Hootenanny 2017 – Day 1





OMG you guys. The merry elves have been ready to go for a while. Tucker has been doing his preparation things (I never know for sure what exactly he’s up to, but I’m sure it’s…well, whatever) and we’ve got the pizza delivery place on standby and we’ve stockpiled shit-tons (official Women and Words measurement) of eggnog and peppermint (elf fuel). The reindeer are into pizza and popcorn, which is fine by us. We’ve got that ready to go, too.

Elves…elves on a plane…Tucker is on his way to the Hootenanny!

Welcome, friends, to HOOTENANNY 2017! All of you, whether you’ve been here before or this is your first time, we’re glad you’re here and having a bit of holiday respite from whatever it is that ails you (and yes, we know…take a number on that). But no worries! You’re among friends, now, and we are all about sharing the luv and fun. So grab your eggnog (don’t let the elves see) and a bunch of chocolate and maybe a pizza or two and have some happy fun times!

First things first. THANK YOU, JOVE, FOR YOUR AWESOME BANNERS! You guys, Jove does the banners every year. Are they not sexy-time? Show her some luv. 🙂

And THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, authors and publishers, for your amazing, heartfelt, and beautiful generosity. We couldn’t do this without you, and we are always so humbled every year, to see the awesome that this event unleashes. It’s all on you, friends. Thank you.

And of course, THANK YOU to readers, because without you, what the hell is the point? THERE IS NO POINT. Without you, we wouldn’t be here. This is for you, and for everyone wanting to hang out on our virtual porch and engage in some happy fun times and share some luv. Welcome.

So here’s how this works, in case you’re new ’round here.


  • Every day is a new giveaway. All different prizes. That means that in order to get in on it, you must enter each and every day. Don’t just enter on Day 1 and think OH I AM FINE FOR THE REST I WILL NOW GO LIE DOWN FOR A FEW DAYS AND DROWN MY SORROWS IN EGGNOG AND CANDY CANES NOOOOOOOOOOOOO my friends. Come back EVERY DAY to play.
  • To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on the day’s blog. That’s it. Easy-peasy.
  • One entry per person per day. Have all the convos you want (we encourage chatting and getting to know your virtual neighbors), but we’ll only count 1 of your comments.
  • Make sure you provide a valid email address in the comment fill-out form. NOT IN THE COMMENT BODY. To ensure the ice giants from the No-Fun Zone don’t appropriate your email, PLEASE DO NOT POST YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS OPENLY IN THE COMMENTS. But do make sure you include a valid email address in the comment fill-out form. That’s how we contact winners, and that’s how authors and publishers will hook you up with your swag.
  • Each day’s blog is up from 9 AM EST through 10 PM EST US time (here’s your world clock so you know when you are).
  • We give the books and swag away in the order in which they appear on the page. So for example the first name we draw for the day wins the first item. The second the second. And so on. That keeps us from losing our collective minds if we tried to do selective drawings and all of that.
  • We do the drawings right after we close for the day and we notify winners within 30-60 minutes of that drawing. Seriously. We do. Hard to believe that Jove, Andi, and the merry elves can get it together like that, but they do. Cuz they luuuuuuv you.
  • We also post the winners’ names each day next to the prize they won, so if you see your name there but you haven’t received an email from us, CHECK YOUR SPAM FILTER. Every year we have people’s email accounts bury our emails in the dreaded purgatory of spam-land. So keep that in mind.
  • If you see your name in the winner’s list but you haven’t gotten an email from us and you don’t see one in your spam filter, drop us an email at the Contact page here on the site and we will totally help you. We’re friendly like that.
  • We put the author in touch with you, so your goodies will be coming direct from the author or publisher. Women and Words will handle the other swag.
  • Postage — we know. It sucks that this is so expensive. If an author is offering paperbacks, we will specify where the author is willing to ship. Almost all are offering ebook options, too, so you should still be good to go. 🙂

And authors, if your book is listed below in the day’s booty, please do not enter the day’s drawing. Because that’s just icky, to win your own book. We’re sure you already have copies of it somewhere.

Got it? Good!

Let the merriment commence! AND HAPPY HANUKKAH! WOOOO! Today’s the first day! How cool is it that the first day of the Hootenanny coincided with the first day of Hanukkah this year? Pretty dang cool, we think.

(hint: “Let It Snow“)

OOOOOHHHH the elves are outside, it’s frightening
How much eggnog they drink, like lightning
But we’ve got a whole stash more
Let us pour, let us pour, let us pour!

OOOOHHHH we’re stacking the books, no stopping
The reindeer have corn for popping
The music’s turned way up high
And the speakers might fry, might fry

We’ve got plenty of books for you
How we love giving them away
Cuz here at the Hootenanny
Books are free, yes so free, yep FREE

AND NOW! BEHOLD! THE DAY ONE GOODIES! Have fun and good luck!

KC RICHARDSON – Winner Ashley Wilson

A tale of friends to lovers in the midst of heartbreak. Can it succeed? If you win, you’ll find out…1 ebook up for grabs!

HEATHER McVEA – Winner Kris

A train ride…a beautiful woman…magic’s definitely afoot. As in, actual magic. Win and see. 1 ebook.

ISABELLA – Winner Donna

Vahalla is for warriors that die in battle. But what about the ones who don’t have a hero’s death? Where do they go? Win Isabella’s first fantasy novel and find out. ONE EBOOK.

KRIS BRYANT – Winners Gert and Kay D

TWO ebooks up for grabs! A mystery writer is knocked nearly breathless the first time she meets a certain folk singer. Uh-oh…what’ll come of it?

ADAN RAMIE Winners CD and delitealex

Adan has TWO ebook copies of this romance ready for two lucky winners! What happens when Rachel’s friends sign her up for an online dating site? Hijinks, that’s what. Win and see.

JAE – Winner Tineke

You know her. You love her. Multi-award-winning author Jae has ONE ebook of her latest ready for you. A pop star returns to her home town following her father’s stroke. There she meets asexual nurse Holly, and in the midst of a friendship, something deeper could take root.


Gill has ONE ebook copy of this quirky Gill-style romance. Two villages. Hot competition in the cheese and beer fest. One ex who just moved back. What’s a girl to do? Win and see!


Claire has ONE PAPERBACK (will ship anywhere) ready for a winner. Follow Camryn to Los Angeles on a quest to get it together, where she meets someone who could change everything. But this person isn’t out…

MERCEDES LEWIS – Winner spinesinaline

Mercedes brings us a collection of her lush, evocative poetry. ONE EBOOK. Win and join her on a journey of the soul.

SANDRA de HELEN – Winners Colleen Edwards, LJ Reynolds, and JClaireR

Part of the Shirley Combs and Dr. Mary Watson mystery series. Join the sleuths on a case! Sandra has THREE EBOOKS for three lucky winners to get their investigation on!

D.L. KING – Mary Ann

D.L. has ONE PAPERBACK (she’ll ship anywhere) of this kink anthology for those who are feeling particularly naughty this December.

AURORA REY – Winner MB Austin

Awwww, yeah! Aurora’s got ONE ebook copy of this delicious romance between a mystery writer and a NOLA native. But something sinister doesn’t want them together. Win and find out what.


WIN ONE Women and Words T-shirt! WOOOO! We’ve got you covered!


 – Winner Cooper
BLF PRESS has ONE EBOOK copy of A Failure to Communicate (S. Andrea Allen).

 – Winner Sue Champeau
BYWATER BOOKS is offering ONE EBOOK, winner’s choice!

 – Winner Nyssa
ROSE AND STAR PRESS has ONE EBOOK of Big Bad Wolf (Bridget Essex) up for grabs!

 – Winner hark1030
BOLD STROKES BOOKS is offering ONE ebook, WINNER’S CHOICE. Hit the link and check out the awesome. NOTE: BSB will send winnings out after the conclusion of the Hootenanny.

 – Winner Ted
DESERT PALM PRESS is offering ONE EBOOK, winner’s choice. Go see.

 – Winner Kristy D

 – Winner Valden Bush
DIRT ROAD BOOKS is offering ONE EBOOK, winner’s choice, of one of the following titles: Bitteroot Queen (Jove Belle); Friends in High Places (Andi Marquette); Little Dip (Gill McKnight)

  – Winner Denise

 – Winner Louise

 – Winner Ally Suantson
YLVA PUBLISHING is giving away ONE ebook, WINNER’S CHOICE! Here you go. NOTE: Ylva is on holiday until Jan. 8. Winners will receive the goodies after that.


Day 1


  1. Woot Woot!! SO excited to participate again, this year! Let the libations flow, the literary genius glow, and the lesbianism show!!

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  2. Ok, I’m usually not coherent at this time of the morning! But I saw this on Twitter and woke UP immediately! So looking forward to this!! Lesbians, literature and libations… a few of my favorite things!! Bring it!

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  3. And they’re off! Thanks to the authors and publishers for all your stories. Without you where would readers go to escape the realities of this crazy world? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • OH, NOEZ, R.J.! We put out the call mid-September (and began doing reminders) and had it pinned to our home page until Nov. 15, when we closed submissions. Dang it! I have the sadz! Just remember to start watching Women and Words around mid-September (or better yet, subscribe so you can see what’s up) so you can get in on this cray!


  4. I love this time of year. Every email is like a “What’s Tucker and the reindeer been up to?” moment, which brightens up my day, no matter how crappy it’s been.

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  5. Happy holidays and happy hootenanny!!! I’ be joining Tucker on the plane because I’ve already got my ticket and we’ll be getting high off of eggnog together. So many wonderful books for all of the excited readers here!

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  6. Now that Hootenanny is here, it’s time for eggnog.
    Thank you Andi and Jove for putting together hootenanny 2017 and to all of the authors who contributed thank you .

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  7. Fun times to be had!!! Merry Christmas!! Thank you to all the authors that have donated their books. And a big thank you to those of you that run this contest!!!

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  8. I woke up and logged in to Twitter, which is never a joyous way to start the day. But then I remembered…. IT’S DECEMBER 12!!! HOOTENANNYYYYYYYYY!!!!!
    I feel all emotional and stuff, knowing there will be morning happiness waiting for me here every day.
    And I feel all sorts of LOVE for Andi and Jove and all the authors and publishers who participate. THANK YOU.
    I know this is long, but I needed to share my gratefulness to you all for creating this wonderful time for us here.
    Kisses! and Hugs! and Eggnog (LOTS)! and Love to you ALLLL!!!!

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  9. Here comes Tucker Claus, here comes Tucker Claus,
    right down Hootenanny Way
    With eggnog slinging Jove is singing
    and Andi merrily sways
    There gonna draw some books this year
    for all the good girls and boys
    Cuz there’s nothing better than lesfic books
    for all of us to enjoy!

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  10. Happy Hootenanny! How many years have Tucker and the elves been doing the Hootenanny now? I think I’ve been participating since 2012 and I love it. I’ve discovered many great books and authors. It feels like it’s becoming a holiday tradition.

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    • Jove and I were talking about this the other day. I think we got the idea for it around 2012 and I think that was our first (or maybe we started in 2011?) and then both of us had life issues that came up so we didn’t do it in 2013…? Not sure. And then we cranked up again in 2014. And now we just expect to do it every year!

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  11. Congrats Andi, Jove (and Tucker!) on pulling together another awesome Hootenanny!! I’m very pleased to be taking part in my first one ever…. but it will definitely not be my last!!

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  12. As I walk through The gate, I see the sign, Welcome to the Wallops! The Jolt I get is when I see The Set up in The Crescent City Confidential. My body sways in Perfect Rhythm with the Fallen Elements. My New beginnings give Glimpses of a fractured soul which leaves me with an unspeakably Erotic Out. The Illustrious client was seen wearing a shirt with Woman , words and too many publishers to see from a distance.

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  13. Omg, I look forward to this EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR!!! Thanks everyone for making this possible. And, Jove, awesome work on the banners!!! So, here we go. Day #1, yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

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  14. The rescue elves have been waiting to join Tucker all year long! Today they’ve hunkered down around the fire here at the new homestead, making themselves comfy as it’s snowin and blowin here! They have the snowshoes packed and their cross country ski’s waxed up and waiting in case they have to boogie out of here to put out some flaming marshmallows. The hot chocolate is flowing and the tree is twinkling. Happy Hootenanny!!!

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  15. Happy Hootenanny!

    I feel so spoiled by the choice of lesbian books these days, it makes my heart glow!

    Thanks very much to the authors, publishers and wonderful elves.

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    • exactly what I was thinking! There are some amazing books on the list – thank you authors, publishers and elves.

      Also very much looking forward to the ‘songs’ for the rest of Hootenanny – made me laugh so hard!


  16. This event is kinda like seeing Santa jump over the snow covered hill, while riding on the norelco razor. It means Christmas is really here.
    Love this new tradition, and appreciate all the elves involved who make this happen.

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  17. I feel like I am really late! This looks like a lot of fun…will make sure to comment sooner tomorrow! Happy Hootenanny!


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