Hootenanny 2017 – Day 2

You thought we were totally kidding, didn’t you? You thought, “oh, whatever, it’s just another giveaway, no big deal, nobody ever gives that many books away at one time…” HA HA HA! NANNY BOO BOO YES WE DID!

It’s Day TWO here at Hootenanny Central and y’know, since Hollywood has decided to drop a new Star Wars film every December, the merry elves have begun incorporating those themes into their regular holiday cray, and that usually means Wookie ornaments, inflatable light saber duels, and lots of fake Darth Vader voices.

This year, we’ve got porg ornaments. Tucker is on a quest to find an actual porg. I don’t have the heart to tell him that they’re made up. But you know, shit is magical when the elves are around, so who knows? We may end up with a pet porg when all this is said and done. I hope it likes pizza.

So far the elves are taking turns in the control room — Tucker decided to try to be more official this year, but I’m pretty sure that’ll be over by Day 5. Or maybe not, since they’re all about pretending the control room (aka the den with a couple of laptops) is the bridge of the Millennium Falcon.

Tucker’s on the job, y’all. Headed to Hootenanny Central…

We’re only two pizzas in so far (you guys, our pizza bill is out of this world by the end of this thing; we should totally do a GoFundMe) — OMG. TUCKER! DO NOT USE THE REINDEER AS AT-ATs IN THE KITCHEN! We talked about this!

OMG I can’t. OUTSIDE, all of you. And one of you go get more popcorn.

Okay. Let’s get to it. But first, JOVE! Awesome banners again this year! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

And a HUGE SHOUT-OUT to all the authors and publishers who joined us in this crayfest. We couldn’t do this without you, and we’re honored and humbled by your generosity. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

So to recap: To enter today’s drawing, leave a comment below. Please remember to include your email address in the comment fill-out form but DO NOT include it in the comment body. The Rebel Alliance can only patrol so much, and the First Order is on the lookout for email addresses to recruit into its evil alliance. The elves are trying to protect you. Nobody sees it except us in the back and the elves lock it up tight in their peppermint vault, so you’re good.

We will do the drawing at 10 PM EST US (here’s your world clock) and we notify as soon as we do that and then we post the winner’s name next to the prize. So if you see your name but you don’t have an email, check your spam filter.

NOTE: We give the prizes away in the order they’re listed. So the first person drawn out of the merry elf hat gets the first prize, the second the second, and so on. Otherwise all our heads would explode and that’s just messy and not pretty.

AND! One entry per person per day. Share the luv, y’all. Go ahead and have convos in the comments, but we’re only counting one of those as your entry. But please, converse and share more luv. We need it more than ever.

Authors: If your book is listed today, please DO NOT enter today’s drawing. Cuz that ain’t right, to win your own book, amirite?

You good? Let us continue.

(hint: “Santa Baby“; shout-out to Mercedes for requesting it!)

Tucker, elfie…just put another book beneath the tree…oh, please
We’ve been so very good
Tucker, elfie, falling down the chimney tonight

Tucker, elfie, a turbo chargin’ reindeer sleigh for us
We’ll wait up for you, and hear
You falling down the chimney tonight

Think of all the books we list
Think of all the books we missed
But here we are with books so good
Just put them on your Christmas list

Tucker, elfie, we want some nog and really, that’s not a lot
We’ve been angels all year
Tucker, elfie, falling down the chimney tonight…

Tucker, elfie, one thing we really need, the Hoot-eh-nan-eeee
For all the books n’ swag mm hmm
Tucker, elfie, stop falling down the chimney tonight!

AND NOW! Day Two’s goodies!

BETH BURNETT – Winner aduncan

Beth has ONE EBOOK, reader’s choice! Check out her quirky, poignant romances and testaments to life, love, and everything in between. Note: Man Enough is currently out of print.

RENÉE BESS – Winner Sam Alexander

Renée has ONE EBOOK copy of her co-edited anthology ready for you. History, herstory, and the story of many of us.

ANN APTAKER – Winners Matt & Suzi and Lisa R Winters

Lambda winner Ann has TWO EBOOKS (or paperback, US only) up for grabs! Join her in her New York noir mystery series, with smuggler and dapper dyke-about-town, Cantor Gold.

T.T. THOMAS – Winner Rossi1959ct

T.T. has ONE EBOOK copy ready for a lucky winner! 1895. From England to Morocco, ships, high seas, and high adventure.

MICHELLE TEICHMAN – Winners Ekezes Kodama and ranch rescue

Michelle has TWO EBOOK copies of her heart-warming and heart-wrenching YA coming-of-age tale ready for two winners!

AMAZON GIFT CARD – Winner Dava Gamble

Women and Words luvs you. So they want YOU to have a $20 gift card. MUAH!

LYNN AMES – Winner Leslie Ward

Multiple award-winning author Lynn Ames has ONE EBOOK, WINNER’S CHOICE up for grabs. Go check out the goodies.

ANDI MARQUETTE – Winner Debbie Grist

Andi has ONE EBOOK copy of her unholy (?) mashup of an approximation of The Devil Wears Prada and Jane Bond ready for a lucky winner. Secret agent meets fashion ice queen. What could go wrong?

CARI HUNTER – Winner corikane

Cari’s got ONE EBOOK copy of this hot n’ heavy thriller/mystery starring Detective Sanne Jensen and Dr. Meg Fielding ready to go! Hope you win…

BARBARA WINKES – Winner Nicki Wachner

Barbara’s got ONE EBOOK copy of this one-night stand to maybe something deeper romance all wrapped up in a bow just for a lucky winner.

S.M. HARDING – Winner Heather Harper

S.M. has ONE EBOOK (or paperback for US-based readers) ready to go! And who doesn’t want to follow a thriller/romance with a retired Marine colonel and a sheriff?

CAREN J. WERLINGER – Winner april adams

Caren has ONE EBOOK copy of her award-winning book lined up. Set in 1980, follow Teresa and Ellie through life and love.

JEAN COPELAND – Winners kaitbroe and flowerscat

Jean has TWO EBOOKS for two winners! A romance that starts in the 1970s then picks up again decades later. Poignant, bittersweet, and totes sweet. Hope you win.

SACCHI GREEN – Winner queerinalabama

Sacchi, editor extraordinaire, has ONE EBOOK copy (or pbk, if you’re in the US) ready to go. Sexy, erotic takes on fairy tales. Heat up your holidays, y’all.

CHRIS PAYNTER – Winners Adele Toutant and hiddenwatson

Multiple award-winning author Chris has TWO COPIES (ebook or paperback; she’ll ship anywhere) of this wrenching but possibly heart-warming tale of love lost but possibly regained.

J. ANDERSON – Winner gr8pyrz

J has ONE PAPERBACK COPY (she’ll ship anywhere) for YOU, if you win this story of band mates and friends who head to Tucson from San Diego in search of new beginnings, new lives, and whatever else.


 – Winner Danika Ellis
BYWATER BOOKS is offering ONE EBOOK, winner’s choice!

 – Winner Patrick Broderick
YLVA PUBLISHING is giving away ONE ebook, WINNER’S CHOICE! Here you go. NOTE: Ylva is on holiday until Jan. 8. Winners will receive the goodies after that.

 – Winner Mary Galat
ROSE AND STAR PRESS has ONE EBOOK of The Ghost of a Chance by Natalie Vivien ready to go!

– Winner radicalspaces
BOLD STROKES BOOKS is offering ONE ebook, WINNER’S CHOICE. Hit the link and check out the awesome. NOTE: BSB will send winnings out after the conclusion of the Hootenanny.

– Winner Amy Herman-Pall
DESERT PALM PRESS is offering ONE EBOOK, winner’s choice. Go see.

 – Winner Stephanie Jo

 – Winner piscesmoon2u
DIRT ROAD BOOKS is offering ONE EBOOK, winner’s choice, of one of the following titles: Bitteroot Queen (Jove Belle); Friends in High Places (Andi Marquette); Little Dip (Gill McKnight)

 – Winner Mary Deutcher

– Winner The “Judge”



  1. Day Two! And now that Mark Hamill mentioned people tweeting Star Wars spoilers at his account, I don’t have many reasons to be online except for Hootenanny 🙂


  2. Woohoo!!! Hootenanny day two! I’m passing out the popcorn and it’s my turn to pay for today’s pizzas! Tucker, make room for me on the couch. I can’t sing to save my life so I’ll strum my guitar while you sing Tucker!

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  3. Hootenanny, oh Hootenanny
    Thy give-a-ways are epic
    Hootenanny, oh Hootenanny
    Not just published fanfic

    Your books are full of plot and cheer
    A treat for readers every year
    Hootenanny, oh Hootenanny
    Thy give-a-ways are epic

    Here’s some love from my keyboard to your screen. Thanks for all you do!

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  4. Hello y’all!

    Greetings from Canada, the Great White North! We are having are first major winter storm, to be followed by very cold temperatures.

    What better way to stay in and keep warm and cozy with a wonderful book?
    Maybe you can help me out with that 😉?

    Laura Yaros

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  5. Thank you for this book give away. Thank you for all your time and energy that it took to put this together.



  6. We had to send the Hazmat minions out to help the Rescue elves last night. Snow means people suddenly forget how to drive on the road and think the ditches are a better option. They were all froze once they got back here, so we warmed them with some hot cider before they went back out to sleigh ride off the porch and over the hill! They were all screaming Hootenanny all the way down!!

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  7. YAY, I’m so excited the Hootenanny started! I’ve been watching for it but somehow I missed the first day…oh well! But this is going to be my reason to celebrate this season. (Life’s been a little harsh lately but I knew I could count on you guys to cheer me up and get me in the spirit!) I love how much work you guys do to make this such a wonderful thing for everyone. Thank you so much! It is greatly appreciated!
    Btw, I love that you used Santa Baby! It’s one of my absolute favorite songs, especially when sung by Eartha Kitt! But I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that the Divine Ms M suggested it. We can think alike at times! 🙂
    Anyway, please enter me in for today please. It looks like some great stuff there. Oh and btw, what’s a pogg?
    Take care and big hugs, Kara

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  8. OMG! ‘I’m a writer!’ I got to participate in the Hootenanny on a new level yesterday. I got to give away a book. It was just as exciting as being able to enter! And today, I see that I am in the anthology being offered by Renee Bess.

    If I am fortunate enough to be drawn, and if by some miracle I am drawn for that book(what are the odds of that!), then some ‘lucky loser’ will be very fortunate, as, that happens, you can give it to the next person. Is that okay?

    Not trying to make extra work for you darlings, because you work extra hard already, so whichever way is fine with me. And either way, wooooooooooot, it’s the HOOTENANNY!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I look forward to stockpiling all the titles every season. Thank you for the hard work and thank you to the authors!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. So exciting!! Love all the books. Can’t wait to read them all. My friends at the ranch want to say hi to the reindeer! They want them to pass along to Santa that last year’s wishes came true and they love their new home.

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  11. Yayyyy for books! I’m preparing my snow dance so if you want some of the powdery goodness let me know where to direct my dance. Mavis says NO to snow in the desert. Good luck, everyone.


  12. Great books again and I too would love to meet a porg or better still a porglet so I do hope Tucker succeeds. I’m a Trekkie myself but they look so cute. Fantastic banner again today Jove! This Hootenanny gives me a boost every day during the last hours of work.
    Thanks for sharing and lots of love from the Netherlands.

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  13. Omg ! I got actually internet sattelite reception! I don’t have to walk through 2m of snow and stand on my fence ! Awesome work guys! Now I gonna chase those reindeer away from my hay for the sheep. And maybe … eat them .


  14. Good luck everyone!

    Does anyone know if we can give a book so someone else here in case we win a book we already have?


  15. I had not heard of porgs until last night, but I’m an Old, so there ya go. But I’m fairly sure that if there was a porg in my house my vicious, deranged little kitten would bring him to me.
    Porgs aside, I love pizza and I love books. Tell Tucker to save me a chair!!

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  16. Yippee day 2!!!! Thanks for all your hard work ladies! We all appreciate the opportunity to win these amazing books! 🤓


  17. I’m sitting at the optometrist waiting for my appointment while I’m reading today’s Hootenanny email and I’m grinning so hard that the lady behind the counter is looking at me strangely….

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  18. well, what better way to celebrate hootenanny than combine it with star wars? and books, and jove’s super-aca-awesome banners… count me in for day 2, and happy humpday, everyone!


  19. I missed the first day of the Hootenanny because I moved from the East to the West Coast this year, and I didn’t think to check. I will have to do it in the mornings from now on.


  20. Yay, here we go again! Thanks as always to the awesome writers who so generously give their books away. Being a book fiend, this is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!
    You ALL rock!


  21. yaaaay! day 2! Love the banner! and Santa Baby! Tucker is a mean songwriter! I’ll stop with the exclamation marks now 😉


  22. Looks like a fab line-up!!!! In SE MI it is like being inside a snow globe….if only I had a book to read, :O)


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