Baby, It’s Cold Outside

We have been in a bit of a freeze the past few weeks here in the upper Midwest and I understand the rest of the US is abnormally cold. My home state of NH may see 100 below zero including the wind chill atop Mt. Washington, that breaks any MN records. Going outside this time of year is often an exercise in fortitude. Of course, after more than 25 winters like this, I should be getting used to it. Not so much. Now that the running around of the holidays is over I just want to curl up with a good book, preferably one set in a warmer climate than mine (I know, the bar is low on that front).

I started the year reading Awakenings, where the fall and winter climate is described as occasionally “chilly”. DE345F9B-1C14-4BE8-ABD2-58F3C85E96EEThe characters have to put on jackets to take the motorcycle out. That sounds like shorts weather in northern climes. There is nothing chilly about this book. I love the characters and their slowly developing relationship. Susan X Meagher excels at making every little piece of the story interesting. Thank goodness there are 20 more books in the series. Winter gets long.



When I want to take a virtual cruise I’m going to pull out KG McGregor’s Sea Legs again E0EF73BE-BCFC-4EF6-A1E9-F3376A388A4Eand join Natalie, Kelly, Didi, Pamela, Steph and Yvonne on their cruise. I love hanging out with these characters.



It’s summer in Australia so I will also take a virtual trip down under. Party Wall by Cheyenne Blue is a warm story both in setting and plot. 41B4C512-625C-42B5-AA03-09D3C7D67748I love the development of the relationship. The setting also comes through loud and clear when a character casually jumps over a a huge snake while out running. This makes me grateful I live where the temperature gets to something approximating 90 below.



Come Back to Me, one of my favorite Chris Paynter novels takes place in Key West. Every time I read this book I am transported into a world of sunshine and warmth. 3F9638CC-C7C7-44AF-B338-587D64DFB722I adore the story of Meryl and Angie, the warmth of their relationship rivals the Florida sunshine.




Speaking of the south, Pelican’s Landing by Gerri Hill is a frequent re-read for me. There is something so moving about Jordan and Annie’s story, and warmth pervades the entire book,254C0282-222C-4591-AF79-A457B5554C0E from the relationships to the Gulf Coast setting.



Now that we in the northern hemisphere are in the depths of winter, what books are you turning to for warmth? Those of you down under, take notes- soon it will be fall. For now I will be huddled under a blanket with my warm slippers and hoodie, sipping hot chocolate, and reading a good book.


  1. Thanks for the mention, Ann! It means a lot that Come Back to Me touched you…it’s one that’s close to my heart. It’s freaking cold here too in Indianapolis! Time to read these books to warm me up. 😊

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  2. I really enjoyed Party Wall, & as an Australian, typing this comment on a morning when we’re expecting a 40 degree day (100+F), I can assure you that the snake story is very real- I have a green & black one living in my garden which I see regularly. Keep warm over there, G 😊🌈

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