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Right now, it’s springtime, in the year of 2018. Think about your life. How’s it going? Hopefully, pretty well. Now, think about how you want your life to be in the springtime of 2019. What is your vision? Using your imagination and wisdom, what is your plan for springtime 2019? What is your mental image of the future?

Many people usually don’t have a ready answer to what they want their future to hold. Oh, some people have a vague reaction like, “I want to be a millionaire” or “I want to sell a million books”. But most people, most of the time, don’t really know specifically what they want. When I ask, they sort of look at me oddly.

So, take a moment, after you finish reading the next sentence, and think about your vision for your future. What exactly do you want?

Got it? Do you know what you want to accomplish during the next year to make your life better?  For example, do you want to improve the lives of your loved ones? Great. Now, think about what is your mindset to accomplish this task? It makes a big difference. If your mindset is that the task is “hard” to do, your brain will process that task as difficult. This leads to pessimism, overwhelm, frustration and a general resistance to doing the task even before you begin. But, if your mantra is “It’s Easy”, then your brain processes the task as easy, doable, no problem. “It’s Easy. I can do this” is affirming and optimistic.

You tell yourself a story as you embark on any new endeavor. Just like telling a three year old, “You are going to have a great time” and setting up the child to believe they are on an enjoyable adventure, you set up yourself for how you will experience the event or action.

If you really want inspiration, one of my favorite websites is  There you will find Leah who teaches hundreds of basic home repairs and building ideas.  When she has finished mesmerizing the viewer, she ends every video with “You can do this!”   By saying this, she sets your mind in motion believing that “it’s easy” and “You can do this.”

Whatever your vision, it’s easy and You and Do This!

Angela Grace





  1. Inspiration is a great feeling. Step 1 in making a real plan? Clarity!! Thank you for your kind comment.


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