Catching Up

It’s my Monday!  Good morning.

I hope that you all had a wonderful day with family and friends to be grateful for. I sure did.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, Sandy decided to decorate this weekend for Christmas. It’s funny how we hold on to our traditions and how we notice how different our Holidays were when we were growing up.

For instance: Sandy’s family decorated Thanksgiving weekend – and in my family, we decorated two weeks before Christmas. Though I’m not sure if that was because my mother worked long hours for little pay and that’s when she had the time.

I’m pretty sure their tree was big and beautiful while my mom always bought the Charlie Brown tree. A little quirk I also had when my kids were growing up. “Aw, this poor little tree won’t get to celebrate this year, and no body else wants it.”  I now realize I have applied all kinds of emotions onto inanimate objects!

And I hear these words a lot: “Yvonne, you’re projecting again.” LOL

They opened gifts on the Eve – and although we opened one gift on the Eve, we opened our on Christmas day.

Their family made lists and got every single thing on them.  And you can guess – it didn’t happen that way in my house.  It becomes weird when we shop together – and I’m so surprised she really does buy everything on them.  For me, it’s ingrained to get the best deal whether or not it’s on one.

I do, however, give great gifts – it just happens that I buy things people don’t know they want until they get it! I have a little rolodex in my mind that remembers things people mention in passing throughout the year. Or, I notice what they have in their house and buy things that correlate.  I think it’s a gift that comes with Empathy.  Of course, with my little memory lapses now, we’ll see how well that works in the future.

Case in point: Sandy’s birthday is today and I bought her a little drone. The look on her face was priceless 🙂  Happy birthday, honey.

For many years, Christmas has been a horrible holiday for me to “get through.” Since the loss of my daughter, Dezi, it became a memory bomb that haunted me.

I believe it’s been the last couple of years that the veil came off and I realized I was robbing my wife of happy memories for a decade. Talk about being in a self-absorbed cave.

I’m not proud of that. But I can say I’ve changed it.  Maybe that’s why she’s decorating the day after Thanksgiving! I find myself caught up in her excitement – and that could only be a good thing.


I wish you all a very happy holiday –  however you celebrate it.  And I also wish you the very happiest new year.

How did everyone do on the NaNoWriMo? I know there’s three days left – and I didn’t hit my 50,000. I’m probably not going to since I’ve done just about half of that. Hope can spring eternal 🙂

So, that’s my catch up and I won’t see you again until next year!  Can you believe it?

Don’t forget the Hootenanny is near upon us – and we invite you to participate and win all kinds of cool books.

Have a great day!

I also would like to say goodbye to David Cassidy.  I was one of those girls who had him plastered on my walls and owned every Tiger Beat with him on the cover. Thanks for the puppy love hopes. I wish his family peace.



  1. Interesting how the different holiday experiences influenced you both. And how you bring them together to make your own holiday. It’s kind of like that for me and my partner too but looking back over thirty Christmases together it’s hard to distinguish what came from where. But we still have the “I remember in our house…” conversations. I suppose once that happens the traditions live on.
    It must have been hard for you to come out of the cave of your awful loss. I wouldn’t call such grieving self-obsession. A tragedy like that has to take a terrible toll. Wishing you strength and grace to help you find the merriment and laughter you so rightfully share with your Sandy now.
    Oh, and about that Empathy. Let me know if you ever get around to bottling it. I never know what to buy anyone. Haven’t a clue. My poor girlfriend has had some of the most atrocious presents over the years, always accepting them graciously with a smile. She’s a lot better at it. Funnily enough, she asked me if I wanted a drone the other day.
    I did well at NaNo, up to 57,000 as we speak. Well done for what you did achieve. It’s all good. Thanks for the blog.

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  2. I happily call myself the Xmas Grinch (a childhood of endless difficult family gatherings took their toll on me), and the commercialisation completely sucks, but I have no idea how you could ever recover from the loss of a daughter. I think you are utterly allowed to find it ‘horrible.’ And I’m certain your wife understood and respected that; no doubt her Empathy is as good as yours. Blessings on you all for this coming season; it’s hot here in Australia, and I am going to sit by my friend’s creek on the big day, and try to catch the turtles in the shadows of the gumtrees, G

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