Hootenanny 2017 – Day 5



Hi! Well, look at all of you, my little stocking stuffers! Still hanging in with us, are you? GOOD! Because we’re not even halfway done! So up your caffeine and/or sugar intake (standard operating procedure around here) and keep on with us.

The elves are on the ceiling fan, you guys, with a fruitcake they picked up…somewhere. I don’t even want to know. They tried to make one earlier with chocolate chips and…well, this experiment will not ever be spoken of except in hushed tones as “the baking incident of 2017.”

OMG WTF they’re playing ring-toss with the fruitcake on Donner’s antlers. I’m now backing slowly into the kitchen because there’s really no point to trying to keep this place clutter-free during the Hootenanny, so I’ll just go hang out by the coffee pot.


Cat-herding has nothing on trying to manage a bunch of elves during the holidays. Just sayin’.

Half of the crew is out back…what the…omg they have another fruitcake and they’re playing winter Olympics on the neighbor’s front lawn skating rink and they’re using the fruitcake as a curling stone. It took a while, but the neighbors have really warmed up to the elves and now they have one of those houses that can probably be seen from space because of the decorations. The kids over there love Star Wars, too, so there are always movie re-enactments going on.

I will say they all did a passable rendition of the epic battle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back this morning, though Darth Vader (played by an elf) was a bit shorter than Luke (one of the neighbor kids). They have this fake Halloween rubber hand that the kid throws to make it look like when Vader light-sabered Luke’s hand and all the elves do this “oooohhhhhh” when that happens and it cracks me up every time because they all stop what they’re doing and stare and there’s that collective “oooohhhhh” and then they giggle.

Ah, the Hootenanny!

THANK YOU, AUTHORS AND PUBLISHERS, for your generosity this year and every year you join us. We’re always so amazed and so grateful that people love doing this with us, often year after year. And thanks to you, the readers, who make what we do possible, too. This is an awesome community and we love being part of it.

And now, the usual reminders:

If you want in on the goodies today, leave a comment on the blog. Make sure you include an email address in the comment fill-out form, but NOT in the comment body because we’re trying to save you from the lurking spambots from the Land that Happy Fun Times forgot. The elves lock your address up tight in the peppermint vault and then they check several times a day to make sure everything is in order in there (though I’m pretty sure they just go in there to enjoy the fumes).

Please, friends, let us all share the luv. One entry per person per day (but we don’t mind if you continue to chit-chat on the blog with others after you post your first comment).

We start the drawings as soon as we close the blog down for the night and then we start notifying winners soon after. And THEN we also post the winners’ names next to the prizes they won. So if you do not see an email from us but your name is posted, CHECK YOUR SPAM FILTER. If you still don’t see an email, drop us a line and we’ll get it all figured it out.

Prizes are given away in the order in which they appear. So the first person drawn gets the first thing listed, the second the second, and so on. This helps us from having our heads explode from trying to keep things moving. Trust us. That would not be pretty.

Got it? Okay! And authors, if you’ve got a book in today’s drawing, please don’t enter. Because that’s just…well, weird, right? If you won your own book? We’re sure you’ve already read it anyway.

(Hint: “Little Drummer Boy“; Jove request! BTW, hit that link and see/hear the best version EVER of that song.)

Books, they told me
pa rum pa pum pum
So many here to see
pa rum pa pum pum
Our finest reads we bring
Pa rum pum pum pum
You’ll feel like a king
Pa rum pa pum pum
rum pa pum pum
rum pa pum pum

We will give them all
Pa rum pa pum pum
When we come

All the reindeer
Pa rum pa pum pum
They love to read at night
Pa rum pa pum pum
We have these books we bring
Pa rum pa pum pum
They’re fit to give a king
Pa rum pa pum pum,
rum pa pum pum,
rum pa pum pum

Shall we give to you
Pa rum pum pum pum
this new book

Tucker nodded
Pa rum pa pum pum
The elves and reindeer danced
Pa rum pa pum pum
Then played their games again
Pa rum pa pum pum
They played Star Wars again
Pa rum pa pum pum,
rum pa pum pum,
rum pa pum pum

Then we laughed some more
Pa rum pa pum pum
Books are so fun

And…here we go! Have fun and good luck!

LEE LYNCH – Winner Ann M

Award-winning author and living herstory legend Lee Lynch has ONE EBOOK of Rainbow Gap, a story of coming of age during Vietnam and the battles fought to find love.

ANNE LAUGHLIN – Winners emogene and Judy

Anne has TWO COPIES (ebook or paperback; she’ll ship anywhere) of her latest release. Follow hardworking Chicago detective Kay Adler who stays focused on her job and avoids entanglements. But then people she knows starts dying…

S. ANDREA ALLEN – Winner Iccurbow

S. Andrea Allen’s stories are provocative and sometimes witty vignettes of lesbian love, Black history, abuse, feminism, and loss. ONE EBOOK (or paperback, US only).

K.C. RICHARDSON – Winner Angela Grace

KC has ONE EBOOK of this story of a doctor and a cop and their growing attraction until the doctor develops a disease. Can they weather the storm? Win and see!

R.G. EMANUELLE – Winners Lin G. and bdizzy39

Lambda finalist R.G. has TWO EBOOKS of her romantic novella about a chef and cooking class instructor who attracts the eye of one of her students. R.G. always adds extras to her work. This one features a recipe…

ELIZABETH M. COX – Winner Abbey Seney

Elizabeth has ONE PAPERBACK (she’ll ship anywhere). 1866. Jane will be on her way to the London Asylum. A second is her lover, unnerved by the mysterious appearance of a woman on the River Thames who is connected, somehow, to Jane.


WIN ONE Women and Words T-shirt! Lookin’ good, y’all…

GEORGIA BEERS – Winner Karen Wales

Multiple award-winning author Georgia is offering ONE EBOOK of her Brisk Press titles, which include her Puppy Love romances, y’all. Hit this link to peruse the Brisk Press wares.


Cheyenne has ONE EBOOK (paperback, Australia only) copy of her latest release (fresh off the press in October!) ready! Freya’s yoga studio has a new neighbor: Lily, owner of a sex toy shop. What could possibly go wrong? Or right? Win and find out.

I. BEACHAM – Winners Tina and Carol

I. Beacham has TWO EBOOKS of this tale of a woman who after a tragedy retreats from the public but then strange things start happening. Maybe help will come in the form of a charming Irish photographer.

E.A. KAFKALAS – Winners JoyJoy and Caryn

E.A. has TWO EBOOK copies of Frankie and Petra, in which Frankie is a jaded homicide detective whose life just might be turned around when she meets a young grad student and a case may draw them closer together.

KD WILLIAMSON – Winner Charlotte

KD has ONE EBOOK of her latest, hot off the press Pink, in which we follow Shawnna, who’s trying to get her life together after a break-up and ends up working at a sex emporium where she deals with all kinds of people and finds out a few things about herself, life, and how to live it.

ALISON SOLOMON – Winners K. Aten and Tq

Alison has TWO EBOOKS ready for two winners! Here, Winn knows her memory’s getting bad, but how exactly did she end up in jail accused of kidnapping two foster kids? Win and find out.

JEANNIE LEVIG – Winners Cristina and onamarea

Jeannie has TWO EBOOKS of Threads of the Heart follows a few women trying to navigate love and life. And things can get messy.

MICHELLE ARNOLD – Winner Beth Goodman

Michelle has ONE PAPERBACK (she’ll ship anywhere) of Out of the Shadows. Join a detective trying to solve a terrible murder while also dealing with her feelings for a forensic pathologist.

JAE – Winners Elyssa and Donna Wells

Multiple award-winning author Jae has TWO EBOOKS, a fun holiday read about a woman with a really grouchy boss. Their initial meeting isn’t the best, but you never know what could happen.

LUCY JANE BLEDSOE – Winner caillean13

Lambda finalist Lucy Jane Bledsoe has ONE EBOOK (or paperback, US only). Three women — a geologist, a composer, and a galley worker — walk into Antarctica (okay, they don’t walk…whatever! They get there!) where their friendships entwine until a crisis binds them even closer.

LYNN AMES – Winner Jenn

Multiple award-winning author Lynn Ames has ONE EBOOK, WINNER’S CHOICE up for grabs. Go check out the goodies.


 – Winner Minzi
YLVA PUBLISHING is giving away ONE ebook, WINNER’S CHOICE! Here you go. NOTE: Ylva is on holiday until Jan. 8. Winners will receive the goodies after that.

 – Winner liradion31
BLF PRESS has ONE EBOOK copy of the anthology Solace: Writing, Refuge, and LGBTQ Women of Color (ed. S. Andrea Allen and Lauren Cherelle).

 – Winner Wilma
ROSE AND STAR PRESS has ONE EBOOK of The Ghost of a Chance by Natalie Vivien ready to go!

 – Winner Shari
BYWATER BOOKS is offering ONE EBOOK, winner’s choice!

 – Winner Jo
BOLD STROKES BOOKS is offering ONE ebook, WINNER’S CHOICE. Hit the link and check out the awesome. NOTE: BSB will send winnings out after the conclusion of the Hootenanny.

  – Winner Jay
DESERT PALM PRESS is offering ONE EBOOK, winner’s choice. Go see.

 – Winner Jchrystalblog

 – Winner dragonlady229

 – Winner dktr_d
DIRT ROAD BOOKS is offering ONE EBOOK, winner’s choice, of one of the following titles: Bitteroot Queen (Jove Belle); Friends in High Places (Andi Marquette); Little Dip (Gill McKnight)

 – Winner Gayle Teller

Day 5


  1. Woohoo! Bring on the festivities! This Christmas season is Lit! I’m amused at Tucker’s antics. A big thank you to all the authors who are making our literary dreams come true. Also, thanks to our organizers for the endless entertainment with the catchy emails and hilarious remakes of well known Christmas songs.

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  2. So cool that we’re on day 5 and congrats Onamarae! That’s awesome! Big hugs and I guess you’ll definitely be having a very happy holiday season!
    I hope everyone else has a fabulous holiday season too! Thanks again to Andi and Jove and all the authors and publishers who donated to make this a great hootenanny!
    Big hugs to all, k

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  3. Random Thought #54: I just can’t rock spearmint flavored gum anymore. I’m always like, “I’m chewing extra strength toothpaste!”

    Good luck folks.

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  4. Merry merry. Mavis has once again threatened to leave me a kitchen sponge for Christmas if I shake packages. 😦

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  5. Tucker is Cray! Sorry, no special post today. Sitting a million degree pool for the eldest son’s swim tournament…on 5 hours sleep after a most AMAZING night watching The Last Jedi. Said it, you must!

    Okay, out in a cooler lobby at a table, getting as little work done on my WIP, whew! Thanks again Andi & Jove. I sympathize with the shenanigans and I wonder if the elves turn up your heat during Hootenanny. Bet it gets real hot in the thick of things. 🙂


  6. What a day! Going grocery shopping a week before Christmas is like going into battle! Just getting a parking space is a struggle and it’s all down hill from there. I should be receiving danger pay for braving the shop crazy masses. Or at least a soft serve ice cream. With sprinkles. And nuts. And a cherry on top!

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  7. One of these should really be a podcast, I can hear Andi laughing as Jove says “dear listener…” it would be epic!


  8. Exciting night up here on the mountain. Took the rescue elves and the hazmat minions with me to my nephew’s school for a Christmas crafts and food drive. The female rescue elves had a great time having their hair teased up into a “Whoville Do”. This new style made it a bit difficult to keep their helmets on as the chin straps weren’t nearly long enough. There was a bit of a scene with the hazmat minions over at the “Grinch Dust” table. The hazmat experts weren’t so sure that the substance wasn’t dangerous and ran out to the truck for clean up material and monitors. I had to reassure them that it was safe and kid approved. (They are a bit protective of my nephew.) They were also a little suspicious of the Grinch juice the cooks were serving, but did manage to squirrel away a thermos of it to bring home. (To which they promptly added sour apple moonshine to once we got back.) Suspicious my ass! Happy Hootenanny!!!

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  9. I have a Elf in my family called Finny Jingle Bell that sounds like he would fit right in your bunch. He’s already been hanging off the ceiling fan. Oh well, count me in for today please. Thanks.

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  10. I don’t know why people say I’m difficult to shop for?! All they have to do is buy me books or gift cards for books! 😉


  11. another fun day with great books at hootenanny. YAY! y’all rock. hope everyone’s having a fab winter time.


  12. Thank you, Andi and Jove 😀. Thank you for all this wonderful opportunity. Thank you, too, to all the authors and publishers for your generosity.

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  13. Yippee Ki Yay! Another Hootenanny kinda day! Thank you to all the wonderful authors & publishers that are offering the great prizes! I will now sit here patiently & wait to see if I am a lucky winner !!!!!


  14. It is wonderful to read all the comments from other readers. I love that everyone is so excited about the Hootenanny and about books! And congratulations, Onamarae!


  15. More books… I’d never have time to read ’em all. But it’d be worth the effort.

    Thanks for the “Little Drummer Boy” link. Very cool version that I’m gonna share with my family.


  16. Winner, winner, chicken dinner, Ona Marie! Perhaps one day I will be so fortunate, but until then there is the hootenanny! I look forward to it each day.

    Once again guys, ladies, thank you for what you do, and for doing so much! Herding all these wild cats cannot be an easy thing. LOL

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  17. I think the Hootenanny is my favorite part of the holiday season. Just knowing that all these books are finding new, loving homes fills my heart with joy.


  18. Ohh you’re so awesome etc. This year it’s difficult to celebrate. My mother died last year 27th of december. Hootenanny helps a lot. Thank you. Love from the lowlands


  19. I’m still just so amazed and appreciative of all the wonderful titles out there. Thank you Andi and Jove for bringing that about and introducing us to so many.

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  20. Holy Hootenanny, it’s another awesome day for reading! Scanned the list and have added a lot of new (to me) authors to my reading list. Thanks for doing this.


  21. Hootenanny is so awesome Merry Christmas to everyone. Or Happy Hanuakkah or Kwanzaa, Or whatever you celebrate. May your lives be long and full of love and laughter.


  22. My goal to leave a poem a day,
    About an elf, cheery and gay
    Is waning by the end of day.
    So have another drink, I may.


  23. Merry Christmas from the snowy North. My puppies ( all three) are all snuggled by the fire but mommy needs a new book to read.


  24. Every year I am highly impressed with both the selection of prizes, and the effort you all put into this contest for readers. High-five for day five!


  25. I’m wonder what Tucker will be doing after Hootenanny is over………I’m picturing him reclining on a tiny chaise on a Caribbean beach and drinking a margarita.


  26. Only slightly late to the party 🙂 Awesome picks so far this year , and just the distraction i need! I’ve already added quite a few to my “things to read” list for the winter. It’s so amazing that you all are still doing this for all these yrs!


  27. Thanks to all the authors, publishers and donators who make this possible and a huge shout out to the organisers, yay.


  28. I think the eggnog is wearing off at the ranch. And OMG, the smell in the stalls. 🤢 I have no idea how Tucker and team manage for 12 days. And on top of that somehow they managed to bring us a new Thoroughbred to the rescue ranch. It must be Christmas with the Hootenanny, 3 rescues placed in forever homes, and a new beauty to love – all in one week! 😍


  29. Okey dokey, getting very excited now, so hoping that Santa brings a new Hootenanny offering! Bring it on, cause Momma needs a brand new book.Thx, all. 🙂


  30. Hi, all, a reminder: We shut down at 10 PM EST US. Please check your time zones (there’s a world clock link above in the blog) so you can get in before the deadline. And we’ll see you tomorrow!


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