Been There Done That

Halloween Eve? The date completely took me by surprise and that shows you how reclusive I have been the last couple of months.  Apart from and in addition to being unplugged – I haven’t even been in the stores to see which holiday was approaching by whatever hype happens to be on display.

The last five years we’ve rented here – the first three I had to chase kids down to give them candy as two blocks in either direction had no porch lights on.

Last year, there were no kids around TO chase down and this  year my porch light is broken – or I have to replace the bulb – one of the two! And really, I’m okay with that.



Blessed Be on this Samhain Holiday.


Before I forget – and that’s a daily sometimes hourly event: HAPPY NANOWRIMO!

Here is my link to the beginning madness that is November for writers – I would write a new one – but don’t think I can top it. Sometimes it’s nice to forget things – so now when I read it – it’s like brand new and makes me laugh. That can be a good thing, right? Enjoy.

NaNo Ninja Emapth 

AAAND for those who know me well….  There IS a point hidden in the trivia.

Forgetfulness – memory loss, airheadedness…. (Yes, I know it’s not an actual word.)

I really should start making spreadsheets – for all of the blogs I’ve written and then forgotten I’ve written.  How many times have I told ya’ll the same stories? Brought you through the same cyclic emotional turmoil year after year?

That’s actually a little scary for me! Best not to think about that right now. I’ll forget it when I publish this blog…

As I told you last week – I’m still buried in my book, Paradigm – I’m still sitting at the kitchen table with it – and I’m still on the home stretch.

Or am I?

All this weekend  I scribbled away on my legal yellow pads congratulating myself on my latest spike of inspiration to get me down the magic words, “the end.”

I puffed my chest out and strutted around the house like an accomplished author who was proud of the way she’d woven her story – and ecstatic I’d found the key to wrapping up the complicated story that I and my characters wanted to tell ya’ll.

Whoo – hoo!  What an AWESOME idea to tie everything together! I ran with it and wrote several scenes into an entire chapter. LOVED this idea it was GREAT. More bootie dancing commenced.

Last night I was lying in bed and I continued congratulating myself on finding the key.  The best idea ever to wrap up my story. 

(That’s how I think – in bold font and exclamation marks… LOL)

But bedtime can be an authors nightmare as well.  It’s the place where the outside stuff that distracts you is gone and it’s just me and my thoughts.

Uh, oh. Um. Wait.

A teensy weensy bit of memory slipped into my consciousness.

And I cried when I heard the voice.

OF COURSE it was a good idea – you ass – you’ve already used it!

(And won an award for it.)

It’s funny on one hand – it really is – but I’m REALLY glad that little voice intruded and reminded me before you did.

So – that’s my been there done that story today. 

AND now – back to the drawing board for the last chapters of Paradigm!

Hopefully, I’ll plug back in sometime this week – the longer I’m away the harder it seems to do so – but I will truly make an effort.

Have an awesome day!


  1. Good to hear from you, Yvonne. And you can tell me the same stories any time you want – you tell them so well. ❤


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