The Year That Slipped Away…

Happy Monday Afternoon…

Perhaps you noticed I didn’t say “morning.”  It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog. So, way after the fact, I’m hoping everyone had a happy holiday season – no matter which (or if) you have a Deity to celebrate the time with.

We celebrate family time, gratitude for the love we have together, and voice how blessed we are.

Here’s some truth…  I can’t remember if I’ve posted this blog before – or how many – so – if it at all looks familiar except for the date (LOL) carry on without me, I’ve forgotten it entirely.

Now, I’m going to tell you that I’ve deleted over a thousand words from this blog because it all dealt with how I felt about the idiot him it- whatever.

Instead, let me put all of the deleted text in shorthand….

screaming dog

Moving on…


attract what you put out

I’ve missed that part of me that looks for the sunshine and half-full glass. I’ve missed that  part of me who wakes up bouncing in anticipation for the new day. I really miss her.

That part of me must have misplaced along with my memory after my heart attack in 2015 (another lost year.) Which is odd because you would think I would live life to the fullest and never look back, right?  No, I went the other way and stepped back afraid to TO live because what if I screwed up again?

It’s about time to change that.

As I write this I’m looking at a “goal” sheet I wrote at the end of 2015 for the 2016 year. I wrote out the categories in pretty colored pens, I made a journal to match it, and hung it right in front of my computer.

It’s titled 2016 – the best year ever.

Confused yet?  I kinda am…. LOL.


And now, I get to post same exact picture.


If I’ve ever learned anything about resolutions – it’s that the more I call them resolutions the harder I kick against them.  It’s much easier for me to call them goals.

For me:  Resolutions implies that I’m a bad person and I need to “fix” myself.

And who the hell wants to be told what to do?

Brings me to another point – Deadlines.  I’m going to have change that word. For me it implies I have to finish OR –  I’m a complete doody for not doing so which brings me to: “I can’t do anything right or on time – because I’m a doody…”

Language is important people!

I DO remember vaguely writing blogs about missing deadlines…

That being said.  I spent the entirety of 2017 writing my book “Paradigm.” Which will be tentatively in print by Halloween.  How great is that?

The book goes back to my paranormal roots – and I’m being honest when I tell you, there are parts that scared me to death, and I wrote them! Maybe it should be classified as a horror/romance.

More on Paradigm later…  🙂

What I remember most about 2017 and my last note about it: Thank you to those who purchased my romantic comedy, Meet Me in the Middle – I appreciate you!



See there? You’ve ridden the ADD rollercoaster in Vonnie-Land for the first time in 2018!

Unless of course, Dear god, I’ve written the same blog four (or is it five?) years in a row and only the date has been changed – then you stopped reading in the beginning.  My only defense on that is – I warned you.

Is anybody else writing up goal sheets?

Or resolutions – if you prefer?

I’m pulling out my pens and making a concentrated effort. You could say I’m setting a goal to make my goal sheet.

Anything is possible.


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh Yvonne. I completely understand. So painfully completely. Look at it this way. Every word, repeated or not, matters. So The fact this blog might be kinda sorta like another? Who the hell cares? It’s moving forward, one character at a time!!!! You go, girl!!!!

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