Free Admission to Vonnie Land

Good Afternoon on this sunny Monday. Nothing like the weather in Texas. It can drop twenty degrees in thirty minutes or the opposite. Not a ray of sunshine to be found for a week and today I have the windows open.

I posted earlier on Facebook I couldn’t decide WHAT to blog about because I have too many ideas. So, I’ve just decided to list them instead of focus on one.

Oh come on – you should have seen that coming, right?


Shall we get started?

I have a list this morning.

Not to be confused with my post, Blogs and Bleu Kittens, (spelling intentional) where I listed ideas that are currently housed in my phone memo section. I linked to it because it made me laugh again. I’m so happy I can entertain myself. Ha-ha!

I checked that app a minute ago and I have more – yes, I do!

I also have notes to myself of things which should be self-explanatory – welcome to Vonnie Land.



Notes to self: 

*Throw away the damn pens!  I don’t know about you – but for some reason when I pick up a pen and it doesn’t work – I put it right back in the drawer, cup, or basket. WHY? Then I end up with aforementioned receptacles full of pens that don’t write!

*Singing in the shower – good. Dancing in the shower while singing – NOT.  See? I should know these things, but I never listen to myself.

*Don’t microwave your oatmeal for 2 minutes…  Ever.  Do you ever wonder how innocent looking cereal that can turn to cement does to your insides?

*Things I’ve learned recently:  AF after a sentence means As F*ck.  Did you know that? I had to Google it. This tickles me. Challenge – use it in a sentence in the comment section.

*More ideas: 

*Blog: May and Ghost month.  This will happen – in May.

Unusual date ideas/for my characters.  I hope I remember to check my phone for these while writing my next book. There are some GOOD ones in there!

*Screamed her throat raw.* Actually, I DID use this one in my new book, Paradigm, slated for late October. (See how I did that?) My scariest book yet. Is there a subset yet for Horror/Romance?


Still here?

*Blog: The Good Child Syndrome. I like this one – but it’s too deep for me right  now. I’m going to have to dive and deal with being a recovering Catholic. Besides, I have so much more to complain about these days with the country’s state of affairs. It’s a good one to come back to though.

*Blog: Having a passion for something that gives you a giddy-bouncing-in-your-chair-butterfly-feeling-giggle-in-the-back-of-your-throat-stuck-with-a-perma-smile-and-you-love-everyone-and-everything-feeling.*  (It’s actually written just that way) I must have been having a rea-ally good day!

*Redefine the words, perfectionism, and forgiveness – use The Shack and another blog post you’ve written to refer back to.*  Wish I would have written the examples and the title of the previous blog post I wrote…




AND the ride is almost finished!



LAST POINT – Almost: I’ve discovered the Mandela Effect. (Google it) I’ve found respectable sites and videos that go into several legitimate examples. *MIND BLOWN!*  I’ve been saying for years we were living in an alternate reality. Consider the election if you think I’m going too far out there! 

Hey, you already knew I’m eccentric right?  If you DO know what I’m talking about and have examples of your own – please leave them in the comments section.

Last Point – really (!): I’ve rediscovered Twitter – and have found another tribe. The comments and updates give me hope – real hope. Maybe we can go back to a sensible society where bullying toddlers aren’t in charge of an entire country.

You are now cleared to leave Vonnie Land – hope you had a good time!






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