A side of laughter to go with that please!

A reader’s perspective of being done with the holidays already!

Laughter doesn’t fix all situations (or maybe any) but it sure can make a person feel better that is for sure. Maybe that is why I liked Chandler Bing so much on the TV show Friends. He used humor to perfection in his communication with, well pretty much everyone. And at this point in the holidays if we don’t get a little humor going, it’s going to make for a long season of joy and happiness.

So for anyone who dealt with a weekend full of political debate and need a breather from stupidity and more stupidity my holiday recommendation is to curl up with Colette Moody’sParties in Congress by [Moody, Colette] Parties in Congress. It’s a hilarious story of putting the right person in the right position. Or basically winning one for us! I absolutely loved how stable and straightforward the incumbent candidate, Colleen O’Bannon is and only wish I could hold her up as an example of what government should be founded on. However, it was the escapades of the republican parties campaign that had me grabbing for tissues after laughing so hard I started crying. This story will definitely make all your holiday-political-conversation woes better.

And then there is the unexpected and possibly unwanted surprise visits from relatives. That can always create a wonderful dynamic in the household. And if you suffered through this circumstance then my holiday recommendation would be to enjoy some humor (sarcastic and otherwise) in Kona Dreams by Shari J. Berman where Freddie just can’t catch a break from her ex-husband. I loved the overall circumstances Freddie (yes a woman!) and Stephanie found themselves in and the conversation was incredibly witty! If you haven’t read this one and have an interest I have a second copy that I would be willing to send to someone in the US. Just a leave a comment below indicating such and if there are multiple requests I could do a drawing maybe. BUT regardless, this will bring some laughter to your own holiday season of unexpected visitors.

Stranded by [Cooper, Blayne]Of course there are always the holiday travels that just have such potential both for fun and amazing memories as well as unbelievable disaster- I’m talking more than just forgetting the toothbrush and underwear disaster too! I’m talking missed connections, horrible weather, non-existent reservations and the likes. And if such a disaster comes your way, then take comfort in Blayne Cooper’s Stranded where Rachel, Nora and Miranda have a true “bonding adventure.” As all of Blayne Cooper’s stories are likely to do, I was getting stomach cramps from laughing so hard! It is a great way to shed some of those traveling blues and to just know, regardless of how bad your travel experience is, it probably isn’t as bad as theirs!

Here’s hoping all of your holidays are filled with laughter and joy! And if there isn’t enough laughter let me know and I’ll find you a story that will make all your troubles better!



  1. Nice post. ‘Parties in Congress’ sounds great. I’m off in search of that one now! Fortunately, I’ve never had to bear the surprise relative in addition to the ones I’m already surrounded by.

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  2. Parties on Congress is a fun book, making politics seem not so horrible as what we’re dealing with now; Kona Dreams sounds good also, I’d like to throw my name into the drawing hat. Thanks for offering up your extra copy.

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  3. Parties in Congress was excellent an definitely funny. I’ll have to check out the other two. Although it doesn’t fit the holiday theme, Colette Moody’s The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin is absolutely hysterical.

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  4. Thanks for the blog Erin. Yeah, Moody is great! Robin Alexander is also someone I got to in order to lift my mood. Sorry I missed the give away, but I’ll look for the two other books you suggested.


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