Hot off the Press and Coming Attractions, Nov.-Dec. 2017

You guys. WTF. Here we were coming up on DECEMBER. Which means there is a f*ck-ton (Women and Words official measureument) of stuff going on in addition to this book list. *cough HOOTENANNY cough*

Also, at some point, I hope my down under friends will invite me there to experience a summer-time holiday season, because I think it would be AWESOME to be in shorts running around on the beach for this particular holiday SO WTF BRING ME DOWN I WILL TOTALLY COOK FOR YOU.



So you can start getting your book lists together, don’t you know.

Also, we are not omniscient. I know you think that (thanks!), but it’s just not even close to being true. So if you know of a book coming out soon that you think should be on this list or a forthcoming list, let us know at the CONTACT link. Make sure you include in your subject line something obvious, like, “BOOK TO ADD TO YOUR LISTS” and please try to provide a link to the book in question. It helps me and Jove, because we’re easily confused. Heh. Thanks!

Happy pre-holiday reading, all y’all.