. I know I try not to take my relationship for granted especially after reading these types of stories. Thanks for reading!!


  3. I understand the need for HEA, but if you limit your choices, don’t you feel that you’ve been reading the same story over and over again? Wouldn’t books get boring after a while of reading predictable endings?

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  4. I’ll second Does She Love You by Rachel Spangler. Gorgeous book. I look forward to reading the ones you listed that I haven’t yet read. Infidelity is a fascinating topic. To me it is a shades of grey issue – how it is defined is set by each couple, the reasons for it are myriad, and recovery (if chosen) differs.

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    • Ann that is beautifully stated and why I appreciate the authors who have shared this topic in their stories- though it may take me longer to read the story! Thanks for reading!!


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