Make the weather work!

A reader’s perspective of making excuses to read.

This month has been filled with wonderful posts ranging from resolutions to books. It’s a new year and I think the resounding message is to make it work for you but more importantly make it mean something to you. Fiona Zedde posted a fabulous way to start each year and I have to admit to chuckling a few times as I associated with the list dilemma (read it here). I mean lists are so much fun to make as long as things can get crossed off of them! I also really liked Ann Etter’s blog about snuggling up with a good book when the weather is brutal outside (read it here). A slight problem though…

I live in the desert and though we can experience some nights and early mornings in the low 30’s the majority of the winter is spent in the 60’s-70 degrees Fahrenheit. If it hadn’t been for going to college on the East Coast I would have no idea what a snow day really meant. But I say, make that weather work for you! Regardless of the temperature outside it is always a good temperature to read. And if you are like me and occasionally wonder what it is like in the snowy states getting slammed by butt freezing temperatures, well there’s always a story to go with that.

And to make this year even MORE fun, you can put all these weather books to use by applying them to Lesbian Book BINGO. What is this you ask? A super fun way to have yet another excuse to read our fabulous authors. (Check out Jae’s website here for more information).

Let’s get this cold weather started. Lynn Galli just released Winter Calling with the wonderfully positive character of Tru who works for a ski resort which is a fabulous way to enjoy the snow. Plus the story includes  a mini ice queen that has a beautifully wonderful thaw so that just doubles up on the wintry fun! An ice queen that is incredibly logical and her thought processes just make sense! But be advised that the character of Blythe is going to be the one that will capture your heart and make this a repeat read because Blythe’s character is all sunshine.

Another fun romp around the snow slopes is Rachel Spangler’s Trails Merge. It’s that crazy decision though- country life or city life? I think I would totally go for the country life, personally. This country is filled with excellent slopes and fabulous ski instructors or one ski instructor in particular. My version of skiing is pointing the tips of my skis together and sliding down the bunny slope but I think I could definitely pick up some skills from the likes of Cambell Carson.

So having all this warm California blood in me, one of those things that Painted Moon by [Kallmaker, Karin]is just plain scary are blizzards. What would be scarier would be driving in one.  I mean sliding off the road- that would totally be me! Ending up in a snowbank? Yep! Me again! (I actually did do that but I ended up in a frozen cornfield and had to have the snow plow driver pull me back up to the road.) But for Jackie Frakes in Karin Kallmaker’s Painted Moon, it ends up pretty well. This story is absolutely beautiful and I would say definitely in my top 5 favorite Kallmaker story.

Ok so take a blizzard and add an avalanche to it and besides just being overall terrifying, you have a secluded winter in a cabin tucked away in the mountains. Snow Falls by [Hill, Gerri]Snow Falls by Gerri Hill tackles that dynamic duo disaster of blizzard meets avalanche meets blizzard again and still the heat is rising! I think I would love to be tucked away in a secluded mountain cabin for a winter…or…maybe just tucked in away in my couch with sunny 70’s outside reading about Ryan and Jen’s winter.

I’m looking forward to learning and sharing a bunch of crazy wonderful stories this year! Especially when these amazing great stories are written by our superbly talented authors! Plus the chance to play the classic game of BINGO! The year is already starting off right! So all you readers out there share some of your favorite winter wonderland stories for all those folks out there suffering through 70 degree winters full of sunshine!

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