When Environmental Activism becomes Romantic Erotica by Layla Holiday (Plus a FREE e-book)

Happy Sunday, folks! Today we have author Layla Holiday with us. She writes some smokin’ hot erotica and wants to share with all of you. Drop a comment in the space below to enter the drawing for the first two e-books in her Cops Gone Wild series, Cuffs & Protests and My Inner Dom. I’ll draw the winner on Friday, December 8.

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The Northern Rivers of New South Wales, Australia, is famous for environmental activism. On any given day you’ll find hippies, farmers, nannas, surfers, indigenous elders, lawyers, artists, doctors and children standing together, linking arms, in an effort to stop some multinational corporation clearing the forest or building a McDonalds or mining for minerals. Cuffs & Protests was inspired by those moments when one’s fundamental ethics clash with other aspects of their lives.

The only thing Kat Kody loves more than being a cop is her smart, sexy, passionate girlfriend Elle, who has spent months on end protesting against an evil corporation drilling for gas in the pristine sub-tropics. The tension is palpable when Kat’s riot squad plans to swarm Elle’s protest and usher the miners onto the site.

‘Sorry I’m late,’ I say, kissing Elle’s forehead. We agreed to meet at that Thai place on Woodlark Street. She’s already eating a samosa, dripping with hot chilli sauce.

She looks up at me and I feel my expression soften. ‘I miss you,’ I tell her, my voice just above a whisper.

‘I know,’ she says with her mouth still full.

I roll my eyes and she laughs. I do miss her, she’s been camping out at Bentley, almost every night, for the past two months. Her hair is slightly sun-bleached and messy, her clothes look ragged and I notice dirt under her fingernails.

‘How’s it going out there?’

‘It’s intense.’

‘I can imagine,’ I say, noticing how alert and clear her rich-brown eyes appear. How does she become more breathtaking every day? I silently ask myself.

‘Today people are banging on about George’s son, Stuart, having been employed as a Metgasco salesman for two years. As if it’s some wild discovery. Of course, the rest of us have known that for ages. That he’s actually been working for Metgasco for five years, trying to convince farmers to sell their land and whatnot.’

‘I know,’ I say. ‘Babe, listen … I have—’ she doesn’t let me finish.

‘I wish you could be there Kat, it’s so wild but efficient and organised. Apparently 6,000 more protesters are going to arrive tomorrow, you know, because of the—’ she trails off, her gaze drops and she begins folding her napkin. Her cheekbones are irresistible. I want to forget about tomorrow and let my hand wander up her skirt.

‘The cops have been getting forceful,’ she says, not looking up from her origami napkin.

’I know babe,’ I say. I never imagined that our professions could come between us. A lawyer and a cop. But that was before she started working at the Environmental Defenders Office. ‘I wish I could be there, beside you too,’ I tell her, ‘but that’s the thing, that’s what we need to talk about.’

‘What is it,’ she says. The teary jerk in her voice suggests she knows what I am about to say.

I swallow hard. ‘Listen, you know that I support you completely, I’m proud of what you stand for, of what you’re doing out there,’ I reach over and put my hand on hers. ‘I’m going to be at Bentley tomorrow, but in uniform.’

She yanks her hand away but holds my gaze, as if waiting for me to tell her I’m only kidding. I say nothing. ’Fuck you Kat,’ she says quietly. Then stands and walks away. I notice she has lost weight too. I throw $20 on the counter and follow her out into the street.

Cuffs & Protests is book one of the Cops Gone Wild series. The conflict shapeshifts yet continues throughout book two, My Inner Dom, when Kat’s kinky past comes back to haunt her.

Award winning—Brazilian based—Australian writer, Layla Holiday spends most days writing lesbian erotica by the pool, eating açaí and letting her dirty mind run wild.


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