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A reader’s perspective through Kim’s book skills

There are so many wonderful authors out there providing all of us book-a-holics with reading material, and I know I am not the only one thankful for their story and writing talents. I wanted to share other reader’s perspectives on various topics that have been brought up, hopefully with some insight for authors and readers alike and hopefully with some humor as well. This week Kim has agreed to join me by answering some questions. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have! We’ve thrown in a fun little twist with Quickie’s: quick questions where the answers are short but truthful.

Erin: How were you introduced to LesFic?

Kim: I didn’t even know it existed until I met my first girlfriend. She had all these books and they had lesbian characters. I was never really a reader and the only lesfic book I think I read while we were involved was Curious Wine. I’ve actually read more lesfic stories in the past few years because my wife, you, knows the stories that will keep my attention.

Erin: Do you feel there has been a change in LesFic from when you first started reading to now? And if so, what do you think the cause of that change was?

Kim: Yes. The female characters are a lot stronger and kick-ass. I’m not saying they weren’t back in those days 20 years ago, but I seem to be reading more action oriented stories. (Could that be because you keep picking those out for me?) Currently I am reading Fletcher Delancey’s Without a Front: Producer’s Challenge and the characters are so…kick-ass. They are both so strong, they don’t try to control the other- I don’t know they just make a really awesome story together.

Quickie: Sex scene or fade to black? Cue laughing. Fade to black- I don’t need all the details. (if only all you readers out there could see her face as she’s saying the word clit!! Now I’m laughing!)

Erin: What character traits would you like to see more of in LesFic? 

Kim: I like the strong one’s. Everyone has different character traits that need to be exposed. I really don’t like the one’s that are indecisive. I don’t know though, that’s a hard question.

Quickie: Literary crush?  Seven Michelis, Sharp Shooter by Leslie Murray.


Erin: How has LesFic impacted your life? How do you think it has impacted the LGBTQ community?
 Well…it gives my wife and I more to talk about, another way to relate to each other. Plus it provides an alternate reality to escape into (of course it has to be a good book to keep my attention- I can’t keep reading it if I don’t like it.) In regards to the community, I grew up in a very small town in a Midwest state and I didn’t have any type of LGBTQ community until I left. Having that connection through stories could really serve that purpose of connection and let people know that they aren’t alone. That there are others out there just like them.

Erin: How do you choose your LesFic book purchases? What factors do you consider when buying a book?

Kim: I don’t buy books. My wife reads it first (usually) and if she thinks I will like it, she gives it to me. So it’s more of a screening process than a purchasing process. She’s getting better too- I think I’ve read the last three books she has given me which is probably a record.

Quickie: E-book or paper? Paper

Erin: How often do you seek out new authors and what makes you consider their work?  Or how can they get your attention with their work enough for you to purchase it?

Kim: Again, I don’t really seek out new authors my wife does BUT if I was to look for a new story, action would definitely grab my attention. I also don’t really like all the romance but I do like the happy-ever-after. The last story I read, Melt by Robbi McCoy it wasn’t really clear in the beginning who was going to end up with who and I liked that type of story-line combination.

 Erin: Which LesFic book has made you want to travel somewhere and where was it to? And did you actually make the journey?

Kim: I thought it was pretty cool to read Safe Harbor by Radclyffe after my wife and I spent a week up there. But most of the stories I usually read are action and who wants to actually travel somewhere where someone wants to kill you or is chasing you or something else NOT relaxing?

Quickie: Favorite place to read? On a cruise ship but I’ll settle for at home.

 Erin: I especially like stories where I can relate to the main character. Is there one LesFic story that really touched you or whose main character you really connected to?

Kim: No one wants to read about themselves personality wise, in my opinion. I mean I always want to read about someone different. If I have to pick a character that I felt most closely related to me would be the two characters of Faith and Rachel in Robin Alexander’s The Summer of Our Discontent. But only when they were young and running around like tomboys, getting dirty and getting in trouble. But I never got in trouble.

Erin: Is there any type of LesFic story that you tend not to read? Why?

Kim: The books where they just don’t get it over with already!! And when the characters talk in their heads and NOT to each other!! Ugh! I hate that.

Quickie: If you were stuck on a very nice but deserted island what three books would you bring with you?  Engravings of Wraith by Kiera Dellacroix for the bad-ass characters, Sharp Shooter by Leslie Murray for the kick-ass story, and Wasted Heart by Lynn Galli to lighten the mood.

Thank you so much Kim for entertaining us with your answers and insights into our favorite genre LesFic. I appreciate your thoughts and always feel that I get to know a person a little bit better by how and what they read! Please leave comments for Kim below as I’m sure she would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Erin I look forward to your blogs – we seem to have a similar taste in books so it is nice to go down memory lane or find a new book to check out. I also have a wife who hasn’t been big on reading lesfic and it has been more miss than hit on my recommendations. Recently I found something she is enjoying – Sophia Kell Hagin’s series which starts with Whatever Gods May Be.

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  2. How were you introduced to LesFic? I came across Lesfic by accident when browsing through amazon for a book. Found KG MacGregor and WOW I just never knew. My goodness I’ve learned SO much from reading Lesfic!
    Change in Lesfic- yes, main change is the range and choice of very talented writers- it’s wonderful- not just romance but murder, intrigue, horror etc
    Sex scene or fade to black – sex scene every time – hey I don’t think I’d know what I was doing without reading these books, an education in so many ways!
    Character traits – love the variety, less keen on the indecisive characters and similar to Kim get very frustrated at those that only think things instead of saying them – arghh!
    Literary crush – anything by Kim Baldwin, Ronica Black, Georgia Beers, Eliza Lentinski, Erin Dutton
    How has Lesfic impacted my life – this may sound over the top but it’s saved my life, saved my sanity. Born and bred catholic and hey still live God but for too long I never knew about homosexuality and couldn’t understand my apathy towards boys/men. Not until I moved away from home and fell in love and read Lesfic that I knew what was going on and my goodness Lesfic has made my feelings normal and accepted. You can’t underestimate the positive impact that every Lesfic book has.
    How do I choose a book – author followed by blurb. Sorry to say that cost also a factor- also some of my favourite books not the most expensive.
    Ebook or paper – ebook, my iPhone goes everywhere with me and therefore do do my books.
    New authors- reviews influence me a lot when looking at trying out a new author. Often try out books on amazon before buying- I can tell early on if I’m going to like a book.
    Any book made me want to travel – yes, LA- sounds the most gay friendly!
    Favourite place to read – ahem bed!
    Stories where I can relate to the main character- Blessed twice – finding love again after losing your soul mate.
    Type I like to read – strong female leads that fall hopelessly in love and change their ways 🙂 Also seemingly staid ladies that have some kink 😉
    3 favourite books – I’ve read the following umpteen times – Wild – Meghan O’brieN, Give me a reason- Lynne Gardiner and After Mrs Hamilton- Claire Ashton.
    Great blog thanks and massive thanks to our wonderful Lesfic authors for educating us and keeping us sane x

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