All the things…are happening

HI, peeps!


So Jove and are I up to our necks in Hootenanny prep along with a bunch of other things going on (like, for example, the publication of Gill McKnight’s latest, Little Dip), and this time of year I freak the hell out because OMG THERE ARE ALL THESE THINGS I HAVE TO DO OMG SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME AND MAGICALLY DO ALL THE THINGS I CAN’T EVEN PLEASE SAVE ME WTF.

Like that.

So here we are on the first of December, and I’m doing a reminder for all y’all, because of the bizzy and to give everybody a heads-up.

THE HOOTENANNY BEGINS TUESDAY DECEMBER 12. This giant-ass crazy giveaway runs all the way to DECEMBER 23.

What that means is that we will not be doing regular Women and Words postings during that time and we probably won’t be doing podcasts, either. Although we might do one in the middle, depending on whether our heads are still attached or not. But given that all we’re doing is Hootenanny-ing, there’s no round-up to be had, so it’s probably best not to expect a podcast.

Once the Hootenanny is finished, we all take a few days off. So Women and Words will be in recuperation Dec. 24-26, most likely, and then we’ll slowly get our shit back together. LOL

So that’s part of what we’re up to.

In the meantime, what holiday songs would you like re-done and posted with the Hootenanny this year? Lord knows what Tucker’s getting up to, but he does like to change the words to holiday songs, as you know.

So if you have any you’d like re-done by an eggnog-besotted merry elf, post ’em in the comments!

And get ready. The Hootenanny approaches…

Happy Friday!


    • Yikes! Yes, it is. We closed donations Nov. 15th. For those not in the know, we start collecting donations mid-September, and the form was up from then until Nov. 15. We have to have a cut-off, because otherwise it would be way too out of control (moreso than it already is). But remember, we do giveaways all year ’round, so if you’d like to guest blog and do a giveaway in the upcoming year, please do! And stay tuned for next year’s Hootenanny!


  1. Thank you for all that you do! You all are amazing. I look forward to the HOOTENANNY, as always.
    I would love to see/hear what the elves do with Santa Baby this year!

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  2. Woohoo you two are all kids of awesome. Thank you both for an awesome year of good times and learning a shit-ton of stuff. i would love too see what Tucker could do with All I want for Christmas is YOU…….Keep up the good work Andi!!!!!!! 🙂

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  3. This is my first Hootenanny and I’m excited because you all are excited. Can’t wait to see what it actually is. I have loved discovering Woman and Words this year. Sheer Bloody Genius.

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