A Stud in Stilettos: My Life Is a Joi Miner Novel (plus a FREE ebook)

Congratulations to Karen! She won an ebook copy of A Stud in Stilettos by Joi Miner.

Happy Sunday y’all! Joi Miner, a new-to-me author, joins us to share all about her latest release, A Stud in Stilettos. And, because she’s awesome, she’s also giving away an ebook copy to one lucky Women and Words reader. Drop a comment in the space below and I’ll draw the winner on Friday, Jan 26, 2018.

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Stud in Stilettos

You read right. My name is Joi Miner, and I am A Stud in Stilettos. People look at me with their eyes crossed when I say it. Being the wordsmith that I am, I live for that reaction. And then the questions come. “I thought a stud was some kind of horse. Horses wear heels?” Or, from the more informed crowd, “Isn’t a stud a lesbian who dresses like a boy. They’re the dominant ones, right? So, why would they wear stilettos, instead of tennis shoes or loafers?” The inquisitions tickle me every time.

See, I never really fit in. So, labels aren’t my thing. When I came out, it wasn’t any different. I was a woman who had been dating and married to two, count them, two men, for half of my life, five and a half and ten years respectively. I have two children. And as much as I love to wear my dresses and high heels, I am also “such a dude”. A crass talking, like a sailor cursing, beer guzzling, game watching dude. My husbands’ friends would think it was cool. While my husbands would cringe, because it was so unladylike. I mean, I guess having a wife who could nurture their children, cook, clean, sew, strut the runway, and talk smack while playing cards/watching the game/looking at the Victoria’s Secret Runway show (yeah, I’m not sure why they didn’t know I was lesbian, either), was embarrassing.

So, fast forward to late Spring 2017, I met a woman who was so beautiful… So, well, everything, that I couldn’t deny my sexuality anymore. Not that I ever did, but being the daughter of a deacon, and raised in the church and Catholic School in the deep South, specifically Alabama, it was frowned upon. But, when I saw her, at 35, I didn’t care. And so, I started this new chapter in my life.Joi And Indy

But now, I didn’t really fit into this new world, either. I was classified as an “aggressive femme,” a “femme dom”. I mean, I did my research, watched the shows, looked up definitions and descriptions, and none of them fit. I don’t wear makeup all the time. Honestly, most days, I forget lotion and Chapstick. I can switch from dresses and heels to ball shorts and Chuck Taylor’s depending on my mood. I love sports, from boxing to soccer to pool to tennis, and everything in between. Except for hockey, I don’t really like hockey. Lol. I can be rather dominant, but also know that there are times and places where my fiancée dominates. The power struggle on our first date when I tried to open my own door was one for the books. Lol. Long story short, I’m just all over the place. But, who isn’t, right?Joi and Indy 2

Well, I started going out, networking, people watching, you know, just exploring this new world. There were some people who were comfortable and were textbook versions of their “labels”. Actually, the more I watched, I realized that this wasn’t really different from the heterosexual world I had kind of been shoved into most of my life. And, guess who didn’t really fit in? See, here, the “studs” were more dominant, but they were also more chill in pursuit of a partner, or in the environment altogether. And the “femmes” were more aggressive in pursuit of a partner, but at the same time more submissive when they had one. Everyone seemed to have a preference. And then there was me, Joi Miner, a “femme” who was chill whether in a relationship or single. An EOL (Equal Opportunity Lesbian). If I thought they were attractive, I didn’t care what they were wearing or what their label was, I would approach them.

Sitting at a party one night, taking my third shot of 1800, I got a bit discouraged. Here I was, finally comfortable in my own skin, and I still didn’t fit anywhere. That’s when I remembered a conversation I’d had with a once upon a time friend. She was lesbian and said that she was called “A Stud in Stilettos”. I promise you, it was a eureka moment. So, I adopted that title and wore it proudly.

But then, we go back to the beginning of my post. Lol. So, being an artist, I chose to do what I do best. Tell a story. I wrote a book entitled, “A Stud in Stilettos”. Branching out from my usual Urban Fiction background, it was my first Lesfic novel. And, the title alone had readers confused and intrigued.Book image for blog

Because I believe in putting a little bit of myself in every story I write, hence my tagline “My Life is A Joi Miner Novel,” I told the story of a woman like myself. Cienna Brooks is an entrepreneur, a black sheep so to speak, who loves love, but also doesn’t really fit in. The dominant way that she carries herself baffles everyone, but it makes her successful in her chosen career, owner of Queen of Hearts, the biggest LGBTQ+ Matchmaking Service in Atlanta, Ga. Add a stalker ex, a macho cop, and a load of secrets, and you have my life, as a bestseller (thus far).

So now, when I greet people with, “Hey y’all. My name is Joi Miner, and I’m a Stud in Stilettos,” and see the furrowed brows, I point them right on over to Amazon. Lol. If you’re curious, and have the time, check out my newest release. Leave a review, and look for part 2. Coming this month.

Thank you so much for having me, and entertaining my antics!

Always, Joi Miner


Joi Author PhotoJoi Miner is a future wife, mother, author, poet, storyteller, entrepreneur, and all-around sleep-deprived superhuman. Of all her many titles, being Umi (as her children endearingly call her) is her favorite, and her children, Qadira and Phoenix, and fiancée, Indy, give her the motivation to push through when it seems impossible. Her tagline is “My Life Is a Joi Miner Novel” and it’s given her stories to fill the pages of 22 books to date.


  1. Hi, I love the alliteration of A Stud in Stilettos, it’s very catchy and intriguing.

    A second tagline might be the Once and Future wife !

    Sign me up for the draw,

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  2. This sounds like a great read! Please count me in for the drawing. Definitely going on my to be read list even if my name isn’t picked.

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  3. I purchased “A Stud in Stilettos” from Amazon (and will leave a review on Amazon as soon as I’ve finished the read) — so, no need to enter me in the actual contest — just wanted to say I look forward to reading it (and part 2 when it’s released.) I’m curious to see how the lead ladies in “A Stud in Stilettos” carry out their lives and the issues and situations they face. So, thank you for sharing your journey with us and writing the type of lesfic book you wanted to see in the world–one that adds a unique voice and perspective to lesfic. I mean, a stud who wears stilettos–I haven’t seen that in lesfic yet! It’s important to have different representations of women’s lives & loves in literature because women are beautifully varied. The possibility/reality of seeing parts of yourself on the page, even small bits, when you don’t fit established labels and don’t want to or can’t fit them, because to do so would be the opposite of living your truth, is refreshing and inspiring. I mean, I like all the things. From country to classical, from anime to arthouse, from long skirts to baggy sweatpants, from Jordans to ballet flats. People can be entire hodgepodges of seeming contradictions that shouldn’t be discounted just because they don’t fit neatly under labels. Life is more interesting when things exist outside of the box.

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  4. Awwww! Thank you! I can’t wait to hear what you think. Being the odd one out, well, I prefer the word unique, can be an experience. But it makes us who we are. I’m soooo happy you could relate. It’s great to know we’re not alone in our struggles, yeah?


  5. Hurray: more women/human beings who don’t quite fit into boxes! Thank goodness for that. I like the new campaign suggestion of #BeYou; at 51, I am SO TIRED of labels or ‘rules of behaviour’ I should or shouldn’t follow… I am going to buy your book and have a good read. Congratulations from here in Australia, G : )


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