Have a Cigar

So, I wrote a novel. A new one. And, as my own publisher, I suppose I should talk about it.

The Potion is a story set in Victorian New England, where two widows find themselves working together to figure out the nature of a mysterious formula their husbands worked on together. As they sort through the facts and clues, they discover that other people are involved, and not all for the right reasons.

Georgette Harris is thrown into a desperate situation when her husband dies and leaves her deep in debt. A medicinals company has offered to pay her for some particular aspect of her husband’s work, but she can’t find what they’re asking for. So she seeks the help of Vera Kennedy, whom she is convinced has the answer she needs. Unexpectedly, she finds herself attracted to her.

Vera Kennedy is a scientist—self-taught by necessity, since women weren’t educated in science in that era. After her husband’s death, she took his work and went in her own direction with it, determined to complete it no matter what. She believes this potion will change life for women.

Georgette Harris proves to be a distraction. At first, an annoying one. Eventually, a pleasant one. Vera hates that she’s falling for the destitute but beguiling Georgette and fights it every step of the way.

So, what was this formula that the two men were working on? Who are these other people involved and what do they want now? What is Vera’s formula, and what will it do? And will these two women ever be able to meet in the middle and trust each other? These are the questions posed and, hopefully, answered.

Based loosely on the Jeckyll and Hyde concept, The Potion is a little bit gothic creepiness, a little bit Victorian-style romance, a little bit feminist statement.

This is going to be the fourth book from Dirt Road Books, and we’re all still in the new-parent excitement phase. We’re bringing forth into the world our babies and we’re just silly proud and gushy over each one. I’m sure that one day—way, way in the future—we’ll get over that, but for now, we’re still leaning over the bassinet, going, “Goo-goo, ga-ga, who’s a pwetty, wittle baby?”

Okay, we’re not really doing that. But we are extremely proud of what we’ve done so far, and what we have planned for the future.

So far, Jove Belle, Andi Marquette, and Gill McKnight have given us children, and it’s my turn to give birth. I hope I’ve got good genes. The Potion is due out at the end of March. Look for a sneak peek in DRB’s February newsletter.

Now, wanna see some pictures?


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