It’s NOT Too Big

A couple of things I’m annoyed about, and no, I’m not blaming the victim. I’m not blaming anybody, but I am saying perhaps we can pay closer attention to some things. OK. Here goes: The film Jumanji. I didn’t see it but the ads promoting it were everywhere and they pissed me off. Three men, one woman, headed into the jungle, the men covered head to toe ’cause there are creepy crawlers in the jungle that bite and sting and suck your blood. The woman wore short shorts and a midriff-baring tee shirt and no hat. The men, all famous,  were old dudes (old being relative), the woman was young and she may be famous but I’ve never heard of her. (I said she was young!) I know that in the entertainment business women have to do things to get noticed, to get hired, to earn a living. but isn’t that exactly the problem that led to all the headlines that have so numbed us? And what was this young woman supposed to do? Refuse to look like an idiot and let somebody else get hired who would?

None of us are likely to forget the January 2017 Women’s Marches. An estimated 3-to-5 million women took to the streets, mostly to protest the election of an ugly orange ooze to the presidency. If all those women had voted in November Hillary Clinton would be president and the only woman Tweedledumber would be annoying is his wife. And yes, that annoys me, but that’s a bell that can’t be un-rung. However, there are the mid-term elections this coming November and historically people ignore them. A low voter turnout is the norm. Let’s change that trend. Let’s all of us go vote. Together we can and do make a difference. and this is a soapbox that I’ll climb on a few more times in the coming months.

I’ve read that people are feeling overwhelmed by the recent events. I’ve read that some people believe that men will behave better now. I don’t believe that, nor do I believe that it’s all too much, that it’s too big. It’s NOT too big. If we believe that, then we believe that we’re small, and I know not a single one of you believes that.


  1. I saw the movie, and I read the back story on it too because my original thought was also WTF. However, the costumes in the movie made sense in the plot, because it was about obviously stereotyped video game characters, which we all know are modeled with men in mind. (the brainy frumpy science guy, the big muscled hero, The sidekick, the cutesy girl who dance fights as her secret power, etc) The actors (pretending to be teenagers trapped in these adult video game character bodies) even mention the stupidity of the outfits.

    The actors who played the high school kids were all dressed as befitting modern times and sensibilities. The movie characters (all teenagers) were sucked into a video game against their will and found themselves in adult bodies. (The cheerleader actually ended up in Jack Black’s body which was hilarious because that man can act) Now, I would have a major beef if the plot had all the teenage girls in skimpy clothes, or if it was something like a superhero movie where the actresses were all in skimpy outfits vs their male counterparts in sensible outfits, but that wasn’t the case in this movie.

    I think the bigger issue should be why are we making movies glorifying a video game industry that consistently features female characters in revealing and and idiotic outfits. An industry that has shown time and time again exactly how sexist, how misogynistic it is towards women. But I can’t judge an actress for taking a role that is a little degrading, its a job and we all have to eat. But I do judge the industry who put them in that position. Let’s look at the root cause instead of symptom. Now if Hollywood does something totally stupid like having Lara Croft or Wonder Woman fight in asinine heels? (as part of their costume) I’m probably gonna b*tch. LOL. But look at it this way, I think we are finally seeing the beginnings of a revolution in Hollywood at least. Let’s hope it keeps building.

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  2. Thanks for schooling me, both of you. I didn’t know the story or the lead actress. And perhaps I saw too many of the promo ads. I do live in Los Angeles, after all. I join you in hoping that we’re seeing the beginning of a revolution in Hollywood. Thanks for reading and taking the time to post your comments.

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  3. I will be watching from Canada with my fingers and toes crossed. Normally, I don’t “stick my nose” into other countries’ politics, but I feel like the US is my second home, and I am disgusted with the messages coming out of your WH almost daily. I want to feel safe and welcome to travel in my sister country again. Here’s hoping you get the huge voter turnout you need in November!


  4. I don’t think I have seen that movie, but women are too often objectified. Most recently, the TV promoter in hot water for untoward comments about the(very young) US Olympic gold medalist.


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