Post-Hootenanny mellow time

Hi, all! Thanks again for joining us during our twelve days of Hootenanny nuttiness. All of us here at Women and Words are now going to take a little break. Don’t worry! We’ll be back in a few days.

And remember, authors and publishers give books away throughout the year, so we hope you’ll stick with us. You might learn a bit more about your fave authors, and maybe get introduced to new ones. You can also follow Jove and me (Andi) on the weekly (except in December) Women and Words podcast.

May all the good ju-ju find you in the coming year!

And right now, we’ve got to get this place in order…



  1. Hahaha! Tucker has surely been naughty this year 🙂 I’m always here enjoying your blogs and I’ll look out for them in the new year, all the best to you all at Women and Words! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.


  2. Wow, with dealing with Tucker, putting together an amazing Hootenanny and just staying sane, I wanted to say thank you again.

    Stay shiny.


  3. Thank you all very much for fantastic 12 days. I wish you all the besr. Merry christmas and a happy queer new year. 😚


  4. Thank you very much! Not just for the Hootenanny but for everything all year long. You, Andy, and Jove both, put so much into this blog to make it fun and interesting. This years Hootenanny was the best ever. Get some rest and enjoy yourselves you deserve it. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  5. I guess Tucker is finally tuckered out ! (groan…)
    Thanks for everything, you dynamic women, this has been a great exciting countdown to the Holidays. It certainly contributed to my festive mood !
    All the best for 2018 ! We all need love and affection, let’s pass it on throughout the year, each in our own way.

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  6. Another wildly successful year — y’all all deserve a break! Maybe we can get K.Aten to contribute the occasional seasonal song throughout the year? Ha! thank you again for everything you do.


  7. Thanks Andi and Jove for all that you do, makes Christmas a little more fun! Looking forward to more stories on the podcast!


  8. Thanks for all your hard work and thanks to all the publishers, authors, etc. for contributing!! Happy Holidays everyone!


  9. Thank you for organizing all this. I’d just like to say that this site also serves as a source of inspiration year round. You do a lot of work all the time.


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