What to do? Where to go? Just follow the Olympics!

At the start of this month, Ann Etter gave us a wonderful blog on the Olympics (check it out here) and that set a wonderful theme for the month. I admit that I am not as much of an Olympics historian as Ann but I thought I would finish off this month with my own mini challenge to myself. The challenge: to go back 20 Olympics and try to find a LesFic story set in each town and/or country. Except that I didn’t really think about this challenge too hard, just got all cocky and figured I could wing it Friday night.

Welcome to my Friday night. Do you have any idea how diverse this selection of countries is?!?! Jeepers! but I failed miserably at my personal (not so mini) mini challenge! But let’s see what I can do and hopefully all you lesfic readers out there can fill in the major gaps that I am missing.

Love by the Numbers by [Kallmaker, Karin]So at one point in time the Summer and Winter Olympics would occur in the same year. That was the case way back in 1980 when the Winter Olympics were held in Moscow. Here is the first story I tracked down that wasn’t set in that country but passed through as the characters made a world book tour. That would be Karin Kallmaker’s Love by the Numbers. Just reading the blurb made me chuckle because it made Nicole so nerdy in such an awesome way! The thought of using science to create the ultimate love manual was perfect for the foundation of this story that included a book tour that ultimately ran out of ways for Nicole to keep running away from her attraction to Lillian.

Chasing Lightning by [York, Rachel]Jump ahead a decade and some years to Albertville, France (those are a lot of countries I can’t find a reference too!). France hosted the 1992 Olympics. The story I found did not base itself out of Albertville or even in France BUT there was a pivotal time frame in Paris and that is Chasing Lightning by Rachel York. In the copy that I have (not the same cover as this) the catch phrase is “The Amorous Adventures of Scarlett Faye Turner.” Adventures is the best word there. I think if I read it today, I would respect the story for how it captures the time period of the 60’s, the women’s sexual revolution, women’s rights but also how lesbian women expressed themselves during that same time frame. At the time I read it some 15+ years ago, it was more along the lines of- yep she’s amorous alright!

No Strings Attached (Pink Bean Series Book 1) by [Bliss, Harper]Again, having to jump close to another decade to land in Sydney, Australia for the 2000 Olympics. I’ve actually read several really wonderful stories based out of Australia and each and every one of them make me want to visit again, but recently I’ve been working through Harper Bliss’ Pink Bean Series starting with No Strings Attached. It’s always fun to have a series with new characters being introduced and loved characters from previous stories finally having their chance at a happy ever after. That is what Harper Bliss provides in these stories that all somehow connect to the Pink Bean Coffee shop in, if I’m not mistaken with my geography (there is a chance I am!) a suburb of Sydney Australia.

2004 the Olympics returned to it’s birthplace in Athens Greece which was a pretty historical event. In regards to a story set in Greece, my choice was Meridio’s Daughter by LJ Maas. Back when I was first discovering fanfic writing, this story was awesome in it’s twists, sensuality and ultimate ending. It also provided a light insight into Greek culture as well as olives. Once you read it, you’ll know what I mean about that! But the story is Tessa and Casey is pretty intense as it unravels the mystery of their lives together and separate.

Body Language by [White, Kenna]Turin, Italy was the site of the 2006 Olympics and again I chose a story based in the country not necessarily the city. So for Italy, I truly enjoyed Kenna White’s Body Language which was based in Venice. Another story that I not only got caught up in the characters but in the city as well. I mean I had no idea that having a pair of rubber boots during the rainy season is a necessity not just an option if you don’t want to be miserable. The architecture that was described as well as the essence of the city came through wonderfully as well as the story of Joanna and Chandler finding a second opportunity in love.

That’s a lot of countries that I DIDN’T list a reference to- either because I couldn’t find one or because I want to see what you list! So if you want to help me out, I would love to hear some of your favorite lesfic titles that feature or visit these cities and/or countries:

1984 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

1988 Calgary, Canada

1988 Seoul, Korea

1992 Barcelona, Spain

1994 Lillehammer, Norway

1998 Nagano, Japan

2008 Beijing, China

2010 Vancouver, Canada

2012 London, England

2014 Sochi, Russia

2016 Rio, Brazil

As always, I am looking forward to your thoughts and stories! Thanks for reading and looking forward to Tokyo 2020!




  1. Great set of books! Body Language is one of my frequent re-reads. It’s such an easy story to get lost in. I think Rachel Spangler’s My Spanish Heart is set in Barcelona?? It is for sure set in Spain :).

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    • I haven’t read My Spanish Heart yet. Barcelona is on my list (super long list) of places I want to visit. I enjoyed the portrayal of Spain through Catherine Friend’s The Spanish Pearl. Have you read that one?


    • OOOOO! More stories to go on my TBR list! Thanks canuckeh! I had a chance to visit Victoria, and I’ve been told it is different than Vancouver, but I really liked Canada! Thanks for reading!


  2. Lois Cloarec Hart’s ‘Coming Home’ and ‘Broken Faith’ are both set in Calgary. I’m not sure the city is specifically mentioned much, many of the the locales well known to residents.

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    • I really enjoyed Open Water and the rowing competition. Kind of made me want to go find some place to learn to row! Obviously this story nails the city and country but just going with the idea of China, Anne Azel has one story based out of China in ‘Journeys’. Thanks to adding to the fun!!!


  3. London is an easy one. Much of Clare Lydon’s lesfic work is set in and around London. Her book, ‘London Calling’ springs quickly to mind but there are several others.

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    • That is so fun that you mentioned Clare Lydon! I was trying to connect her to France in the All I Want…series but the Spring Break was to Rome. I did really like London Calling! Excellent recommendation! Thanks Anne!


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