Hot off the Press and Coming Attractions, Jan.-Feb. 2018

OH, LORDIE! We’re already getting notice of FEBRUARY releases, friends! So if you’re into that whole Valentine’s Day thing, well, there’re bound to be some romances that speak to you here. And if you’re in the parts of the world that are in the throes of winter still, let’s hope some of these titles warm you right up! And if you’re in the hot parts, well, find some ice. Because some of these no doubt will add to your heat quotient.



And if you’re an author/publisher/reader and you know of a book that’s out or will soon be out that’s not included in the lists, drop us a line at the Contact page, above. PLEASE include in the subject line that it’s a book for our hot off the press/coming attractions lists and if possible, include a link to the book or info about it cuz omg that makes our jobs on this end so much easier. 🙂

Go forth and READ!