Your Hootenanny Primer!

Hi, kids!

I was going to fangirl over one of my fave Christmas movies, but I’ve been inundated with elves, eggnog, reindeer, pizza, and various hijinks. I’ll fangirl over that movie after the cray that is the Hootenanny: DEC. 12-23!

ALSO, because of the cray that is this event, we will not be posting updated coming attractions/hot off the press book lists until after it ends. So yes, they’ll be late this month, but I think you’ll be okay. Trust me.

SO! Here’s the deal.

The Hootenanny cranks up TUESDAY DECEMBER 12 (or 12 December, for those of non-U.S. persuasions). It will run all the way to the 23rd. The 23rd is the last day.

EACH DAY’S BOOK LISTS ARE OPEN FROM 9 AM EST US TO 10 PM EST US. We shut down as promptly as possible and immediately do the drawings.

EACH DAY IS A NEW CONTEST, WITH NEW PRIZES. Which means you need to enter each and every day if you want to be considered for a day’s swag n’ booty. Don’t just enter on the first day and think you’re good to go for the whole thing. That is NOT the case, because each day has different books available. So you need to enter each day if you’re interested in the goodies.

To enter each drawing, all you have to do is leave a comment on that day’s list. PLEASE make sure you include a valid email address in the comment fill-out form (NOT in the comment body). That’s how we contact you.

ONE ENTRY PER PERSON PER DAY. What that means is, we will count ONE of your comments. Feel free to chat up other people posting and have some fun with it. Don’t worry; we’re only counting one of your comments as your entry, so go make new friends, check in with old ones, and have fun in the comments to your heart’s content after you post your initial comment for the drawing.

CHECK YOUR SPAM FILTER. We do the drawings right after we close up for the evening and we notify winners as soon as we draw the names. THEN we post the winners’ names next to the prize each won. IF YOU SEE YOUR NAME LISTED BUT YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED AN EMAIL FROM US, CHECK YOUR SPAM FILTER. If you still don’t see an email from us, drop us a line at the Women and Words CONTACT page and we’ll figure it out.

CHECK THE PREVIOUS DAY’S LIST TO SEE IF YOU WON. Every year, we have people who win something but don’t respond to our emails and don’t check the lists of previous days to see if they won. And they often keep on entering on other days even though they’ve won and haven’t collected their prizes. So please help us to help you get your prize and check the lists of the previous days if you don’t regularly check your email.

We will repeat these instructions ad nauseum throughout the event, so you’re covered. 🙂

All right, that’s the scoop. We launch TUESDAY DECEMBER 12 and all other Women and Words business is pretty much suspended until it’s over.

This is it, kids. Have fun and share the luv. This can be a rough time of year for lots of people and we hope that this event helps mitigate some of that and helps remind people that there’s magic in giving and sharing and spreading some good cheer. Yeah, the world is a giant steaming bucket of f*ck. We get it. But let’s remember to breathe and laugh, to live and love. We could all use a lot of that right now.

Happy Friday, and see you soon…


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    Who likes free books and other cool stuff? Uh huh, thought so! Hootenanny 2017 is starting over at Women and Words on Tuesday, the 12th. Enter every day by commenting on that days post for a chance to be in the drawing for the books and swag being given away that day. I’ve been entering for a few years now and I’ll be contributing books as well again this year. Dozens of other authors and some publishers also donate…all for your reading pleasure.

    Don’t forget to visit and comment every day for a chance to win!

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  2. WOOHOO So excited about this and so happy that both you an Jove take the time out of your busy schedules to do this for all of us……….:-)


  3. Fo shizzle…I cannot wait!

    And just for you,
    Hootenanny Haiku

    There once was an elf named Tucker
    Who was a mischievous little…sucker
    When the holidays would roll around
    He’d cavort about town
    Gifting books and swearing like a trucker

    Hootenanny Haiku Part Deux

    There once was a book-themed hootenanny
    Giving away novels in a way most uncanny
    Their mascot was Tucker
    A rambunctious little…sucker
    Known best for selfies and stealing panties

    Cotton (And no, that is not how you pronounce my name. Looking at you Andi & Jove!)
    K. Aten

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  4. Thank you thank you thank you for bringing my favorite part of the season back again! This is awesome fun every day of the Hootenanny. Winning something just adds an extra bit of fun to it. So I’ll be here every day enjoying the awesomeness, happy, win something or not.


  5. I love this endeavor of yours every year! So generous, because I know the organization and production must be incredibly time-consuming. Thank you for demonstrating the true spirit of the season! You’re letting your light shine. ❤


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