Out of this world

A reader’s perspective on getting far, FAR away.

To start this month off, Ann Etter wrote a fantastic reader’s perspective about escaping into books when the weather is miserable. You can check that blog out here. Ann lives in an amazingly cold climate which shows how tough she truly is. I’m kind of a wuss on the other hand because I live in a relatively warm climate year round. So where she was escaping to warmer climates in her book choices, I was doing the opposite. But what about getting even further away than just another part of the world?

That’s the goal in KG MacGregor’s T-Minus Two to leave the planet and head to mars. I was completely enthralled with this quest but not because I had any interest in leaving this planet, but because they were so dedicated to doing so. MacGregor does an outstanding job of interspersing research into this quest along with two formidable women with their own strengths. I was so taken with this story that I kept asking everyone I met, “would you go to Mars if you had the opportunity?” just so I could talk about this book. Thankfully my beautiful wife has no desire either so I must be doing something well enough that she doesn’t want to leave the planet. What a concept though! To learn, train, and plan everything in your life so that you can risk death daily to be the first to colonize another planet.

Maybe not so far away though. How about the moon? Would you live on the moon? At least you could see the Earth, possible return to it easier/quicker than living in a totally different planetary orbit. It would still be an escape of sorts. Kind of like the Moon Base in MB Panichi’s Saving Morgan. This location is already settled or colonized (I’m not certain what the correct label would be for a location off planet) but the risk are still extraordinary. Something as simple as taking a stroll outside becomes so much more complicated and risky when you have to suit up in a special radiation/element/pressurized suit just to be able to breath and not die in space! It does make me more thankful for the planet I am currently living on though that is for sure.

Could you imagine living in a totally different system on a planet that isn’t trying to kill you the way Mars most likely would be? If it was anything like Maternas in Katherine V. Forrest’s Daughters of a Coral Dawn and the population was 4,000 amazingly smart, talented, athletic women then my answer would probably be HECK YEAH! And yes, I would be kidnapping my wonderful wife and making her go with me! But seriously, it isn’t just about this amazing world or their travel to this amazing world, it’s about how women can and should adventure, create, explore, develop, and support each other to make this world and any world better.

So for all you lesfic loving readers out there who are wanting to escape beyond the confines of this planet, I highly suggest checking out what these stories have to offer. Besides, they make for wonderful conversation starters which leads to the question: would you take on any of these challenges? And as always I love to hear about other stories, so what are some of your favorite lesfic planetary escapes?


  1. Great blog!! For planetary escape I love Fletcher DeLancey’s Alsea series- her characters and setting are stellar. The Lily and the Crown by Roslyn Sinclair is a new favorite. I especially love Ari’s garden. I could escape there any time.

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  2. Daughters of a Coral Dawn is one of both my and my wife’s favorite books. Everything about it was just so delicious. We even went so far as to try to make family trees for the women and anytime I wear a white shirt with black pants she says I look very Megan-ish. (Ha! That’s love for you). T-Minus Two is another really terrific story. Great examples of both KG’s and Katherine’s mastery of their craft. I have not read that other, but if you’ve included it with those two, I will definitely check it out. Thanks Erin

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